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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Play Along by T.L. Swan

Play Along by T.L. Swan
TITLE: Play Along 
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 23rd, 2017
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I witnessed a murder and became his hostage.

Held captive beneath the deck of a shipping container…. I realise to save my life I need to become valuable.
My body is my only weapon.
His pleasure to my pain.

28 days is a long time to Play Along with his perverted demands. 
He thinks I enjoy them.
It disgusts me that I secretly do.

I hate him.
I crave him.

But my mind is stronger than my body and this time he picked the wrong girl to mess with.
When the player becomes the played, escape will be my reality.

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Play Along is a new contemporary standalone novel by T.L. Swan, I've not read anything previously by this author so I was keen to see what kind of journey this book takes me on. Huge tick for the cover, so eye catching.

Going by the ‘Synopsis’ it kind of leads you to believe that you're going to be on a dark, gritty read, kidnapped, held hostage, but nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for what I got instead, because that synopsis is misleading as all hell. You kind of question everything, and I mean everything. Who is playing who? 

The beginning got me hooked, then it kind of flatlined BUT as soon as I reached the half way mark I was hooked again, twists and turns that I never saw coming had me sitting on the edge of my seat, the suspense killed me, the scorching hot intimate scenes with these two had me devouring the pages. 

Rosh's character took me by surprise, which I’m not really going to give too much detail about as it’s best to read this yourself without spoilers being divulged. But she’s not your weak minded heroine one would expect in the situation she was in. 

PLAY ALONG: Nothing prepared Roshelle (Rosh) for the ultimate betrayal of her boyfriend and her best friend after she followed them to a nightclub and seeing them in a compromised position with locked lips confronting them sees her storming for the first exist she sees. 
Only once outside she witnesses a murder. 

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Things take a turn for the worst, as collateral damage the five men who killed in cold blood throw her in the trunk of their car. Terror races through her mind, dread clouds her vision, two words sum up her situation ‘She’s fucked’ not knowing what’s to become of her she can only keep her wits about her and devise a plan to get out of this situation. Then blackness surrounds her as she loses consciousness, the next time she wakes up is naked on a bed, told she is on a container ship with no way of escape unless she wants to be eaten by sharks. 

Mac’s bad-a criminal, even, but he has saved my life and offered me protection when I desperately needed it. 

Her captor is a handsome man that goes by the name of Mac a Nautical Engineer on the ship, he’s tall and muscular with honey blond hair and olive skin with large brown eyes. 
The only way to keep her safe from harm is for him to get her to play along with the game of him claiming her as his, but how far will they take this game before the lines are blurred? 

I think we are a little bit different, you and I.
WE both think that we want good.
But the reality is, we both crave bad.
I think, in each other, we see a little bit of bad.
That little bit of fucked up we both desire.
And it's the crazy in you that I crave. 

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So to sum it all up, if you're after something a wee bit different to sink your teeth into, something unique and out of the norm definitely one click this come release day!!

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