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TITLE: Betrayed 
SERIES: Prequel to Unhinged
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Dark Standalone Romance
PUBLICATION: September 20th, 2017

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Betrayed: is the dark standalone prequel novella to Unhinged by Natasha Knight.

Eve El-Amin knew that going to the American soldiers for help was her last resort and would, and could put her life in jeopardy but she's doing it to help her brother. She hopes Sergeant Zachery Amado aka Zack helps her. 

As she gathers information on her brother and his dealings she's set the wheels in motion which can not be undone, she's betrayed her only living relative. If he finds out what she's done there will be dire consequences. 

The sister of a wanted man. A dangerous man. 

This was a quick nail biting, thrilling read it packed so much vital information within the pages, it also ends on a major cliffy but in saying that Unhinged is just around the corner. 

Blood goes against blood in this prequel to Unhinged, what happened so drastically that changed the course of Eve’s future? Those questions will be answered in Unhinged.

I didn’t think I had anything left to lose when I went to him. It was the only way to save what was left of my family. I knew I was taking a chance, knew there would be consequences, but I had no choice. Not if I wanted to save my brother. 

He warned me to be careful. That my brother wasn’t who I thought he was. I didn’t believe him though. Not until it was too late. 

And it cost us both everything. 

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