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TITLE: Lucky number eleven
AUTHOR: Adriana Locke
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: September 7th, 2017
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LUCKY NUMBER ELEVEN is part of the Expose collection of romances by Adriana Locke, but is a complete standalone. In this we meet Branch ‘Lucky’ Best and Layla James Miller, his best friend’s (Finn's) younger sister.

Branch and Finn decided to get away before their preseason starts up and head up to Finn’s families vacation house on the lake. 

The last two people they expected to have the same idea as them is Layla and her best friend Poppy who is so into Finn it makes for great secondary reading. 

Layla’s licking her wounds over a failed relationship three months gone, but still saddens her to a degree seeing him all over the tabloids with a female that isn't her, enjoying a vacation with someone that isn't her. A vacation they had planned together. 

Branch is a no strings kind of guy, living life to the fullest, bedding who ever catches his eyes and not making any promises, until Layla catches his eye, she’s not to be touched, not to be messed with, forbidden in the aspect that she's his best friends sister. 

"I'm Branch Best. And you are?"
" My sister," Finn warns, knocking his hand away.
" No touching, Best." 
" It's a handshake!" 
" It starts with a handshake with you," Finn explains
" Or a spilled drink. Or an exchange of insurance information. 

Layla is a full time blogger, that writes about food, fashion and home decor. And isn't in the market of dating or more. She's sworn off athletes for good. 

An undeniable attraction, a weekend full of sex with no strings attached. Once the weekend is over so will their time spent together. Only fate has other ideas.

He's this crazy confusion of dangerous and wonderful. He's terribly funny and has the stupidest sense of humor. And buried under all that brawn is a nice guy. He can be sweet. Then he's so filthy I get whiplash. 

This was a really cute, sugary sweet story, it exceeded my expectations, usually jock stories surround an arrogant man whore but surprisingly he was none of those things. Maybe in his past it was checkered like a revolving door leading to his bedroom but until he set eyes on her and the tingles from their first handshake he was spell bound, she was his perfect match in every way..This is going to be a no frills review so no spoilers are divulged. This threw all the normal feels and then some that this author is known for, grab your credit cards and one click this come release day.

People say not to believe the things you read in magazines, but you know what? Most things you’ve heard about me are probably true.

I totally banged the reporter in the locker room after the championship game last year.

Those pictures in Expose from last summer? Those were not modified.

I’m also not really six-foot tall. (But let’s keep that between us.)

Now, I know you’re wondering about that last Expose headline—the one about me and my teammate (and ex-best friend) Finn Miller’s sister, Layla James. That one is a little more complicated.

Here’s the thing: I’ve played football my whole life. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to adjust when the game changes. And if there’s one thing I always do, it’s find a way to win.

Granted, the stakes are higher. The playbook has changed. There’s more on the line than (another) MVP title. But guess what hasn’t changed? Me. I’m still Branch “Lucky” Best and I’m not about to fumble this one.

Grab a seat and a subscription to Expose. I’m about to make some headlines. (Again.)

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