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TITLE: The Outskirts
SERIES: (The Outskirts Duet#1)
AUTHOR: T.M. Frazier
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: September 17th, 2017
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THE OUTSKIRTS: is the first instalment in the ‘Outskirts Duet Series’ by T.M. Frazier in this we meet ‘Finn Hollis & Sawyer Dixon’ 

Welcome to The Outskirts: Once upon a time, Finn Hollis was known as the lord of the swamp. You either loved him. Hated him. Or feared him. Or lusted after him. Our golden boy. More popular than our own Mayor. Then one day a terrible tragedy drove him deep into the swamp to wallow in his grief. He still comes around from time to time, but sightings of him are as rare as the Swamp Ape. (Swamp Ape - Think of it like a redneck Yeti) 

This author fast became one of my favourites when she introduced me to ‘Preppy’ *sighs* the man with the bowtie that we ALL fell in Love with. So I was super excited to get introduced to ‘Finn’ and hoped that he would hit me in the heart like Preppy did. And I was not disappointed!! 

We’re first introduced to Sawyer attending the funeral of her mother, a lady that lived in fear, her death shrouded in a dark cloak of mystery. Leaving Sawyer alone with a man that shows no love. scared, alone, nowhere to run to, no other living relatives that she knows of that will save her. 

The same day as her deceased mother's funeral she knocks over a pencil cup scattering pencils all over the place, getting on her hands and knees retrieving them she discovers by accident a faded worn shoe box under her bed placed there by her deceased mother. Upon further inspection within is a necklace, keys of various sizes, a polaroid picture depicting a rusty old truck towing a tiny camper van, and deeds to a place in the outskirts which she’d never heard of before. A note explaining that she will find 'Rusty & Blue' in a storage unit. What does all this mean? 

A daughter that realises one thing, she never really knew her mother 

Growing up in a very disinclined church religious environment ruled by an iron fist of a father, living within a community that is ruled by religion, where the men set the rules and the woman follow. 

If I kept on living the way I was. The same way Mother had lived. Subservient. Submissive. Abused. Battered. Then that sermon, those very same generic words and lies about a life she never lived, would be spoken at another funeral someday. Mine. 

Slowy a plan formulates and Sawyer seeks her freedom. Learning to drive under secrecy, and running away from a life filled of rules has her making her escape in the rusty truck and small campervan, her destination 'The Outskirts'. 

Finn has lost someone dear to him, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of whiskey, wanting to be left alone to grieve and wallow in his own pity. He's been residing in a rickety old swamp shack that's seen better days for the last two years, it sits on a small patch of dry land that resides near a croc infested bayou. He will drive off anyone who comes within distance of his home. 

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What he didn't figure on was the pint sized redhead with the gorgeous freckles covering her face who wears the most ridiculous clothing he's ever seen in his life, who parks her campervan within throwing distance of his shack. 

Sawyer has finally found her own freedom and she isn't going anywhere, she's here to stay. 
Living within a stone's throw away of each other, to the dislike they have for the other, over a span of a heart beat neither can ignore the attraction that's building between them. Her infectious endearing love for life pulls Finn out of his slump, they lean on each other's strength, Finn slowly with prompting from Sawyer lets his old friends back into his life. And slowly a love that neither expected to find takes ahold of them. 

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Once there was a man, a recluse so caught up in his pain he couldn't stand to face the world. Then, the strongest and bravest girl he'd ever met came along with her sassy mouth, and innocent pliable flesh, and made the man want things he hadn't wanted in a very long time. The man told himself he was better off without her, he told himself, it would be best if he went far, far away. Until one day, he couldn't fight against the need to claim her and maker her his. 

I go into each book wanting to be whisked away to a unique fairytale world and this author does it again and again, no book by her is run of the mill, you always come away with every box ticked, a unique storyline, new/old characters that you’ll fall in love with, the feels, her story telling and her ability to pull us readers in is what made me fall in love with her writing style from day one. And she never disappoints. Ever. In this I was whisked off to the Outskirts, a ghost town of sorts, it was like I was there, living, breathing, taking in the sights of the township, befriending the people. Seconds, minutes, hours my life ceased to exist as I devoured ever word, every chapter, I fell in love with all characters presented. I want to visit the bar and read all the tings. I want my very own Outskirts. 

Thank you for my ARC copy T.M. Frazier ❤️

Sawyer wants a life of her own. 
Finn wants to forget he ever had one. 

After a tragedy, Finn Hollis escapes
into the swamp to be alone. 
That is until Sawyer Dixon shows up, 
all SCORCHING HOT innocence, 
claiming she owns the land less than 
fifty feet from his front door. 

Sawyer gets under his SKIN, but even worse? 
She makes him CRAVE things. 
Things Finn hasn’t thought about in a very long time. 

Finn WANTS Sawyer gone.
Almost as much as he wants her in his BED.

The swamp is about to get a whole lot HOTTER. 

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