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TITLE: The Day She Cried 
AUTHOR: K. Webster
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: October 17th, 2017
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THE DAY SHE CRIED: Is a full length romance novel by K. Webster and is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives.’

The author asked that we early reviewers be as vague as we can be when writing up our reviews so that ones after us can read this book as it's fully intended. So here goes..

Eighteen year old Raven and Rome Murray, are being raised by a drunken abusive father, She tries to be the peacemaker at home but it's hard when she's not close to her twin Rome, both are introverts, ostracised by their fellow peers at high school for being freaks and poor, Rome sits off by himself as if he'll catch a disease off people if he sits to close, and Raven hides in the schools bathroom, both set apart by choice to are wallow in their loneliness. 

It’s not until Raven downloads an app with a profile nickname (PoetPrincess99) where you can meet hot young local boys that she connects with someone with the profile name LonelyLogan69 texts are exchanged on a daily basis, weeks go by when a strong unconventional connection develops between the two. Both desperate in their own way to break free and be seen. 

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AND THEN: A cruel, sad, heart stopping twist and I'm reeling from the direction change this book has taken. God I should've known this author would flip a switch!! What she does here is a huge game changer when you think the book is going one way she does what she does best and we're given something else entirely. This is what makes her the best of the best, everything she writes is unpredictable. 

MUCH LATER: Enter Courtney and Rome, Rome's had a high school crush on Courtney for years, watching from a distance, always watching. It's not until much much later that he barrels into her life, he unleashes all of his anger, hurt, hate, daily torment on her, his behaviour is unforgivable but also understandable, some parts were hard to read, it broke my heart into smithereens with the extent he took things towards Courtney. I felt EVERYTHING this author threw at me, parts I even fugly cried they hit me that deep. 

But slowly oh so slowly Rome put all his anger aside and we saw the real him revealed, a sweet, teenager who missed his mother, who loved fiercely, protectively, aggressively, forgivably. 

MY THOUGHTS: God where to even begin, this author is amazeballs, the beginning I was so out of my comfort zone, that cringing feeling of can I push myself to go any further but then progressing further things get twisted up like a tornado and the story in the blink of an eye changes. 
There’s only a few books of this authors I haven’t read and that’s only due to time restraints ones that I have read I’ve loved for the sole reason being you don’t know which side we’re going to get, the sweet side or the side that skips with the devil. I highly recommend this!! Loved it!!

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She was my first love.
She was my first hate.
The very sun in my world tried to burn me alive with her lies and cruelty.
Until I dimmed her light for good…
Or so I thought.

Now she’s back.
Cracked. Broken. Lost.
And for the first time in a long time, I feel free.
Free from our past. Free from my present that suffocates me. Free to destroy her future.

Her misery is my music.
Thrilling. Invigorating. Intoxicating.

For so long, all I’ve done is hate her.
So why do I love her?

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