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TITLE: We Were Memories
AUTHOR: Brandi Aga
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: October 10th, 2017

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WE WERE MEMORIES: Is a debut stand alone contemporary romance novel by Brandi Aga. In this we meet Roman, Leylah and her husband Ryan. 

Twenty eight year old Leylah an emergency room nurse has been married to Ryan ten years her senior for coming on nine years and has come to the realisation that they are slipping down a slippery slope of an unhappy marriage. Lately he’s been working long hours constantly and is barely home and when he is home he’s not really there. She craves his attention to the point where she even goes so far as to stooping to beg for it.

Conveying that she’s unhappy with his travelling overseas and lack of time spent as a couple just gets his back up and creates heated arguments. So it goes round and round and nothing gets resolved for quite sometime. 

It’s not until her bestie introduces her to a dating app and she connects with Roman, even though she knows it’s wrong on so many levels, he just takes her loneliness away and makes her feel wanted where Ryan doesn't. 

Roman Blackhart, is the owner of a custom motorcycle garage, but there's things in his past that are creeping into his future, something dark took his sister away from him and he's on a mission to bring that person down no matter what the cost. And that cost is dearly. 

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MY THOUGHTS: There were a few things which bugged me, Leylah being my main dispute, I could sit here and pick at her character senselessly because she did grate on my nerves and handled situations without a thought of the bigger picture, in all fairness she's going to be a character some will love to hate, hate to love, it showcased what many females have probably gone through in their own lives.

For her to step outside of her marriage how she did I found hard to stomach, cheating isn't a hard limit (in books) for me but how she handled the situation was hard to swallow, and this is where the mind f#ck comes into play for me because Ryan wasn't a bad man, he just put work above all else, I think if he was a hard character to like I would've liked Leylah's character more than what I did, she came across younger than twenty-eight and very shallow and I found it hard warming up to her character so I'm in the minority with my rating and my dislike of her in this book. But those are just my opinions which are completely left field to others views and ratings so please witches keep your pitch forks away from me!! lol

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Someone once told me never leave the one you love for the one you like… just might get something more out of that relationship than you bargained for. 

I should have listened…

I never should have stepped foot on that airplane…

But I did. 

Sins come in all shapes and sizes. My biggest sin to date comes in the form of sex, tattoos, and Harleys. Roman Blackhart, owner of Blackhart Custom Motorcycles, is all about living life in the fast lane. Our relationship went from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye. Only problem is, I have a secret. A secret so deep it’s pulling me in two different directions. 

Now we’re 1,400 miles of memories and broken hearts. I just hope it’s not too late to put all the pieces back together again.

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