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TITLE: Defiant Queen
SERIES: (Mount Trilogy #2)
AUTHOR: Meghan March
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: November 14th 2017
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‘DEFIANT QUEEN:’ is the second book of the Mount Trilogy by Meghan March and picks up right where Ruthless King left off. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’.

In this we see a different side to Mount emerge which we didn’t really see in the first book, he was all hard corners and ruthless in this we finally get to see the man within. I loved reading about his childhood, what set him on the course he’s on today. So many layers to him like an onion each chapter we peel off another layer. 

The majority of my life is lived in shadows. People whisper my name, as if afraid saying it out loud will bring me to my doorstep. 

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Mount had been abandoned on some church steps, quickly put in the system, shoved from foster home to foster home until he made his escape and clawed his way up from the gutter now he's a ruthless cutthroat powerful man no one deceives. 

I'd been in such a book funk and nothing seemed to have been able to pull me out of it, until this book!! 

Even though I'd been forewarned about the cliffy that was going to come rushing at me I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for how big that cliffy was going to be, it could turn out to be a whole new game changer, now that shitty waiting game starts of needing, wanting the next book, and I for one can not wait!!

Thursday, 16 November 2017


TITLE: Bad Habit
AUTHOR: Charleigh Rose
GENRE: New Adult
PUBLICATION: November 16th, 2017

‘BAD HABIT’: Is a standalone New Adult full length novel by Charleigh Rose. In this we meet Briar and Asher Kelly

We’ve all got that one bad habit, Briars bad habit comes in the form of bad boy Ash her brothers best friend. 

Briar and Ash had a lot of almost moments, nearly kissing to kissing which could’ve turned into more, but it all came down to that thing we call timing. The timing just wasn’t right for these two. 
Though Briar would’ve argued that fact until she was blue in the face. 

Ash pulled back many a time due to the fact he didn't want to end up behind bars for sleeping with an underage girl, not just any girl but his best friends sister. 
We couldn't be together. I was too young, and he was too untouchable

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You can't help but be pulled into their story. As soon as you read that first page, you'll be hooked. 

Ash's father was a drunk and more often than not in a fit of rage he'd take his anger out on his son, on these nights Ash would make his way through his best friends window where'd he'd seek solace. On one such night it's not Dashiell he encounters but his fourteen year old sister that cleans him up. Things escalate out of hand and he high tails it out of town never to be seen of for three whole years. But now he's back with a chip on his shoulders, anger in his belly. 

It's been three years. Three years since he walked out of my house and never came back. Three years since I've so much as heard his voice. Three years since I've been pining for a boy who was never even mine. 

Briar was an old soul beyond her years, she was the nurturing fixer, kind hearted and loved with her whole being. Ash was a bit of an asshole, rough around the edges, a bad boy who was brought to his knees by a girl who looked beyond and saw within. Together these two shared an undeniable bond, a bond so strong that they protected like their lives depended on it. Ash put Briar through the wringer but for due cause, his hot and cold on again off again running when things got bad even through it all like Briar we all ended up loving him for all his faults. These two were perfectly imperfect. Loved these two characters and all the secondary ones too and I can't wait to see what the author gives us next!!

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Putting it mildly these two gave me whiplash but in a good way..All angst junkies make sure you one click this come release day you won't regret it!! This threw out all the feels!! Who doesn't love a friends to lovers, second chance, best friends sister romance book!! Highly recommend!!

* Teasers used are off the Authors facebook page * 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


TITLE: Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton
AUTHOR: L.A. Fiore
PUBLICATION: November 17th, 2017

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SAVAGE: THE AWAKENING OF LIZZIE DANTON: is a dark standalone novel by L.A. Fiore, spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Lizzie Danton and Brochan McIntyre

This kicks starts off with Brochan, the day he arrives in this world, his mother dying during childbirth, a father blaming him for her death, over the years we see the terrible, unforgivable acts his father dishes out on his son. Each year that goes by the hate intensifies, the punishments escalate more each time. Your heart hurts for this small defenceless child that only has his father's servants and a teacher that goes above and beyond what many others were to scared to voice.

Then we meet Elizabeth (Lizzie), also raised in an unloving, un-nurtured environment, sent to a private boarding school at the age of ten, out of sight, out of mind the only thing that kept her going is the enjoyment she gets out of painting.

To present day. Lizzie has just learn’t that she’s inherited a cottage in Scotland by an Aunt she knew nothing about, just another thing her mother kept from her. On a whim she goes off to Scotland to lay claim to her heritance with a saddened heart of missing out on getting to know her Aunt, but Scotland hooked it's claws into her and she had found a place that she could finally call home. 

Brochan is shrouded in mystery some folks in town whisper that he's a werewolf others are more clued on to what he does for a living, but all steer clear of him. He's reserved, mysterious and undeniably dangerous. 

As a side note: this isn't a paranormal novel. 

I loved these two, apart I didn't really connect to them individually but together they touched my soul, the feels kicked in, her quirky talks to herself to his dark scowling side, just worked perfectly. 

In the beginning I did struggle to get into this, it wasn’t until Lizzie touched down on Scottish soil where the magic began. I think the author did a brilliant job bringing Scotland alive, seeing everything through Lizzie’s eyes, experiencing everything firsthand, the language, the strange foods, the countryside, everything was told in such graphic detail that if I closed my eyes I was taken on a mystical journey. Definitely a highly recommended one click come release day, this is a journey you will want to go on.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


TITLE:  On the Way to You
AUTHOR: Kandi Steiner
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: November 16th, 2017
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The greatest adventure of my life was about to begin

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‘ON MY WAY TO YOU:’ is a standalone, full-length, A New Adult Romance Novel by Kandi Steiner. Get ready to meet Emery Reed and Cooper Owens.

Happy go lucky, optimistic Cooper is a twenty-year old female living in trailer park in Alabama with deadbeat parents who don’t give a damn about her, working at the Papa Wyatt’s local diner she’d called home since the age of sixteen dreaming about her dream school Bastyr which is situated three thousand miles away on the Pacific Northwest Coast, where she wants to study Naturopathic medicine. She's just awaiting her acceptance letter. 

I was Miss Optimistic. I counted my blessings daily. I always looked at the bright side of my life, ignoring the shadows of it, choosing to focus my energy on whatever positives I could grasp. 

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A good looking guy travelling alone stops at the diner where Cooper works and asks her one of the most oddest questions she’s ever been asked before. 

“What makes you happy?” 

What she wanted to say was…

“My books, my dog, yoga, the way the sun always manages to come back, no matter how dark the storm.”

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But in the end she said nothing because he unnerved her, he looked like he'd just walked off the cover of a magazine. 

Talking to this boy she discovers that he's passing through on his way to Washington and revealing that her dream school is there out of the blue he asks her if she wants to come along. So when an offer in a lifetime comes her way she’d be silly to turn it down wouldn’t she?

Grabbing what she could fit into a bag and her Australian shepherd mix dog named Kalo she was set to take this crazy journey through many states with a guy she didn't know. Her dream of finally leaving Alabama behind had finally come true. 

Twenty three year old Emery was taking a trip to a place that held a lot of meaning to his recently deceased Grandmother and on her deathbed he promised her he would go and see it. 

Emery is the complete opposite to Cooper, she's sunshine and happiness, he's dark and gloomy but together they just work. 

She's the sun and I'm a black hole. I want to swallow her up and lose myself in her. But if I do, I'll destroy her. 

A unique beautiful journey of self discovery, survival, self reflection and love, this will pull on your heart strings like no other book I have encountered this year, these two were perfect for each other, I truly loved how they took care of each other travelling towards their destinations. 

* Teasers used are off the Authors facebook page *

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


TITLE: Lawn Boys
AUTHOR: K. Webster
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: November 7th, 2017
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LAWN BOYS: Is a standalone, Contemporary Romance novel by Author K. Webster. In this we meet thirty eight year old Stephanie and twin eighteen year old brothers Anthony and Aiden Blakely. 

Stephanie is one of the hottest woman around town, she's fit, gorgeous, a grandma, and a widow of fifteen years after her husband died in a car accident. She's approached by Anthony during the summer before college to be her handyman around her home. 

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The taboo aspect of this novel is the age difference between the two which is by no means a cringe worthy cougar read, it's hotter than hot. Anthony has wanted Stephanie for years once he'd seen her working out at the gym, he's always had a little thing about her, but once he starts working around her yard he turns all alpha and shows her how good they could be together. The sex scenes are panty wetting hot, the interaction between these two is apha cuteness overload which had me lapping up the pages. 

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Normally this isn't a genre I tend to jump on, pretty much steer clear of them as they aren't generally my cup of tea, but being that my favourite author wrote this there was no way in hell I wasn't going to read it. As soon as it was boomeranged on my kindle that was me set for the night, once picked up I didn't put it down.

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A short super cute, super hot, read. This author knows no bounds when it comes to either delivering us dark, gritty, cringe worthy reads, to her taboo genres making a name for themselves whatever genre she dips her toes in she's one to keep an eye on!! 

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Sunday, 5 November 2017


TITLE: Ruthless King
SERIES: (Mount Trilogy #1)
AUTHOR: Meghan March
GENRE: Dark | Adult Fiction
PUBLICATION: October 17th, 2017
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RUTHLESS KING: is a dark read by Meghan March and is the first book within the Mount Trilogy. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Keira Kilgore and Lachlan Mount. This is also a new author to me *hangs head in shame - crawls back under rock* 

As soon as you start this life gets put on hold you get so absorbed in the storyline that seconds, minutes, hours just disappear. All your energy is focused on the story, and nothing else..

Mount is someone you never want to meet, he’s your worst nightmare, only whispered about in the shadows and never ever mentioned like saying candyman in the mirror may have the same effect, utter his name and he may appear in front of you..Lachlan Mount is someone you don't want to f#ck with. The last person who did ended up on a cold slab in the morgue. 

Nothing happens in this city without his say so. He's like a conduit through which all things must pass. Booze. Drugs. Girls. Cons. Gambling. How the man amassed so much power, I have no idea, but he did and he holds it with an iron fist. 

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He's the King of New Orleans underworld and he’s got Keira in his sights, unbeknownst to her she’s in debt over her head due to her husband and it’s to him. Half a million dollars to be precise.

Now he’s come to cash in. 

Keira is the co owner of Seven Sinners Distillery and it's this which her late husband used as collateral. If she doesn't come up with the money within the time frame requested of her, her family, co -workers, friends will all be eliminated. 

But maybe just maybe there's another way to pay that debt off?? 

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F#ckity f#ck f#ck this was soooooo freaking good!! I think I've found a new author to stalk, because the way this ended I need the next book now!! Gah waiting and patience kind of skipped me when I was made lol I have no patience whatsoever in life and it's worse when it comes to books that I want, need, crave for the next in the series to arrive!! And yep this book and the way it ended on that motherf#cker of a cliffy is no exception!! Definitely a one click recommendation, highly recommend!!

* Teasers used are off the Authors Facebook Page *

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Thursday, 2 November 2017


AUTHORS: Stevie J. Cole & L.P. Lovell
PUBLICATION: November 7th, 2017
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‘BAD’: Is the first instalment in Stevie J Coles and L.P. Lovell’s (Bad, Dirty, Power #1) series and is a dark novel..

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True power is never held by good men, only the most perfect of villains. 

Ronan Cole is a man to be reckoned with when he outwitted his father at eighteen and became one very powerful man, the new 
kingpin of the Russian Bratva. 

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Now, he's set his eyes on land he wants to get his hands on in Mexico where he’s mercilessly orchestrating war between the two cartels to gain it any cost. 

He’s taken Camila Estrada as collateral damage a cartel Queen within her own right, a game of cat and mouse ensues, has he met his match in Camila? 

One craves blood the other loves fire!! The lion versus the Lioness. Who will come out on top? Who is the sicker of the two, the hunter or the prey? A blood bath is sure to occur.

I want to dance in the flames with him and feel my skin peel away in the heat. I want to walk the fine line where power, life and death all combine. 

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Her absolute disregard for death incites me. Her blatant disrespect enrages me. Her volatile personality entices me. 

I went into this thinking that these two would unleash their dark souls on us like never before with it being a mafia read that's what one would expect, it did have some gritty elements that kept me focused on the story but nothing like what I normally see from these two. In saying that though it will be dark enough for first time readers. I love these two authors together, and each book they 
co-write just gets better and better, the story flowed effortlessly, the two main characters were as fucked up as each other which kept me entertained throughout. An enjoyable read that has me hanging out for the next book!!

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