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Open House by T.C. Matson 
TITLE: Open House
AUTHOR: T.C. Matson 
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: 7th February, 2017
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He was all I knew before I didn’t know him anymore…

For eleven years, Riley Stallings remained completely devoted to her longtime boyfriend, Brian Shepard. In the beginning, nothing could put a strain on the newly loves—not even an unplanned pregnancy or her parents disowning her for it. But as time goes on, work absorbs Brian, leaving Riley at home, lonely and empty, to handle everything on her own. 

But then she meets him—a man who causes a gravitational pull and prompts the earth to disappear from under her feet. A man who makes her struggle to remember her name—her son’s new teacher.

Knowing all relationships face difficult obstacles, she turns a blind eye and blames the lure on the lack of attention and fights even harder to fix her broken relationship. And then it happens… Brian presents an inconceivable challenge, derailing Riley and forcing new beginnings for everyone. Will their love be enough to weather the storm?

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OPEN HOUSE: This is spoken in Riley Stallings own words, at times it's very heartbreaking, but at other times it's crystal clear that she deserves better. 

Brian and Riley met at a party, he was the best looking guy in the room and straight away she was attracted to him, they got to talking, a few dates, and a whirlwind romance ensued, three months later she's pregnant and thrown out of her childhood home by her parents and forced to live with Brian and his family because she has nowhere else to go, until they could rent their own place.

Brian didn't need a ring or paper to show how he felt about Riley so one night they said their own vows and declared their love for one another that way, in their eyes they were husband and wife. It wasn't what Riley wanted, when she was a young girl like most growing up she dreamed about the big white wedding but knew Brian's stance on marriage.

He was all I knew before I didn’t know him anymore… 

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I became an object, he became a ghost... 

Fast track eleven years 

Things are bumpy in their relationship, resentment and loneliness rears it's ugly head as he comes home later and later declaring work is behind schedule, fights are breaking out on most nights than not. And she feels like she's in a one way relationship, living with a flatmate who is rarely there emotionally let alone physically and it's not just her missing out but their son Lucas. Doubts cloud her mind where she's left questioning is he having an affair?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic You used to love me indescribably. You used to look at me with loving eyes, spoke with loving words. I was your everything. Now, I'm only needed for sex when you've had a rough day. 

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It's not until she meets her son's new teacher that she starts fantasizing about the what ifs? 

Things between her and Brian change drastically one night which had a domino effect

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There's a difference between being alone and being lonely, but I never truly understood it until recently. I'm lonely, miserably lonely. Even with Brian in the same room there isn't a connection. There isn't a spark. Our friendship is lost at sea - our intimacy somewhere in a blurred line. 

Slowly Trenton Lucas's teacher ingrains himself in their lives, he shows her what she deserves if she could only see what is right in front of her. 

This was a quick emotional read, throw in a bucket full of angst, a hot teacher who was relentless in his pursuit for Riley and before you know it you've reached the end of the book. I loved how it progressed, the heartbreak you felt for Riley.

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