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⊱✿⊰ REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Rise by Dylan Allen

Rise by Dylan Allen
AUTHOR: Dylan Allen
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2017
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As a little girl, I saw my father destroy the family he claimed to love. I watched my mother waste her life dreaming of a man who left her without a second glance. 

As a woman, I don’t dream, I work. I don’t fall in love, I focus. I would never let anything as frivolous as love distract me. 

Until I meet Simon. A gorgeous, brilliant young architect with dark eyes, a sweet smile, and a dirty, dirty mouth. He sets me on fire, and suddenly all I can do is dream…of his hands, his lips, his body. Of a heart good enough and a love strong enough to make me believe in happily ever after.

But Simon has secrets that are even deeper than mine. Will our pasts destroy everything we’ve worked for? Or will we find the courage to rise to the challenge and fight for the love we share?
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RISE: This is Dylan Allen’s debut novel which is so hard to believe, going into this you would think a seasoned author had written this book. Told in alternating points of view

We’re first introduced to thirteen year old Adelaide Hassan which marked the day her world fell down around her ears and life was never the same again. Her father became a wanted fugitive for fraud within the accounting firm he worked for. Hundreds lot their money, their livelihoods, their homes.

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One minute they were the pillar of the community the next they were ostracised, made to flee in the middle of the night, her mother, herself and her two sisters are now under the FBI’S protection, new identities, new country, new beginnings. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The Hassan family disappeared in the blink of an eye 

London represented so many rare opportunities and Ade made two promises to herself 
1: I would never rely on anyone for anything again.
2: I would find a way to live in a country where no one would care who I had been before. 

Addie Dennis was born the day Addie Hassan was no more

The moment she meets Simon she’s drawn to his outrageous good looks and his stunned speechless on the spot.If it wasn’t classed as unladylike I’m pretty sure drool would've been dripping down her chin.

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Weeks would go by before these two encounter each other again but the attraction isn’t one sided, Simon though is in turmoil, he’s overwhelmed with his responsibilities and runs hot and cold with his head and heart ruling wither he should pursue Addie or leave her alone. Which subsequently has addie building up walls to protect herself because she knows he will be her biggest downfall if she lets herself fall.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic I’ve always been very good at keeping people at arm’s length. But, I can tell he would be a challenge. 

This story isn’t about unicorns farting glitter, it’s borderline dark with what some of these characters had to endure at the hands of their loved ones, but the author held restraint in her going into the dark side of things. How it ended I'm guessing this isn't the end of the story, there's more to come and for that I am so glad. This was such a unique story, one that I highly recommend. 

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