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⊱✿⊰ ALICIA'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Falling For Loverboy by Jani Kay

Falling For Loverboy by Jani Kay

TITLE: Falling For Loverboy
AUTHOR: Jani Kay
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: June 26th, 2017

It started with an online dating website. 
Two strangers. 
Different cities. 
No real names. 

The perfect distraction. 

Until Loverboy sends Sunshine a message that he's in her home town and wants to meet her. Just one hour, and they'll go their separate ways, no harm done. 

But Sunshine doesn't expect to be knocked over and lose her memory, with only the stranger to take care of her. 

When past and present collide, she's torn between her heart and her head. Between what's right and what could be so wrong. 
Who is the girl with no name, and what is she hiding? 

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A girl needing a distraction from life posted a profile on a dating site using the user name Sunshine99, it's here she meets Loverboy99.

So it starts out a little vague and OTT. Well we get a good run down on who Loverboy is and what he does but not sunshine, this all makes sense as you get further into the book. The way they saw each other's profiles on the dating website straight away without even looking at others was the OTT part. 

When Loverboy comes to Sydney for his brother's wedding, although she was never going to meet him face to face Sunshine gives in and agrees to meet him. As Loverboy approaches a motorbike hits Sunshine knocking her out while the driver steals her bag and drives off. Sunshine is left with amnesia although she magically remembers who loverboy is.

I trusted him to take care of me.
Trusted him to protect me and keep me safe.
From what exactly I needed sheltering I wasn't sure, but there was a gnawing inside me that I couldn't explain. Something I want to push into the dark corners of my mind and forget. 

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They go back to Loverboy's hotel where can keep an eye on her until she gets her memory back. They spend lot's of time getting to know each other *wink*wink*, going out and exploring Sydney together. I have to add something Bondi Beach is NOT the best beach in Sydney, sorry I just had to say it lol. Anyway all this time Sunshine gets snippets of memories but it's obvious she doesn't want to remember.

"Let's just enjoy our time together. All we ever have is the moment we're in. The past is done and the future has not yet been written." 

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So the big 'mystery' of what Sunshine did not want to remember was pretty obvious but it was still good to read how it all played out. There was lots of little twists to this tale but there was one blindingly obvious and solution, so for me all the whining and crying over the 'problem' was just uncalled for drama.

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I liked this story as the plot was a little different but I have to be honest, I did find myself skimming over the end as I got a little bored. 

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