21 November 2018

TITLE: Cards of Love: The Devil
AUTHOR: Ashley Jade
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: November 15th, 2018
The Devil is a prelude novel that is part of the Cards of Love Collection. You do NOT need to read any other books in the collection to read The Devil. 

They'll tell you I seduced them. Used my looks and body to lure them into my playground. 
They'll tell you I'm a sinner. A demon who held them captive with temptation and lust. 
They'll tell you I'm evil. A monster obsessed with the both of them. 
They'll tell you they made a deal with the devil.
What they won't tell how much they liked it. 

Please note: This story contains content that may be offensive to some readers.
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Is a prelude novel in the cards of love collection, by new to me author Ashley Jade. Dual POV. MMF, MF

I really have no idea what I've just read, devoured it really, it was all kinds of f#cked up, beyond hot, just when you think the story is going to go one way it takes a one sixy turn and everything changes. Easy to get into hard to put down, I read this in no time at all. 

Temptation, taboo, murder, heartbreak, deceit, obsession, this book was such a crazy ride a prelude to what's going to come at us in the next installment and I for one can not wait!!

So there I was gearing up for a taboo little treat between a stepfather who is not that much older than his step daughter, the attraction, the super steamy forbidden fruit aspect of it all comes rushing at you, I started enjoying the ride.."If I had my way, I'd be the dirty little secret he takes to his bed every night instead of his doting little stepdaughter." When out of nowhere the past comes rushing at you at full speed and this whole story is flipped on its axles. It's like a story within a story, and wow what a hot little number this one turned out to be. I'm speechless, flabbergasted, panting, left wanting more.


20 November 2018

TITLE:Sex Material
AUTHOR: Victoria Ashley
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: November 26th, 2018
Sex Material… 
It’s what I’m known around town for.
A rock-hard body, covered in tattoos with a sizeable bulge that women spend their nights fantasizing about.
Women track me down, needing someone that will fuck them rough without holding back.
They find me because they need a distraction from reality. They need something to get their mind off of the boyfriend who screwed them over or the job promotion they got passed over on at work.
Sometimes it’s just because they need someone reckless in the bedroom before settling down with the right one.
‘Cause I’m sure as hell not that guy. 
Nowhere close.
I’m not the suit wearing, flower-buying guy you take home to meet the parents. I’m not the guy who will make you feel all warm and fucking fuzzy inside.
Not anymore.
I was boyfriend material once. Would’ve even made a good husband. That was before everything good in my world got ripped away, leaving me broken beyond repair.
These women come to me because they need an escape to cope with the real world, but none of them know I need it more than them. I need something to make me feel alive. Something to get my heart beating again. 
Then Cami shows up in my hometown, broken-hearted and pissed off at the world, needing an escape from her cheating ex.
She’s the only one that doesn’t want to use my body. In fact, she wants nothing to do with it and has no problems telling me so.
She’s interested in one thing only from me—to move into my rental property. But the problem with that is the more we fight, the deeper she buries herself in my soul. 
Sex material is what I’m good at, but for the first time, it may not be enough.
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 Is a full length standalone, contemporary romance novel by author Victoria Ashley. Dual POV

Jensen is only known around town as one thing ‘Sex Material’ the manwhore around town, he’s the guy to hook up with if your having a bad day and you just want to forget about it. He’s not the guy you’d take home to meet your parents, and he’s definitely not the guy you’d settle down with and it’s been that way for over a year and a half now and he's happy with that. I'm the guy that'll fuck you and send you on your way. 

No kissing
No emotional hookups

But even though his personal life is a hotmess he owns two successful businesses, Blake’s Construction & Blake Rentals.

I wasn't always sex material
I was boyfriend material once
Would've even made a good husband until one mistake changed everything. 

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Twenty seven year old wine drinking, happy go lucky, Cami is a fourth grade teacher of five years, she’d just caught her boyfriend of five years kissing another woman and is now in need of somewhere else to live.

That’s where Jensen comes into the story. Cami barges into one of his rentals he's working on and demands that he rent the place to her, coming face to face with one of the most hottest men she's ever seen in her life, it's not until he opens his mouth that has her not standing the man. 

She's got her job set out for her with convincing him to give her a chance, he's not going to make it easy. Whenever these two are within breathing space of each other fireworks erupt. Get ready for one hell of a hot bumpy ride!!

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Over half this book he was a cocky a-hole so I found it so hard to connect with him, most of the time I just wanted to close my ipad and ignore him, other times I wanted her to slap him to China and back, he was arrogant, self centered, and condescending BUT just what these authors do they make us readers fall in love with these a-holes and that's exactly what Victoria did with Jensen, he started to redeem himself, and like a slow burn he showed us that there was more to him than met the eye. We saw that he can hurt, bleed, feel, like anyone else, because underneath all his talk there is such a caring softer side that shows itself when you least expect it and like many woman before me I also fell under his spell. 

#Unique #Unpredictable #Underhisspell #undeniablyhot

New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author

Hey everyone!! I'm the author of the Walk of Shame Series plus many other titles! If you're into reading about sexy, dirty talking alpha males then you're in the right place!!! 

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19 November 2018

TITLE: The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf
SERIES: Giovanni Family Book 1
AUTHOR: Grace Reagal
GENRE: Mafia Romance
PUBLICATION: November 20th, 2018
Do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Well, this isn’t their story. This is our story, Valentin’s story…my story. 

In the world of the filthy rich, two of the most infamous crime families rule with iron fists. Drug trafficking, gang killings, ruthless wars—these are the men who have no moral compass. 

Meet the Russian Mob, and the Italian Cosa Nostra. His family…and mine. 

My name is Caterina Giovanni, daughter of the Italian Mafia. I’ve been clueless about who my family really is, what they’re capable of—until I meet him. Valentin Nikolaev, son of the Russian Mob. 

Born and raised to one day take his rightful place as leader of his family, Valentin has one goal, and one goal only—to annihilate the Giovanni family. My family. 

In the end only one mafia will be left standing on the ashes of the other. 

Are you ready to find out which one?

Is the first full length, mafia romance novel in new to me author Grace Reagal's 'Giovanni family' series. In this we meet Caterina and Valentin. Dual POV

God I don't even know where to start with this review. Being that I love mafia reads this one was right up my alley. The angst, the high school drama came out to play in this one. 

Seventeen year old Caterina Giovanni's (aka Kitty) first day of highschool wasn't the carefree day making new friends as she thought it would be, instead she's at loggerheads with a notorious bad boy Valentin Nikolaev who from then on had her under his radar. Forever going out of his way to antagonise her. But he's met his match with Kitty, she's not one to lay down and let anyone walk all over her, she's been taught to stand her ground and fight. And fight she does. 

Kitty is naive, sheltered and had lived a closed off life, never mixing with teenagers her own age, so starting a new high school was an eye opener for her. She's even naive when it comes to who her family actually are. She's been led to believe that she's the daughter of billionaire's but there's more to this story than meets the eye and the only one that seems to know anything about her and her real identity is Valentin Nikolaev and what information he has could destroy her family. 

The story flowed well, the characters are easy to connect with and the angst and drama made for an enjoyable read. 
Grace Reagal is a young author who is studying medicine by day and serial writing by night. She has garnered over 88K readers on Wattpad and Radish and over 20 million reads. 

She writes about mafia men without hearts and the women who find it for them. She writes because the most beautiful thing for her is creating a world where she and her readers can escape to. 

When she's not writing, she can be found crying, studying, listening to One Republic and Lumineers, questioning her existence, reading steamy books under the covers or daydreaming about her characters. Her goals for her life includes becoming a neurosurgeon, publishing a book, and finally becoming a recluse in the woods.

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16 November 2018

SERIES: Dark Legacy #2
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION:  November 14th 2018
Taking her is my right.
Breaking her, my duty. 

I was always going to choose Helena. I knew it the instant I saw her. 

She’s different than the others. There’s a darkness about her. Something wild inside her. And it calls to the beast inside me.

But she isn’t what I expect. With every word and every touch, she pushes me, burrows deep under my skin, challenging the rules, upending history. 

And all the while, I see how my brother watches her. He wants her, and as the rules stand, she’ll become his in one year’s time. 

Except that I have no intention of giving her up. 

Is the second full length, dark romance novel in N. Knights ‘Dark Legacy’ Duet. It picks up right where the previous book ended. This is told in dual POV. With MFM, MF scenes.

As most of you will know Taken ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. The anticipation was killing me waiting for the release of Torn to come out. Come release day I was one clicking this as fast as I could. 

As soon as I started reading, it took me back to why I loved ‘Taken’ so much. The Willow girls and the Scafoni men have been tied through lies and deception together from generation to generation. 

The Willow girls have been the property of the Scafoni men since the beginning of time. Helena is the last Willow girl to be given over. Forced into a life she didn't ask for. Brother pitted against brother for centuries, destroying both families in the process, daughter against mother. 

Take the Willow Girl
Break her
That was the plan
Destroy a life like we Scafoni men do.
Destroy our own in the process
I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her. 

The heat factor in this book was off the charts hot, it sizzled off the pages, a riveting page-turner
of power play between the two brothers, who would win Helena's heart kept chanting away in the background. How would all this end? 

It left me panting for more of Gregory, and I'm left hoping we do get to read more about his character, maybe a chance meeting between him and the next Willow sister takes place?

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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15 November 2018

TITLE: In The Land Of Gods
SERIES: Part #1
AUTHOR: Carmen Jenner
PUBLICATION: November 20th 2018
In the land of gods and monsters, she was a toy. A plaything. A pet.

His pet.

Taken, stolen, beaten, used.

Pet remembers nothing before his touch, and afterward she craves nothing more.
Sinful and merciless, Ares is her god now. He alone says when to beg, when to come, and when to kneel, but he never said anything about leaving.

Warning: In the Land of Gods and Monsters is a dark romance novel. It contains strong sexual themes, dubious consent, graphic violence, and may contain triggers for some readers.

Is a full length, dark novel by Carmen Jenner. This is told in dual POV. With MFM, MF & MM scenes. 

This is a hard one for me to review due to how much goes on in this and I want to keep it as spoiler free as I possibly can. Go in as blind as you can!! Be prepared to question all your morals. This is not for the faint of heart. For some this will be a very dark read. But for others that have stepped into the dark gritty genre before like myself your dark little hearts will still enjoy this read. 

Holy Hotness this was pure mindfuckery at it's very very best, it was semi dark, semi gritty, it's brutal, it's raw, it's full on erotic kinkyness all up in your face, there is no hiding, nothing is glossed over, and I'm still sitting here utterly flabbergasted over all that was this book. I was not prepared for this book at all. 

Here's part of what the story is about: The heroine, is a successful ballet dancer, on opening night she's playing the Swan Queen in Swan Lake, as the curtain comes down, she clashes eyes on a stranger in the crowd, he has dark penetrating eyes, wild black hair and tattoos peeking out of his tux. 

The next scene she's awakening up in a glass cell like prison, cold, naked, scared, she doesn't know her name, her past has also been wiped clean. The man that she clapped eyes on is now her captor, she's to address him as Sir, and she his Pet, she’s thrust into an unknown world where she has to let all her inhibitions go and submit to her captor as he teachers her the fine art of submission. 

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She doesn't easily submit, a battle of wits ensues, she questions everything, which sees her being punished a time or two to make her heel under his commands, to never question him.

I'm going to hurt you, over and over, until you're so used to pain mixed with pleasure that you begin to crave it. Until you beg me for more..

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Above all else one thing is for certain though is that I have a first class ticket to hell, because I fell in love with Ares character, yes I fell in love with her kidnapper (there I said it)!! because underneath it all you could see goodness shining through even though it was such brief glimpses. And I'm really hoping for his story in the next book, what started his journey ten years ago when he first started snatching unsuspecting individuals off the streets and training them as submissives to sell on. 

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Carmen Jenner is a USA Today and international bestselling author.

A hardcore red lipstick addict and a romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little torture?
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