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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Haunting Adeline
SERIES: Adeline #1
AUTHOR: H.D. Carlton
GENRE: Dark | Romance
PUBLICATION: July 17th, 2021
The Manipulator

I can manipulate the emotions of anyone who lets me.
I will make you hurt, make you cry, make you laugh and sigh.
But my words don't affect him.
Especially not when I plead for him to leave.
He's always there, watching and waiting.
And I can never look away.
Not when I want him to come closer.

The Shadow

I didn't mean to fall in love.
But now that I have, I can't stay away.
I'm mesmerized by her smile, by her eyes, and the way she moves.
The way she undresses...
I'll keep watching and waiting.
Until I can make her mine.
And once she is, I'll never let her go.
Not even when she begs me to.

Trigger Warning: 
This book ends on a cliffhanger. It is a dark romance that contains graphic violence, dub/non con, and deals with subject matters such as child trafficking and human sacrifice. If you have ANY triggers at all, this may not be the story for you. 
'My Review'

Is the first full length dark romance book in the duet by H.D. Carlton.
Spoken in 'Dual perspectives.'

Going into this one I didn't know what to expect, I'd seen it popping up on all my news-feeds so I couldn't wait until I could jump in and read and I was so surprised with how much I loved this story. It drew me in straight away and I couldn't put it down. It was so unexpectedly good, unique, unputdownable, addictive, exactly how a stalker romance should play out, I was on the edge of my seat loving this thrilling ride never wanting it to end!

Twenty-six year old Adeline Reilly is a successful writer who inherited 'Parsons Manor' a gothic house on a cliff's edge by her grandparents, right out of a scene of a horror movie, which is shrouded in a mystery of its own when she uncovers her great grandmother's 'Gigi' diary’s and discovers after digging deeper who may have killed her in cold blood, a murder which went unsolved, she was also intrigued to read about a stalker who was watching her great grandmother closely, never realizing how close this story touched on her own life.

Zade first encounters Adeline at one of her book signings and from that point onwards he'd set his sights on her and it seemed like history had a way of repeating itself.

He will keep you on your toes, you'll never know when he's pop up, he thrives in the shadows, he'll take out anyone who touches Adeline even if that means killing them in cold blood.

Zade sent shivers down my back, this story set my nerves to racing, the cliff hanger had me pacing, the sex scenes had my ipad combusting, I seriously can not wait for the next book!!


  1. Thank you for your review! Iv just started this book

  2. So I HATED to kill a mocking bird for how graphic it was... even with a very important perspective to show... in comparison how does this compare in the non con scenes???


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