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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: The Flight of Hope
GENRE: Contemporary | Romance
PUBLICATION: October 25th, 2017

A tragic accident. A mother in mourning. Can a second chance rise from the wreckage?
Marlee Foster’s life was just getting started. She couldn’t wait for the return of her husband from deployment. After all, he’d be there just in time for the birth of their daughter. The welcome home party is full of joy, but on the way home, tragedy strikes…
When Marlee loses her husband and daughter, her friends and family do their best to heal her broken heart. But painful reminders of a future she’ll never see haunt her every day in the small town. Her only hope at a second chance is to leave it all behind…
As she sets out on a soul-searching adventure, the mourning widow wonders if the wilderness will give her hope for a brighter future or if she’ll forever be chained to a devastating past. During her journey, Marlee is about to learn that love has a funny way of coming back to those who need it the most…
The Flight of Hope is a heart-wrenching contemporary romance in the vein of Nicholas Sparks. If you like emotional journeys, strong-willed heroines, and second chance romances, then you’ll love HJ Bellus’ touching tale.
Buy The Flight of Hope to settle in with a tear-jerker today! 

God this book destroyed me!! Reading reviews getting told to have tissues on the ready so many have told me that in the past and I've not taken it seriously because the book that made them all teary eyed left me dry as a bone. But this book I swear to god gutted me. 
I hit the spot where she's the survivor of a tragic accident and the author didn't really go into too much detail and I was thinking no no no go back, let me enjoy this heartbreaking moment naively thinking this was the part that everyone was going on about with the tissues how wrong could've I have been because blow me to China and back she came at me like a hurricane and I cried and cried like a new born baby. 
But how she did this was pure genius because instead of us riding that emotional train we rode a tsunami hit after hit. 
This book swept me along on the highs and lows of life, of love, of survival, I laughed, I giggled, I swooned, I cried, everything this author wanted me to feel I felt right down to my soggy tissues. 
Sit back, get some tissues a bottle of wine on the ready and be prepared to feel!!


TITLE: Drive
AUTHOR: Kate Stewart
GENRE: Contemporary Romance | New Adult
PUBLICATION: October 13th, 2017

Music . . . the heart’s greatest librarian.

The average song is three and a half minutes long; those three and a half minutes could lead to a slow blink, a glimpse of the past, or catapult the soul into heart-shattering nostalgia.

At the height of my career, I had the life I wanted, the life I’d always envisioned. I’d found my tempo, my rhythm. Then I received a phone call that left me off key.

You see, my favorite songs had a way of playing simultaneously. I was in love with one man’s beats and another’s lyrics. But when it came to the soundtrack of a life, how could anyone choose a favorite song? So, to erase any doubt, I ditched my first-class ticket and decided to take a drive, fixed on the rearview.

Two days.

One playlist.

And the long road home to the man who was waiting for me.

Holy shit!! I feel like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards, and probably look like it too!! God this book! At the start of this I went in with eyes wide open, at the end of it I came away loving two men! This book made me feel so much, I cried, I laughed, I loved, I swooned, I listened as I got carried away in the music that accompanied this book. I felt everything this book threw at me. I went in unfeeling and came out feeling so much. 

A bittersweet feeling rocked me as I reached the end, sad that it had come to the end of Stella's journey and boy what a journey it was, she'd come full circle and ended up exactly where she should have. But like the greedy bitch I am I just wanted more, I didn't want it to end!! 

Sitting here putting my thoughts down in this review I feel like I've lived a life time in the time I spent reading this book, the highs, the lows, the angst, every feeling known to mankind was ripped out of me..To say I loved this book is an understatement, I lived it, I breathed it, I inhaled it!! 
Definitely reading more by this author!!


TITLE: Ghosted
AUTHOR: J.M.. Darhower
GENRE: Contemporary Romance | New Adult
PUBLICATION: August 23rd, 2017

A new second chance romance standalone from USA Today bestselling author J.M. Darhower. 

He's a troubled young actor, Hollywood's newest heartthrob, struggling with fame as the star of the latest superhero franchise. Through scandal after scandal, addiction on top of addiction, a flurry of paparazzi hunt him as he fights to conquer his demons. 

She's a single mother, assistant manager at a grocery store, existing in monotony with her five-year-old daughter. Every day when she goes to work, lurid tabloids surround her, the face of a notorious bad boy haunting her from their covers. 

A man and a woman, living vastly different lives, but that wasn't always the case. Once, they were just a boy and a girl who bonded over comic books and fell in love unexpectedly. 

When Kennedy Garfield met Jonathan Cunningham back in high school, she knew he had all the makings of a tragic hero. With stars in his eyes, and her heart on her sleeve, the pair ran away together to follow their dreams. 

But dreams, sometimes, turn into nightmares. 

Now, years later, the only thing they share is a daughter—one who has no idea her father plays her favorite superhero. But Jonathan is desperate to make amends, and at the top of his list is the woman who gave up everything for him and the little girl he hasn't yet met.

I don’t know what it was about this book but as soon as I opened up that first page, and started reading I was hooked, this author just has a way with words, a unique storyline that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’ve inhaled that very last page. God the feels that came rushing at me, the love I felt consumed me, normally I’m not really a fan of second chance romances because you kind of know the layout of the story, past they break up, then they make up end of story, but this was done in such an outstanding way like pieces of a puzzle we’d be given pieces of their past that we’d make sense of to complete their future. 

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said about this book!! What I loved most about it was the simplicity of it, the realness of it, you could see every scene in this book unfold in real life, nothing was over dramatised. So very life like. 

If you've not read this book it comes with a highly recommend stamp from yours truly!! Take the plunge, one click you won't regret it, fall in love with these characters just like I did. 


TITLE: Last Words
AUTHOR: Shari J. Ryan
GENRE: Contemporary Romance | Historical 
PUBLICATION: October 9th, 2017

Last Words, where Non-Fiction meets Fiction, and the lines in between are blurred by forbidden love.

Amelia - 1942:

The inside of my closet held the last bit of my freedom before I was torn from my home and shoved onto a dark train.

Our destination was even darker. “Women and children to the right. Men to the left,” they shouted at us.

Everything was taken from me, leaving only the smoke filled air, piercing screams, and soul-burning cries.

I was slowly starved and weakened to the bone, but there was a man—a Nazi—who brought me extra food. He called himself a prisoner too, but he scared me, and I wondered if he was the enemy I should fear the most.

Emma - Current Day:

My grandmother hid her past in an old diary under her bed. The tattered, brown leather book sat there for years until she asked me to find it and read her unspoken words. Now, her stories and secrets are consuming every moment of my life.

She’s dying ... and asking for a man no one in our family has ever heard of.

I never imagined a hand-written book could change my entire life, but it has. It opened my eyes to a new beginning, and I learned that love is not the unsaid word my grandmother has refused to speak. It’s an action—it’s longevity, taboo and sometimes forbidden. Do we fight for what’s wrong, or do we spend our lives searching for what’s right?

Last words were never spoken because love doesn’t stop until 
a heart is no longer beating. 

 I struggled writing up this review, gathering my thoughts trying to hone into my feelings won't do justice to every emotion I felt whilst reading this. 

Powerful, Passionate and Perfectly Perfect. 

This book took me on such a profound unexpected heartfelt journey, not being an overly emotional person this book hit me right in the feels, I cried, I sighed, I struggled to read some parts, I wanted to crawl into the book and hug Amelia, what an amazing, strong, character, I loved her story,and I loved Emma's journey alongside hers. This book will always lay claim to a part of my heart, I am so glad I read this story, what amazing journey I went on reading this. 


TITLE: Pretty New Doll
SERIES: (Pretty Little Dolls #3)
AUTHORS: Ker Dukey & K Webster
GENRE: Dark 
PUBLICATION: 15th July 2017



Benny, broken, hurting, and alone
Lost his dolly, his love, his home.
Injured and searching, reborn anew,
He finds himself befriended by one who’s true.
Learning about the world, urges, and lust.
Finding a new future, a new dolly, is a must.
Then out of old pain, fresh prospects come to life,
Benny’s sick mind summons him, so his hand takes the knife.

Have you ever been so lost that you became a shadow? Lurking but not living. Existing in the background where no one notices you.
My doll betrayed me, killed me in more ways than she realized.
I'm watching, waiting, wanting.
One day soon she’ll give me back what she took away…
it’s funny how life works that way.

This was insane!! Sick, dark, gritty, my precious that belongs on my fav shelf, fucking loved this book, exceeded the previous two books. A rollercoaster of sickness!! These two authors kick ass when it comes to opening up pandora's box, no matter how hard you try you're going to be pulled down the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes, these two embrace the darkness and take you with them, their is no escaping their sickness it engulfs you page by page. I was glued to my ipad, page after page racing to the finish to see what they were going to throw my way when I'm pushed down one mother fucker of a cliff hanger!!


TITLE: When Life Happened
AUTHOR: Jewel E. Ann
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: June 5th, 2017

Parker Cruse despises cheaters. It might have something to do with her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister.
After a wedding day prank involving a strong laxative, that ends the already severed relationship between the twins, Parker decides to grow up and act twenty-six.

Step One: Move out of her parents’ house.

Step Two: Find a job.

Opportunity strikes when she meets her new neighbor, Gus Westman. He’s an electrician with Iowa farm-boy values and a gift for saying her name like it’s a dirty word.
He also has a wife.
Sabrina Westman, head of a successful engineering firm, hires Parker as her personal assistant. Driven to be the best assistant ever, Parker vows to stay focused, walk the dog, go to the dry cleaners, and not kiss Gus—again.

Step Three: Don’t judge.

Step Four: Remember— when life happens, it does it in a heartbeat.

I loved how the author stepped away from how this could’ve become a predictable read, it became so much more than that. 

This book was unpredictable, soul crushing, and unique in it’s entirety. I loved it, breathed it, inhaled it, lived it, this book destroyed me, this book gutted me, I laughed, I cried, I swooned, this book made me fall so far down the rabbit hole of despair over losing one but loving another and feelings that I crave, need, seek from authors and this author just slayed them all. Yes I know this review is all over the place but right this second I’d just closed that last page, a roller coaster of epic proportions when life happened deserves more than my 5 star rating.


TITLE: Breaking Gravity
SERIES: (Fall Back #2)
AUTHOR: Autumn Grey
PUBLICATION: March 26th, 2017

I've always followed my dreams with ruthless determination.
My life was going well. Success was at my fingertips.
Until it wasn't.
All it took was three seconds to send my world crashing down around me, 
ripping my dreams to shreds.
Then I meet her, with her large hazel eyes that slay me at first glance.
And everything starts to make sense again.
I try to keep my distance.
To remind myself I am her mentor.
That we can't be more, 
but every time I push away, I'm pulled deeper into her.
The line between student and teacher is blurring. 
One kiss. 
One taste. 
They’re all it would take to cross the line

It's been some time since I've read a book that took so little effort by the author to captivate me, but Breaking Gravity did just that. This author had me eating out of the palm of her hand, I've only read a few teacher/student novels and this surpassed all my expectations, I lived it, breathed it, inhaled it, loved it. 

If you think you're going to encounter a fan girl in Elon crushing on her all time crush think again, she's sassy, sexy, saucy and has such a wicked sense of humour many a time I was gigging away as though I'd had a breath of laughing gas.
This author fast became one of my all time favorites after I read and fell in love with her characters in 'Fall Back Skyward' all her characters come alive, and each and everyone of them steals a little piece of your heart once you close that last page. 

Even though this is part of a series it can be read as a complete standalone but I highly recommend that you read ‘Fall Back Skyward’ 



TITLE: Ghost Face Killer
AUTHOR: M. Never
GENRE: Dark | Suspense 
PUBLICATION: March 29th, 2017

Once, I was nothing. 
Hungry, abandoned, wandering, and alone. An adolescent street rat fighting for crumbs. 
Then a chance encounter changed my entire world. 
A man in an expensive suit asked me how much my life was worth. 
I didn't have an answer, because I didn't know. 
He asked if I thought it was worth killing for.
Impulsively, I said yes... 

He found me, then fostered me, and in the interim turned me into a killing machine. A modern day La Femme Nikita. 

Now, I only have one mission. To avenge the death of the man who saved me. 

There's an invisible war on the streets. Us against them. Family against family. Power against power. 

They call me Ghostface Killer because they never see me coming.

I understand the weight of that danger. 
The hazard. 
The jeopardy. 

Because now here I stand, three months pregnant with the barrel of a gun pressed to my head cause I never saw him coming...

This book put me through all the paces, I felt like an adrenaline junkie reading chapter by chapter just to get my fix, seconds, minutes, hours spent with my nose in this book made the outside world cease to exist. This book just ticked all my boxes, i love books like this, nail biting, swoon worthy, high octane adrenaline, biting edge anticipation.

I highly highly recommend this!! One click come release day, you won't regret it!!


TITLE: Animal
AUTHOR: Marni Mann 
GENRE: Dark | Suspense 
PUBLICATION: March 23rd, 2017

In this prison, we weren't just guards. We were animals. 

I captured the guilty. 
Locked them inside our prison. 
Tortured their bodies and abused their minds. 
I had murdered hundreds. 
Never recognized one. 
Until her face. 
Until that scream. 
I was hired to take her life. 
But first, I had to figure out how she ruined mine. 


Animal is an extremely dark novel. There are strong sexual themes, drug usage, physical abuse and torture that could trigger and/or cause emotional suffering. You have been warned. 

I can't compare this to ANY BOOK I've previously read, but if I tried to compare it to a movie for gore factor the closest I could think of would be 'SAW' A prison run by three guards, each have their own torture tool, this prison is like no other prison you will ever hear about, these prisoners never get to leave, the only way out is body parts scattered in rats stomachs as they digest each morsel until nothing is left!!

So this was by no means dark for me, gritty yes, some gorey bits thrown in for good measure, but the twists and turns were enough to put this as a 5 star read for me and I'm even throwing it onto my favorite reads for this year!! One because it was unique, two I never knew what was coming at me, three because the shit that went down in this book was sick, twisted, run for the hills now kind of read..