31 December 2017

Title: The thing about love
Author:  Kim Karr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: January 3rd, 2018
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THE THING ABOUT LOVE: Is a sexy emotional standalone novel by Kim Karr. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Jules & Jack 

This story wasn’t just about love, it was about surviving even when the odds are stacked against you. 

In this we meet quirky wedding planner Jules and sexy hot delectable Dr Jake Kissinger (aka Dr. Kiss), these two meet in such an unconventional way which set up for a funny hilarious first meeting which didn’t really go to plan when Jules strives to make a first impression to potential new clients. 

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Jules is hired to organise Jake’s sister’s wedding after a rough start with the delectable hot doctor if that wasn’t bad enough they have been paired up to bring the wedding of the century fit for a Queen. 

From the day I met him we were hard and soft, up and down. Both good and bad. Gentle and Rough. 

So many obstacles are out to trip them up, she vowed she would never become attracted to such a pompous ass (famous last words) and he is sworn off love. 

Once the wedding is done and dusted Jake is chasing his new adventure in a new city that has been mapped out for him since his younger years of following in his late father's footsteps working in the trauma unit at one of New York's finest hospitals. 

We’re also introduced to Jules’s cousin who takes part in bare knuckled underground fights without protection, choke holds, groin attacks, with the only rule being that there were no rules. And a past love of Jules’s which I hope we get more of a glimpse into these two secondary characters. 

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This was a super cute, sugary sweet, sexy as sin read, I giggled, I swooned, I sighed my heart turned to mush, once I started reading this I couldn't put it down, for me it was a unique enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

* Teasers used in my review are off the Authors facebook page *

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29 December 2017

Title: Inseparable
Author: Siobhan Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: January 8th, 2018
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INSEPARABLE: This is a gritty, angsty, friends-to-lovers standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis. Each character have their own POV in this book. 

This review will be as spoiler free as I can possibly make it because this book deserves to be read as it should be, go in prepared to have your world turned upside down, the highs and lows, the drama, first love and so much more will come at you at full speed, you will not want to put this down once you start it!! 

The book is split up into three parts:
(Part One) Senior Year of High School`14
(Part Two) Freshman Year of College 
(Part Three) Almost 5 Years later 

This was a first time read for me by this author but after taking the plunge and jumping on this it won’t be the last, if your wanting an angst filled, emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions then look no further than this book = Inseparable. 

It all started with the two boys next door, Devin and Ayden add Angelina to the mix and you have the three Musketeers the three of them have been inseparable childhood friends since the age of two years old and had such a strong undeniable bond that oozed off the pages. 

We thought we were invincible, inseparable, that nothing or no one could come between us...But we were wrong. 

When dealing with the college age all the angst and drama one could expect was plentiful in the first part of this book. 

The second part is where everything changes when a tragedy rocks them to the core, nothing will ever be the same again,Nothing is permanent, and everything changes even when you don't want it to. The why always in the forefront of their minds, then we hit the last part in the book and we see such a different side to Angelina, so broken and lost The dead girl with the dead heart. But it takes a strong man to bring her back from the depths of despair that she'd sunken to. And answers that they were wanting for closure finally sets them free. 

This was still an un-put-downable read, once started I was engrossed, the highs and lows, the heartbreak, the deceit, the love triangle that had me rooting for the other throughout, a heartbreaking account of true love of two souls connected like no other, kept me committed and engrossed until the end. 

One day later and this book is still taking up residence in my mind, being an angst whore this ticked all my boxes, it had it all, the love triangle that had me in turmoil, the angst that I craved was present, the feels that came rushing at me chapter by chapter had me in my happy place enjoying the ride this author set me on. I never wanted to get off.

Provided by the Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. 


8 December 2017

Title: Strung
Author: Victoria Ashley
Genre: Romance
Publication: December 5th, 2017
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STRUNG: Is a standalone romance novel by Victoria Ashley. In this we meet Micah Beck & Tegan, spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Tegan and Micah 

Touching down on Californian soil and leaving her overbearing parents behind, Tegan is looking forward to just chilling by the ocean and working on her new book for the next three months whilst visiting her brother Alexandra who owns Vortex the hottest bar in the district. 

Alexander her brother did warn her to proceed with caution when entering his apartment but he didn’t exactly go into detail as to the why? 

So the last thing Tegan expected to see turning up at his apartment would be forever embedded in her mind as one of the hottest sex capade she’s seen. 

Tegan and Micah met in such an unconventional way which was such a unique way to start this book off and that there is why I am such a fan of this authors. 

Alexandra warns Tegan time and time again to stay away from Micah, but that pull whenever he was near bypassed any warnings she got even though she tried to fight the attraction, and knew it could sever ties between Micah and her brother some forces are just stronger than others, an undeniable attraction had these two set on the path of unbridled passion neither could deny. 

They thought just one taster, just one touch, just one night to get the other out of their systems would be enough to curb their desires but they were both wrong. 

I've pretty much read all of this authors books but I can honestly say that this is probably one of my favourites by her. As soon as I started I was sitting in the palm of her hand lapping up the words page after page, I was hooked, I loved these two characters, the storyline, the setting, the love between two siblings, there is nothing I would change and I hope we get more.

Provided by the Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. 


5 December 2017

Title: Behind the Bars
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Genre:  Romance
Publication:  December 7th, 2017
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BEHIND THE BARS: Is a new standalone second chance romance novel by Brittainy C. Cherry and is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Elliot & Jasmine at the age of sixteen. 

They say opposites attract and in this book that saying couldn’t ring any more truer.

Elliott was a sweet natured boy who kept his head down and tried to become as invisible as he could during high-school, he’d been dealt a raw deal in life, his slight build, his thick glasses and his slight stutter were a beacon for the popular kids to bully him relentlessly, both physically and verbally. 

But when he played his saxophone, magic happened, he stopped becoming the bullied teenager and became a powerful awe inspiring musician, like the pied piper crowds would gather on the corner where he’d busk just to listen in wonder at the sound he produced. A boy who played the most soulful music that spoke to Jasmine when she first saw him playing. 

Before I met Elliot, I thought loneliness was a thing I’d always feel. Then he found me with his music and everything changed. 

Jasmine Greene was beautiful and one of the popular kids without even trying, stuck with an overbearing mother who strived for perfection for her daughter, who pushed and pulled to get her up on the music ladder, for years relentlessly choosing her path in life for her. 

The broken boy and the damaged girl 

When these two meet it was like their souls stuck a cord and ignited they saw what the other tried so hard to hide from the rest of the world. She became his strength when he needed it most and he became her light in the darkest days. Together they were imperfectly perfect. 

We were complete opposites in so many ways. I was the popular new girl, and he, the bullied sh boy. Where I was outgoing, he was tame. When I was lost he was the road map home. 

This dealt with some horrifying bulling, my heart broke, my eyes leaked, my mind wouldn’t stop spinning as a scene played out word by word when bullying went to far. 

I felt their story.
I felt their anguish. 
I felt their hurt. 
I felt their struggles.
But most of all I felt their love. 

He was all bones, and I was all meat. His skin was painted caramel, and mine was white as cream. We were polar opposites. we weren’t mean’t to fall for one another, but when we blended together, we were some kind of beautiful. 

Then her career driven mother pulled up sticks and moved them four thousand, six hundred and twenty-four miles away from what Jasmine would term as home. She tried to stay in touch with Elliot over the years, the boy who stole her heart, the boy who had so much to give, but all of a sudden he just ceased returning her emails. It took Jasmine six gruelling long years to make her way back.

Would she find the boy she once loved? Would he be the same sweet boy she remembered? 

This was so beautifully written, a heart wrenching tale that pulled at every emotion I could feel, once I started I couldn't stop. I connected with the story, the characters, definitely one of my one click recommendations..


25 November 2017

Title: Butterfly
Author: Cambria Hebert
Genre: New adult
Publication:  November 3rd, 2017
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‘BUTTERFLY:’ Is a New Adult standalone novel by Cambria Hebert, Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Ten and Violet

First there was a caterpillar 

The ‘Prologue’ had me hooked straight away!! Ten Stark lets rip and does the unthinkable during another one of his drunken escapades but takes this last one that one step further whilst performing in front of a sold out stadium. Which earns him a stint in rehab and then abolished to the town he grew up in with words to stay out of trouble and lay low ringing in his ears. 

Clawing his way back into his fans good graces he gives speeches at local community colleges on what not to do the things he's done. 

Running away from some crazy assed fans he takes cover in an art gallery, exactly the last place you'd ever expect to see him. Here he meets a girl that doesn't know who he is (how is that even possible, often went through his mind) she even had him pegged as a thief. An aspiring artist she was hiding out from all the campus fans that were all going crazy over some rock star The guy with a number for a name she was happy in her hide out sitting drawing a cartoon of the guy. She disliked everything that guy stood for. 

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Stark: The guy who wasn't hated by everyone, who was a broke college student and drove a piece of shit jeep. I had to win her over without any star power. Without any money. Without being the guy she clearly hated. 

This girl intrigued him like no other, she wasn't struck senseless, she had no clue who he was, she didn't expect things from him, for all she knew is he drove a broken assed duct taped up jeep, nothing screamed famous, made of money other than the shoes he wore on his feet that she flat out stated he'd stolen. 

Because he loved the anonymity she offers him he tells her his name is Stark. 

Then there was a butterfly 

She was the complete opposite to the girls he'd dated in the past.
Slowly we see another side of Ten aka Stark take shape, his transformation simmered in the background and slowly we saw him fall in love with the girl who didn't know who he was.

Violet struggles on a daily basis, on the outside she looks like an everyday healthy girl but on the inside her body is at war, through her silent resilient strength this makes Stark become a better human being. 

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If you think you've read them all when it comes to our bad boy rockers then think again, this had such a unique spin on it, like me you'll love the heroine, god her imagination was classic, many a time I'd find myself giggling but then you'll also connect with her on an emotional level too. The formatting of this was just stunning, each chapter was set up so beautifully..I've only recently discovered this author so I'm a relatively new stalker, but she's definitely one that I hunt down for a one click on release days..

* Both teasers are the Authors from the book * 


23 November 2017

Title: Judging Books
Author: Shay Savage
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: November 28th, 2017 

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He lived for the moment, which was refreshing and exciting...

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‘JUDGING BOOKS:’ Is a new Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel by Shay Savage 

We're first introduced to Ashlyn who is on the verge of graduating with her masters in accounting and business administration as she's riddled with nerves due to her dooming interview at Draganov Financial, even though it was pretty much a given that she'd get the job due to the fact that her father owns the business. 

Doning her executive interview clothes and some killer heels she choose to wear off her bestie, which were in fact actually nearly killing her, but all in the name of fashion!! Then due to her car not starting she decides to hoof it on foot, killer heels and all!! 

Thrown for a loop when she's chatted up on a street corner waiting for the all clear to cross when she’s asked by a gorgeous tatted up, pierced, man child sitting astride his BMX bike, if she’d go on a date with him. Who in their right mind would walk up to a suit wearing female and ask for a date? Ethan that's who!!

He was sweet, adorable, intelligent and absolutely the most incredibly gorgeous individual I had ever seen in my life. 

Panicking because she's going to be late arriving for her interview Ethan offers her a ride of her life!! Which she accepted..Dropping her off outside of the building he mentions he'll wait for her to finish if she'd consider going out on that date with him. 

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Which out of character for her she mentions if he's still waiting when she's finished then of course she'd go out on a date with him. 

Things from this point move swiftly. 

So many obstacles were in these two's way, he's a highschool dropout, tattoos and piercings, a man bun make up his appearance, add in the seven year age gap none of her friends in her circle would ever accept him, let alone her father, he'd probably disown her. 

He was so far removed from every guy I had ever dated, he couldn't even be considered in the same species. 

With all that standing in their way is all that a deal breaker for her? 

Ethan isn't your typical book boyfriend we'd all be jumping on claiming him as ours, he has so many layers to him once you scratch under the surface, he crawls within your heart, his hardships make him such a unique, endearing character where you wish his story didn't end, I wanted more, I needed more, I craved more, the only thing I would've changed about this book was how swiftly it was all wrapped up.

This was so different/unique to anything I've read before, a life learning lesson, and we all fall into the category of judging on looks, appearances, status, the list goes on which is why I enjoyed this book as much as I did. 


21 November 2017

TITLE: Ghosted
AUTHOR: J.M. Darhower
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: August 24th, 2017

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‘GHOSTED:’ Is a standalone second chance romance novel by J.M. Darhower, spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' In this we meet Kennedy Garfield & Jonathan Cunningham. Their story isn't pretty, but it's their story..And it's a story that must be told. 

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A second chance romance about a boy who loved a girl, who turns into a man that loves a woman.

I don’t know what it was about this book but as soon as I opened up that first page, and started reading I was hooked, this author just has a way with words, a unique storyline that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’ve inhaled that very last page. God the feels that came rushing at me, the love I felt consumed me, normally I’m not really a fan of second chance romances because you kind of know the layout of the story, past they break up, then they make up end of story, but this was done in such an outstanding way like pieces of a puzzle we’d be given pieces of their past that we’d make sense of to complete their future. 

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said about this book!! What I loved most about it was the simplicity of it, the realness of it, you could see every scene in this book unfold in real life, nothing was over dramatised. So very life like. 

If you've not read this book it comes with a highly recommend stamp from yours truly!! Take the plunge, one click you won't regret it, fall in love with these characters just like I did. 

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20 November 2017

TITLE: Defiant Queen
SERIES: (Mount Trilogy #2)
AUTHOR: Meghan March
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: November 14th 2017
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‘DEFIANT QUEEN:’ is the second book of the Mount Trilogy by Meghan March and picks up right where Ruthless King left off. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’.

In this we see a different side to Mount emerge which we didn’t really see in the first book, he was all hard corners and ruthless in this we finally get to see the man within. I loved reading about his childhood, what set him on the course he’s on today. So many layers to him like an onion each chapter we peel off another layer. 

The majority of my life is lived in shadows. People whisper my name, as if afraid saying it out loud will bring me to my doorstep. 

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Mount had been abandoned on some church steps, quickly put in the system, shoved from foster home to foster home until he made his escape and clawed his way up from the gutter now he's a ruthless cutthroat powerful man no one deceives. 

I'd been in such a book funk and nothing seemed to have been able to pull me out of it, until this book!! 

Even though I'd been forewarned about the cliffy that was going to come rushing at me I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for how big that cliffy was going to be, it could turn out to be a whole new game changer, now that shitty waiting game starts of needing, wanting the next book, and I for one can not wait!!
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