29 July 2018

TITLE: F*ck Toy
AUTHOR: Natalie Bennett
PUBLICATION: July 28th, 2018


28 July 2018

TITLE: Pretty Venom
SERIES: (Gray Springs University #3)
AUTHOR: Ella Fields
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: August 3rd, 2018


27 July 2018

TITLE; Yard Sale
AUTHOR: Charleigh Rose
GENRE: Sports Romance
PUBLICATION: July6 26th, 2018

I was freshly fired from my job and betrayed by my boyfriend.
It was a new low for me.
A one-night stand with an arrogant stranger was just what I needed.
I didn’t know that he was a famous snowboarder, or that he’d give me the best sex of my life.
I wasn’t ever supposed to see him again.
Fate had other plans.

I was young and rich with the whole world at my fingertips.
I was in my prime.
A one-night stand with a hot little tourist on the rebound was the perfect way to spend my weekend.
I didn’t know she’d leave in the middle of the night, or that I’d wake up wanting more.
I never thought I’d see her again.
Now she’s back.
She’s been keeping a secret.
One that will change everything.

*Yard Sale is a quick, fun, dirty novella previously released in the Team Player anthology, now containing new content and a sneak peek into Rewrite the Stars, coming this fall.


25 July 2018

TITLE:Someone Else's Ocean
AUTHOR: Kate Stewart
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: July 31st, 2018
The first time I met Ian Kemp in the sparkling blue waters of St. Thomas, I was six years old and we shared a summer beneath the stars.

The second time I met Ian Kemp, he was a shell of the boy I once knew. Turbulent and infuriating, he refused my friendship at every turn. Like me, he was a casualty of life’s cruelty, but we were planets apart.

We’d both sought refuge on the island, hoping to find our anchor. Instead, we found each other and managed to reclaim our stars...until we both got swept away.
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Koti was a safe haven, and I drank with greed from her never ending fountain of beauty and warmth. 

Someone else’s ocean: Is a full length Romance Novel by Author Kate Stewart. In this we meet ‘Ian Kemp’ and 

What I enjoy the most about this authors writing is she she writes real stories, stories that we can all relate to, connect with on all levels, there’s no need for added drama or twists and turns and that’s what made this book so magical because you could see it unfolding in real life, that’s why I loved this one so much, just for it’s simplicity, these two characters made the perfect sense. A slow burn that got it's hooks into me so early on. 

Koti and Ian made a connection when she was six and he was thirteen, though many years have gone by since they last saw each other, their parents both owned beach houses in St. Thomas, though it has been many years since these two have seen each other.

Who knew the insane man with the shitty accent and bubble butt, would turn out to be Mr. wonderful. 

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Koti now resides in St. Thomas full time after suffering a break down in a high powered job in New York and now works as a property manager 

She hasn’t seen Ian since she was seven years old though through his mother she knew he’d been married and has a daughter. Now he’s back on home soil in St. Thomas with a whole lot of hurt under his belt which he unleashes on Koti, Koti hopes her island can weave it’s magic on Ian and heal him like it healed her. 

Koti was such a unique character, she wasn’t perfect, she had her quirks, and a ticking time bomb to boot, loved her wine but her heart was what cemented me to her, I loved her take on the world, even down to her gold sandals. I connected with her on such an emotional level. She was like a breath of fresh air.

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Ian had struggles of his own, though nothing as deep seated as Koti, his scars would heal with time and island magic, a bitter divorce, a heartbreaking secret which unfolded in the ‘Prologue’ which cut him to the core. 

* Teasers used are off the authors facebook page * 

A Texas native, Kate Stewart lives in North Carolina with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. She pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it's what she loves as a reader. Kate is a lover of all things '80s and '90s, especially John Hughes films and rap. She dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity, and on occasion, does very well at whisky. 


23 July 2018

TITLE: Ultimate Sacrifice 
SERIES: (Men of Courage #1)
GENRE: Romance
Men of Courage: A brotherhood bound by courage, honor, and sacrifice.

Hard work and dedication brought Austin Hawke up the ranks at his department, eventually earning him Lieutenant position. He was more than ready to lead his fellow brothers but one fatal call leads to tragedy and a danger they never saw coming.

Meanwhile, his personal life is just as destructive. All thanks to the gorgeous sports bar owner he shared an unforgettable night with only to have her slip out on him before the morning sun. Zoey thought she could escape him without a fight but what she fails to realize is Austin doesn’t give up when he wants something, and he wants Zoey.

Zoey Anderson had dreams of exploring the world, capturing its beauty behind a lens, but all that changed the moment her disabled sister was born. Due to their loveless home, Zoey dropped her dreams and took on the role of caring for her younger sister. A decision she could never regret.

Taking her life by storm, Austin Hawke crashes through all the barriers she placed around her carefully guarded heart. When passion burns and devastation strikes, Zoey quickly learns that love doesn't come without sacrifice.
One night I walked into a bar for a drink with my hockey team, never knowing I'd come face-to-face with an angel. from there it began. 

A full length romance novel and is the first book in K.C. Lynn’s (Men of Courage) series. In this we meet ‘Austin & Zoey’

In the ’Prologue’ someone is out for revenge, everyone within his residence will feel the wrath of his vengeance he reigns down on them. 

Zoey is twenty-five, she owns her own bar called ‘Overtime’ and soley takes care of her eleven year old sister Chrissy, who has the worst case of cerebral palsy Doctors have ever come across. 
Due to Zoey hosting a date auction to raise funds for the ‘Children’s Miracle Centre’ where her sister resides, she bid and won a date night with Austin, a man she frequently admires from across the bar where he and his friends frequent. 

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A date she’ll forever hold close to her heart. a date which turned into so much more, a passion ignited that they both couldn't ignore. But Zoey swore all she could give him would be this night, unfortunately she doesn’t have time for dating. So when dawn breaks Zoey sneaks out of his bed and takes the walk fo shame home. Forever holding those memories close.

You finally took a chance on me and it was the best night of my existence. I would have spent another thousand dollars for a single night with you and I'll spend even more for a lifetime. 

Austin, knows what he wants, and he wants Zoey, friends first which turned into so much more, and slowly he cracked her resolve, these two made perfect sense, they were perfect for each other. 

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Lieutenant Austin and his close band of brothers live to fight the flames, a risk they take whenever they are called out on a job, it’s what they are trained for. Cam and Jake have been his best friends since they were kids, playing hockey together, now they fight fires side by side, each having the others back. 

I inhaled this, once started I didn't put it down until I've inhaled that last page. So much happened in this book, the fast burn romance which once ignited they couldn't deny their attraction for each other, a hunt for an arsonist that was loose in their town, and one tragedy that was unbearably sad. This ticked all the boxes, sweet, sad, sizzling sexy times. 

* Teasers used are off the authors facebook page * 
K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She grew up in a family of four children—two sisters and a brother. Her mother was the lady who baked homemade goods for everyone on the street and her father was a respected man who worked in the RCMP. He’s since retired and now works for the criminal justice system. This being one of the things that inspires K.C. to write romantic suspense about the trials and triumphs of our heroes.

K.C. married her high school sweetheart and they started a big family of their own—two adorable girls and a set of handsome twin boys. They still reside in the same small town but K.C.’s heart has always longed for the south, where everyone says ‘y’all’ and eats biscuits and gravy for breakfast. 

It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. It was then a beautiful world opened up and she found what she was meant to do…write. 

When K.C.’s not spending time with her beautiful family she can be found in her writing cave, living in the fabulous minds of her characters and their stories.

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22 July 2018

TITLE: The Peer and the Puppet
SERIES: When Rivals Play #1
GENRE: New Adult
PUBLICATION: July 31st, 2018

Guys the wait for this one was worthwhile!! It quickly went from a 5 star read and escalated to one of my favourite ones for this year..Saying I loved this is an understatement, get ready for one crazy angsty ride!! 

‘THE PEER AND THE PUPPET’ is the first full length, New Adult novel in B.B.Reids ’s ‘When Rivals Play' series. In this we meet Ever McNamara and Four Archer.

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Four's dreams have never wavered from wanting to race professionally. In the opening chapter we see what seventeen year old Four normally does, and something that should’ve gone off without a hitch, but that’s not the case, borrow the bike like normal, win the race as per usual, fourteen to be precise. Collect the cash, but not in this case. She's pissed off some very dangerous men. Now she’s been shipped off to Blackwood Keep along with her mother and her new beau Thomas and his son Ever. 

From the get go I was hooked, that very first page the author lured me in, I couldn’t, didn’t want to, and didn’t put it down. ‘The Peer and the Puppet’ was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. 

To say the first time Ever and Four meet didn't go off without a hitch is an understatement, she kicks him in the balls and from that point onwards it's game on, neither likes the other, neither hold back their dislike for each other which makes for an interesting ride. Four isn't your typical female, she's made of tougher things, and Never's met his match when it comes to her, she doesn't back down, so these two are at loggerheads continuously. Neither back down. 

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'The Peer and The Puppet' was utter perfection! Un-put-downable, unpredictable, unique, unquestionably good, unbelievably became one of my favourites quickly.

Mega angst, drama galore, affinity feels, anyone like myself who reads this I swear you will love this book to the moon and back. There is nothing I would change about this book, seconds, minutes, hours ceased to exist, once you start this you’ll never want it to end. My review, my words, does not give this book the justice it deserves.

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If you’ve read the paper princess or tijan’s fallen crest high series then I swear you will love this book wholeheartedly as this runs in similar lines as those, but definitely stands out on a class of its own. 

Two thumbs up, highly recommend, definitely one click come release day..

Borrow the bike. Win the race. Collect the cash. It should’ve been an easy job. Ran out of town with a broken leg and a lawsuit, my mother’s latest flame swoops in like a knight in gilded armor. Blackwood Keep is a place I don’t belong, and I’m not the only one who knows. To the boy across the hall, my savior’s only son, I’m a stray looking for a bone.

He’s lord of the manor.
King of the academy. 
And number one on my shit list.  


I have no intentions of becoming a happy family with the social climber and her wild daughter. A bottle of Jameson and a cracked skull gets my problem shipped to reform school, but I didn’t bank on her returning. 

Four’s out to get even, and she almost had the perfect plan: expose the privileged kid moonlighting as a gangbanger. She’s smart, but she’ll have to be smarter. Sending her away won’t be good enough this time. I’m going to have to tame the little troublemaker. To the girl across the hall, the one without a name, I’m nothing without my silver spoon. 

She’s lady of the trailer park.
Queen of the swamps. 
And my new favorite pastime.

The Peer and the Puppet is a standalone romance, however, the series is one story. The plot introduced in Four and Ever’s story will continue in the following novels. No cliffhangers.

B.B., also known as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age and she would sneak into her mother's closet for books and even sometimes the attic.


19 July 2018

TITLE: False Perceptions
AUTHOR: Michelle Heard
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: July 25th, 2018

Is a full length romance novel by ’Michelle Heard’ Spoken in ‘Multiple Perspectives - briefly’ In this we meet Emilie & Hayden Cole.

This book is full of action, love, romance, death, corruption you name it, every box will be ticked. 

The first opening chapter we’re introduced to forty-one year old Emilie with one divorce already under her belt, we witness her shutting the door on another chapter in her life, with another divorce looming right around the corner as she hands over her wedding ring and goes and stays at her father’s who is running for Senator until something suitable comes up.

Emilie and her father do not get on, though that's not on her shoulders, he's just another man in her life that has let her down, made her question humanity. Because if your own father doesn't love you who will? 

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Attending her fathers rally as she's jumping into her car she's rear ended by a big SUV, things take a turn for the worst when she realises she's been kidnapped, this is where Hayden and his band of brothers go in on a simple mission to bring her safely home. 

I have zero faith in humanity. Except for my five Navy Seals. I'll never trust another human being again. 

back on home turf but having the terror of the kidnapping pulling her down she packs up all her items from her fathers, and drives with no destination in mind, due to a flat tire in Moneta a small isolated township has her buying a wee place with access onto a lake right at her doorstep. Finally a place she can call her own and heal. 

The failed marriage and kidnapping have destroyed the person I used to be. It feels like she died, and in her place a stranger was born. I need to find out who she is. 

Her only constant is the five men who braved their lives to rescue her, in her most darkest times she pulls on their strength to get her through the days, their always in the forefront of her mind. But one stuck out above the others, the one man who held her, he's the one that made her feel safe and secure in his arms, the man they call eagle. 

None of you knew me yet you were all willing to take a bullet for me. 

Hayden has been pulled in for a six month long mission to go in as undercover protection for Emilie as she's refusing protection from her father. 

When these two meet properly under such different circumstances to the last time, both aren't the same as they were, both are carrying such profound sadness within their souls.

A slow burn romance with all the feels, so beautifully written, 'False Perceptions' is definitely one of those unputdownable books, it's unique and completely unpredictable in every sense. This is definitely not a run of the mill ordinary romance. It's insanely addictive and intensely consuming.

I started this last night at 9pm and finished it at 1am I am not wide awake and bushy tailed!!
Go into this blind, don't read reviews, just expect to be slayed, slayed by this authors words, slayed by the emotional turmoil this authors characters will put you through, no band aide will cover the breaking of your heart, I cried my eyes out, snotty nosed and fucked up eyes, I was gutted, but I couldn't stop myself from racing through the pages to find out the outcome for these characters that were left standing. 
Finally I was able to lay my head down and sleep, happy with how it ended, in love with these characters, I highly recommend this book, just one word of advice - Tissues will be required..
Conspiracies and lies lead to a secret that was never supposed to be uncovered.

Six months ago we rescued Emilie Swanson, the daughter of retired Navy Admiral George Swanson – now a senator running for the presidency. 

Having just returned from a harrowing operation gone wrong, I accept an undercover mission. With orders to protect Emilie from any further threats, everything should be uncomplicated. Expecting a socialite, I’m surprised when I get to know the spirited woman. 

But the Navy SEAL motto is true. The only easy day was yesterday. 

To save her I have to take on a powerful political player who will do anything to further his career. Things aren’t what they seem, and the threat to Emilie’s life lies much closer to home than we thought.

Time is running out as we’re both caught in a web of false perceptions.
Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She might have a slight obsession with alpha heroes who are not afraid to fight for their women.

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