⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Love My Way by Kate Sterritt

29 May 2017

Love My Way by Kate Sterritt
TITLE: Love My Way
AUTHOR: Kate Sterritt
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 31st 2017
Even without seeing her face, I know that the woman standing at the water’s edge is desperately sad. Her back is to me and her shoulders are slumped, perhaps heavy with regret. It kills me to know I am partly to blame, and for that reason alone, it’s impossible to look at her. Leaning against the rough trunk of the tree, I close my eyes. My life will forever begin and end with her, and I’m unable to witness her heart breaking. 

Standing still is no longer an option, so I begin to pace. Is she still waiting for him or has he already left? Fear pools in my veins at the uncertainty. Above all else, I want her to be happy. If this is too hard, I’ll have to walk away again. I let out a long breath, frustrated by the whole situation. 

Emerson Hart is the love of my life. Unfortunately, I’m not the only love of hers. And therein lies the problem.
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LOVE MY WAY: Is a standalone romance novel by Kate Sterritt and is a new to me author but definitely won’t be the last. Set up in two parts, First we’re in the ‘Present’ then as memories assault her we’re thrown into the past ‘Ten year old Emerson’ 

What drew me to this first was the cover it definitely caught my eye, it’s gorgeous, then the synopsis hooked me more into wanting to read this and I know by that, that it’s setting me up for some sort of an emotional ride.

We start off in Present time we meet Emerson who has recently been employed at ‘Carries Cupcakes’ slowly chapter by chapter we see her slowly coming back to life again. 

Then it swiftly jumps to the past as she reminisces (Emerson at Ten Years Old) about the boy who understood her more than she understood herself. He was just a boy who became her best friend He is, always has been, and always will be, my everything. and she was just a girl who wanted to be as free as a feather floating away on the air, a young girl focused on art, who one day wanted to be a famous artist. She created designs out of river stones ranging in size and colour. A story without words 

Age Seventeen: Slowly their friendship becomes blurred as they fought their attraction. He was my compass and, with him by my side, I would never be lost again. 

 photo xJHQUJRmXb-kitty-kats-crazy-about-books_zpsvo3lsnkn.gif

➽ I placed my hand on the page and imagined the feathers flying in the breeze, floating over the markets, over the town, and up into the blue skies, blurred white by the wispy clouds above. 

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➽ “For a minute or a lifetime, some people try to clip your wings, while others help you learn to fly.." 

Fuck me sideways and then back again, going by the synopsis I was prepared to get pulled into a love triangle, and throughout the book I really thought that's what was going to come at me, but believe me when I say there is no cheating of any sorts in this book, that's the only thing I'm going to say because I don't want to wreck it for readers after me. 

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Being honest I was set at rating this 4 stars and I was happy with that rating, but then I'm coming up to the finish in this book and my world just crumbled down around my ears and I'm thrown head first into an emotional, gut wrenching, heart stopping journey that I seriously did not see coming. 
Reading through blurry eyes was hard, the chant through my head was like a broken record 'do not cry, do not cry, do not cry' to no avail drip after drip cascaded down my face.

➽ Let's make a pact to come back here on this sunset every five years, no matter what. 

How often do we have soul mates come into our lives? Emerson is one of the lucky ones, though she doesn't see it like that, you see she's had two soul mates come into her life, but to keep one she has to say goodbye to the other. A heartfelt journey, a new beginning, a journey of self discovery. 

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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ The Way Back Home by Carmen Jenner

26 May 2017

The Way Back Home by Carmen Jenner
TITLE: The Way Back Home 
AUTHOR: Carmen Jenner
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: May 29th, 2017
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August Cotton shouldn’t be here. When a tragic accident calls him home to Magnolia Springs, this returned Veteran adds his parents to the list of things he’s lost in recent years, right along with his IED detection dog and his left leg. As the sole guardian of his four-year-old sister, August must rely on his Marine training in raising a tiny hellion who’s as stubborn as he is. But the Corps could never prepare him for this. Nor could they prepare him for Olivia Anders, a woman who’ll stop at nothing to get her way.

As owner of Paws for Cause, Olivia is no stranger to the broken men and women who return home from war. She’s no stranger to broken dogs either. In fact, she’s made it her mission to pair the two and enrich both of their lives, but pairing ornery and aloof August Cotton will take some work. The last thing August wants is some pushy southern woman occupying his parents’ bed and breakfast and forcing him to open up about the hell he narrowly escaped, but that’s exactly what Olivia intends.
They complete one another, and yet they can’t stand to be in the same room. 

Can Olivia make this hardened Marine feel again and finally show his heart the way back home?

*** Intended for a mature 18+ audience only. This book may contain triggers for some readers.

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THE WAY BACK HOME: Is a stand alone contemporary romance novel by Carmen Jenner and is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ After reading Toward the Sound of Chaos by this author I so needed to read Olivia's story, I really loved her in the first book so I was jumping for joy when I saw she was getting her own story because everyone needs a happy ending. 

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As soon as I started this I was drawn into the story. 

Klutzy Olivia Anders was the new comer to the town of ‘Magnolia Springs’ where she was opening up a clinic called ‘Paws for Cause’ where she pairs up dogs on death row with broken down Marines who have served their country and have come home not as they left. 

She’s expecting the Cottons to pick her up from town at the bus station, when no one comes to collect her she makes her way to the B&B only to be met with a broody, arrogant August who makes no qualms that he doesn’t want her there. 

August got the one phone call he never thought he’d get whilst he was three hundred miles away from home soil, his parents had died in a tragic car accident and he was now the soul living relative in charge of his four year old sister. 

My parents are dead. My little sister needs me, and I am going home to Magnolia Springs - the one place I swore I’d never return to. 

August is a broody, war hero who served one tour over in Afghanistan for eight hell on earth months, he’s been honourably discharged, if he hadn’t of been hurt and ripped apart by an IED he would’ve been on the next tour instead he was returned home an echo of his former self. 

I’d wanted to die a hero, and instead I was living life as a cripple. 

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What I loved the most about this was the simplicity of the story, she didn’t over dramatize things for her audience, she kept it real, throw in the fact that I’m also a sucker for animals, and yes if I’m being honest broken down marines..

So get prepared to have all the feels come at you with a hot headed Marine, a house full of dogs, two teenage boys, a piglet and the most gorgeous 4 year old you're likely to meet, and a southern girl who has a penchant for oreos. 

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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Disgraced by Natasha Knight

25 May 2017

TITLE: Disgraced
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: May 26th, 2017
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Disgrace: the condition of one fallen from grace.

She is my forbidden fruit. The one temptation I cannot resist.

The first night…
I rescued her from an attack in the seedy underground of New York City.

The second night…
She told me the first of many lies.

She thinks she can keep me out of her world, but she’s in over her head. Watching her, being near her, it gives breath to something dark inside me. Something primal and forbidden. Forbidden to me.

Because in six months, I’ll be an ordained priest.

And she complicates things.

She thinks she’ll become my disgrace. Truth is, my fall had begun the moment I’d laid eyes on her.

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DISGRACED: is a contemporary forbidden romance novel by Natasha Knight..And is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ We met these two briefly in (BOOK#1) Lina is (Sofia’s) little sister. (The music prodigy) And Damon is (Raphael’s) twin brother. YES TWINS!!

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I don’t think it’s vital that you read Dishonorable but I would recommend it only because of how it carries on from the previous book. We also get a brief glimpse of Raphael and Damon's other brother Zach which I’ve got my fingers x will be the next book. 

Damon Amado met Katalina (Lina) Garcia when she was sixteen years of age when she went and visited her sister Sophia at their Tuscan estate and was smitten with Damon back then. But he was on his way to becoming ordained as a priest at that stage when he was twenty-four.

It’s been years since they have seen each other, until now.

No one knew Lina was in New York and it would've stayed that way if Damon hadnt heard her playing the piano in a club he was conducting business in, everyone and her sister included thought she was still in Chicago studying, and it had to stay that way to keep her loved ones safe, she has no money, barely even has enough to feed herself, she's under the thumb of Alexi Markov whom she works for at Club Carmen son of the infamous Sergei Markov. 

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Damon is in New York to find himself, to see if he really wants to pledge his life to the church and he's been given six months to figure that out. 

I'd always wanted it. Wanted him. From that day we'd spent together four years ago, I'd wanted him. It wasn't even just sex. I just...I wanted to be with him. 

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TO SUM IT UP: This isn't as action packed as the first book was but it didn't really need that to keep me invested in the story, Damon stole the show, many times I had to remind myself that he was on his way to becoming a priest (many a time I sinned for lusting over him). 
This ticked all the boxes, mafia drama, sexy times with a few spankings thrown in had me devouring the pages like an addict on crack. 

This author could sit down and re-write the phone book and I'd put my hand up to read it, being a seasoned writer she just has that effortless knack of pulling her readers in (me included) and making us eat the words up that she's put to paper. I was hooked as soon as I started reading that first chapter.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #2) by L.J. Shen

23 May 2017

Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #2) by L.J. Shen
TITLE: Ruckus
SERIES: (Sinners of Saint #2)
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 26th, 2017
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They say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They're right. 
No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking. 
He is my forbidden, shiny apple. The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth. 
He is also my sister's ex-boyfriend. 
One thing you should know before you judge me; 
I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first. 
Eleven years later, he waltzes into my life, demanding a second chance. 
Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman.
But my clock is ticking. See, I’m not like the rest. I have an illness.
Sometimes I conquer it.
Sometimes it conquers me. 
My white knight has finally arrived. 
Hopefully, he isn’t too late.
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I'm going to try and make this as spoiler free as I possibly can because there are a few wee twists and turns thrown in for good measure that will have you falling in love with Dean even more than you were beforehand. 

Halsey – Hold Me Down
Hey Violet – Guys My Age
Train – Drops of Jupiter
Fall Out Boy – Immortals
Hooverphonic – Mad About You
Breathe Me - Sia 

RUCKUS: Is the second instalment in the (Sinners 0f Saint#2) series by L.J. Shen, and needs to be read in order for you to fully enjoy/understand this series. 

This is Rosie and Dean's story, Rosie is Millie’s little sister. In the previous book Dean ‘Ruckus’ Cole dated Millie LeBlanc for eight months, she's also Rosie's older sister. But it was Rosie who actually noticed Dean first in the hallway at high-school in between classes. What appealed to her about Dean was the fact that he didn't take himself as serious as all the other broody douchebags at their school. 

💥 He was my forbidden, shiny apple. The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth. He is also my sisters ex-boyfriend. 

Just the synopsis alone gutted me, I kind of knew an emotional roller coaster out of control was going to come at me full throttle with all the feels thrown in and that is exactly what this author threw at me!! I inhaled this, time just stopped being a factor whilst reading this, the world could've ended and I wouldn't've known, there I was on a sunday curled up on the couch, seconds, minutes, hours I didn't lift my eyes up from the pages, this author had me eating out of the palm of her hand, I sped through those chapters like a junkie on a high. 

🥀 I wasn't born like the rest.
I had an illness.
Sometimes I conquered it.
Sometimes it conquered me.
Everyone's favourite rose was wilting.
But no flower wants to die in front of an audience. 

In the beginning of the book Dean did come across like a man child arrogant oversexed jerk that grated on my nerves, everything had a sexual innuendo but then the bugga kind of redeemed himself grew on me the more I progressed through the book and he crawled his way into my heart. 

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💥 He was a #Hothole. A privileged, unhinged, egomaniac, from Todos Santos who thought he deserved everything and owed nothing. 

Dean leaned in my direction and pressed his index finger to my cheek. He produced an eyelash he picked from my face, "Make a wish." 

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💥 Dean 'Ruckus' Cole was a different kind of asshole to Baron 'Vicious' Spencer. He fucked you over with a polite smile on his face. In that sense, he was the joker. In his mix of confidence, cockiness, good looks, and money, there was a dash of insanity thrown in. 

Like an onion you need to peel layer by layer before you get to the real person that makes up Dean, he hides behind his rich silver spoon persona, he drinks, he smokes weed, he uses sex, he's beautifully broken, but go beyond all that and he has so much depth, he's charming, if he wants something he will go to the ends of the earth to get it, and he wants Rose, nothing and no one is going to stand in his way. But Rose has an illness and her clock is ticking at full speed daily, have these two star crossed lovers left it too late? 
Well I'm not telling, which is why I urge you to one click this come release day. 

MY THOUGHTS: Go into this with an open mind, ok yes he was her sister's ex, does that make it right no but it kind of does, you need to look at the big picture before you turn your back on this amaze balls of a book, yes in college Dean and Millie dated, nothing at all happened between Rose and Dean though they had an undeniable attraction neither succumbed to it, it’s not until they are in their adult years that they reconnect (eleven years later to be exact) and that attraction is still there. So is that grounds for not reading this book? Yeah probably not!! Nothing from the above screams taboo!! Will I be witch hunted for my views on this yeah probably but remember this before you do, controversy and fiction go hand in hand in the book world.

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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Just a Little Junk by Stylo Fantome

21 May 2017

Just a Little Junk by Stylo Fantome
TITLE: Just a Little Junk
AUTHOR: Stylo Fantome
GENRE: Humor | Funny
PUBLICATION: May 22nd, 2017
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... if anyone asks, that's all that's in your trunk. Definitely don't say anything about the dead guy you just found back there!

Jodi Morgan is having a bad weekend.

After partying a little too hard, she wakes up with a monster hangover and almost no recollection of the night before. So imagine her surprise when she looks in her trunk and instead of finding a spare tire, she finds the last guy she'd danced with before blacking out.

Who is he? How did he get in there? How did he die? And oh dear lord, did she kill him!?

When her older brother's best friend offers to help, things start looking up. They've known each other since she was thirteen, and ten years later, he still treats her like a little kid - surely, committing felonies has to trigger some sort of spark. Together, they wind up going on an adventure that takes them all over Los Angeles. From raves to penthouses to strip clubs. All in the search for the answer to her question.

Who is the dead guy in my trunk!?

Warning: This book contains some dark humor, a lot of witty banter, and two characters making more bad decisions than good ones. Also contains adult themes, language, and graphic sexual activity.

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Warning: This book contains some dark humor, a lot of witty banter, and two characters making more bad decisions than good ones. Also contains adult themes, language, and graphic sexual activity.

This definitely lived up to the above warning!! First time read by this author and I LOVED it!! Finally my book funk was gone, Stylo Fantome has kicked your ass to the curb!!

JUST A LITTLE JUNK: is a ‘Contemporary Romance’ stand alone novel by ‘Stylo Fantome’

Fuck me side ways and back again because this little bugga is going to be hard to review!! This is completely unique in it’s entirety, I can not compare this to anything I have read, seen or heard about, this just got me out of the most suckiest book funks known to booklovers..This review is going to be a vague, no frills write up only because this book deserves to be read without any spoilers divulged. 

Now onto the review. 

Imagine partying your ass off at a club, doing your thing against a guy you’d just met on the dance floor, you get sooooo wasted you don’t even remember coming onto your best friend in the whole wide world. 

Waking up to the mother fucker of all hangovers should’ve been the worst of it, opening the trunk of her car was definitely the worst moment of her life, and gazing down into a dead body just about tipped her over the edge, then realising it was the guy she was dancing up has three bullet holes in his chest yeah that's was a double whammy!!

He was her brothers sexy out of her league best friend, She was his friends off limits little sister. 

All in the course of one fucked up weekend!!

Now it’s a race against time with her side kick Archer to retrace her last steps of that night, Who is he? How did he get in there? How did he die? And oh dear lord, did she kill him!?

Simple right, think again, where these two are concerned where things would seem simple to us are so simple for these two. 

Getting wasted at a rave, dodging bullets, causing a fire in her apartment, you’ll have so many laugh out loud moments you’ll lose count. so many twists and turns you’ll get whip lash, loveable batship crazy characters that will leave you wishing for more, sexy moments that will have you claiming Archer as yours. I can’t recommend this enough. This may have been the first read for me by this author but it definitely won’t be the last. Cray Cray loved it!!

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