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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ TRIGGER (Devil's Reach Book 1) by J.L. Drake

TRIGGER (Devil's Reach Book 1) by J.L. Drake
SERIES: (Devil's Reach Book 1) 
AUTHOR: J.L. Drake
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: May 16th, 2017
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***This book ends with a small cliffhanger. Intended for 18+. May contain Triggers.*** 

I was raised by the Devil himself.

Formed into a man who was unreachable.

I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger.

Killing is the only thing that calms the itch.

The demons inside were a constant battle…

…until she changed everything.

Problem is when you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

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TRIGGER: by J.L. Drake is the first book within the (Devil's Reach ) series and does end on a semi cliff hanger. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ 

Ohhhhh my this shoves you straight into the gritty goodness of the life of a notorious MC club. From a shoot out on a busy highway to being catapulted into their slaughter room, tiles from top to bottom, and an industrial drain to drain away all the blood from their victims, with many tools to work on their victims where we are privy to graphic details of Trigger cutting off a snitchers body parts in stomach curdling goodness. 

I showed no mercy and punished those who needed it through their greatest fears. 

Take a walk on the dark side with ‘Trigger’ this guy has no boundaries, like a flick of a switch he will kill you in cold blood. A dark unforgiving man with an even darker past. 

I'm not your Prince Charming, Tess. I wasn't made that way."
Prince Charming is overrated, Trigger. People like us need people equally fucked up. It evens shit out. 

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From an early age Trigger became a fighting machine, he fought to stay alive, he fought to beat his opponents. He fought the demons in his head. 

Tess has just recently arrived into the town of Santa Monica and is the new bartender at Helmond's Bar her best friend ‘Matt Montgomery’ aka Brick set up for her whom she hadn't seen in six years. These two have a brother, sister close relationship. There is nothing and no lengths he wouldn't go to protect his best friend Tess. The boy who saved her many years ago when they were running the streets. 

“Tess, you’re walking a thin line. Trigger is not someone you fall in love with. I don’t even think he would know how to. Since he was a boy, he’s been surrounded by nothing but hate. He’s been killing since you were on the school playground.”
 Brick (Tess' best friend) 

Tess is a bit of an enigma, she blew into town with the devil hunting her heels, we know she had a rough past but that's all we know. 

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Over the years with my MC binge reading this would have to be up the top, I loved everything about this!! It was dark and gritty enough that ticked all my boxes when it comes to this genre..This was a first time read for me by this author and *f#ck me side ways* it won't be the last, I can not believe I've not come across this author before. If you're into MC reads then I highly highly recommend this one!!

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