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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Beast (Twisted Ever After #1) by A. Zavarelli

Beast (Twisted Ever After #1) by A. Zavarelli
TITLE: Beast 
SERIES: (Twisted Ever After #1)
AUTHOR: A. Zavarelli
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
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Once upon a time, I believed in fairytales.
But then he took me.
And he taught me that life isn’t a fairytale.
He is scarred. Broken.
A dark and wild thing.
His beauty is violent and his words are cruel.
His heart is a shadowed landscape where nothing can grow.
He tells me he could never care for me, and he proves it every day.
He’s destroyed my life.
Tortured me.
And worse…
He’s trained me to beg for his affection.
This prison is a place where sunlight doesn’t reach.
He taught me that hate is born in darkness.
And then he taught me that sometimes love is too.
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WARNING "This book contains DARK subject matter.
Please read at your own discretion.”

BEAST by A. Zavarelli is the first in this contemporary romance series (Twisted Ever After) and is the darkest this author has ever gone before, reader discretion is advised. This is not a fairy tale, there are no unicorns farting glitter, it’s dark, it’s sick and gritty, and it’s insanely good. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ 

This review is only going to be brief as I don’t want to wreck it for others after me.

Isabella Rossi is an up and coming American pop singer who just recently has been in the tabloids due to her father missing whilst on a job overseas, presumed dead, no trace has been uncovered. As a contractor he worked for the CIA & NSA.

The house she returns to when she needs solace more often than not a flurry of crimson withered rose petals are always on the front stoop, never knowing where they came from, but only when they started appearing, the day of her father's disappearance. 

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This weaved an intricate tale of such dark, gritty, proportions. It was hard to work my head around most of the happenings going on in this book, the author truly stepped out of the box with this one, you can not compare it to any of her previous works. 

Beast aka Javi I found was a hard character to connect with, he’d had despicable things done to him as a child which turned him into the beast he was today. As you progress further into this you have compassion and empathy for his character, slowly he creeps under your skin. 

Beautiful things were mean't to be broken 

His one downfall was Isabella he had an uncharacteristic obsession with her since she was a young teenager. He knew no bounds when it came to her. 

I want her tears. Her fears. I want the darkest and most intense parts of her. I want to punish her. 

Until he took it that one step further and kidnapped her he wanted to own her, break her, he wanted her to beg for mercy. He wanted to make her his little play toy at his beck and call. There was only so much Isabella could withstand before she crumbled. 

My submissive. So broken. So degraded. Her father would be so ashamed. Appalled. 

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The cover called to my ovaries but Beast had me running for the hills!! In the beginning was my worst nightmare come to life within the pages of this book, you never knew what he was doing to do next, an unpredictable man hell bent on destruction. 

Are you ready for ‘Beast’ because once you start reading he'll have you in his clutches until that very last page read. Nothing compares to this book. This author has come out guns blazing with her dark side. Heed the warning. I think why I enjoyed this one so much is because you can’t compare it to anything out there..

I can’t pinpoint where this didn’t make a five star read for me, I guess it moved too fast from the point of the kidnapping to him claiming her, I needed more fight from her character, she was broken way too fast. That is the only downfall for this book (this is only my opinion)

* One teaser is off the authors facebook page but I've modified it slightly *

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