17 July 2018

TITLE: The Risk
SERIES: MindF#ck #1
PUBLICATION: December 01st, 2018

is the first book in S.T. Abby’s ’Mindf#ck’ series. New to me Author, spoken in ‘Dual perspectives’ In this we meet Lana and Logan Bennett

Lana is the girl that was left for dead, that should've stayed dead but that's not how this story goes, like a Phoenix rising she’s after revenge, working down a long list of names that will not know what’s coming for them. 

When two opposites attract you know it’s like a train wreck ready to happen, that sit on the edge of your seat feeling erupts in you, and erupted it did when I reached that cliffy!! Luckily for me I had the next book to jump onto, unlucky for others that had to wait, because that ending was brutal!! 

The last person Lana expected to form a relationship with would be an FBI agent which is exactly what Logan is. 

Holds head in shame
This book was recommended to me time and time again BUT then I was so stuck under arcs and I was like a beached whale so I'm slowing down this year and reading ones that I've one clicked, recommendations, and new authors to me..

This falls under all three.
My expectations: I'm hoping it's dark, f#ckedup, sick, gritty, unleash everything that's makes most run for the hills!! At least it only took me 2 years to read this lol 

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Because of the men who robbed her innocence at the age of sixteen she was left alone in the world. Now those men are getting hunted down, one by one, tortured, killed slowly..

This is what I'm talking about the heroine was kickass, god what wasn't there to love about her, take no prisoners, kill those f#ckers slowly, cut those c#cks off, cover the room in blood, god f#ck me dead what wasn't there to love about this book!! This was my kind of book, it engaged me as soon as I started it, the ice queen and the detective. My expectations were ticked off one by one. This brought back my love for reading!! I went in blind, I went in expecting the worst but hoping for the best, I came out with so much love for this book, an unknown author to me has gotten a new stalker!! Now I'm off to jump on the next book!!

* Teaser used is off the authors fb page * 
They took too much.
Left too little.
I had nothing to lose...until him.



I didn't expect him.
I didn't want to fall in love.
But I can't let him go.

Logan Bennett makes the world a safer place.
He's brilliant.
He's a hero.
He locks away the sick and depraved.
But while he's saving lives, I'm taking them. Collecting the debts that are owed to me.

Ten years ago, they took from me. They left me for dead.
They should have made sure I stayed dead.

Now I'm taking from them.
One name at a time.

I've trained for too long.
I've been patient.
I can't stop now.

Revenge is best served cold...

They never see me coming, until I paint their walls red.

Logan doesn't know how they hurt me. He doesn't know about the screams they ignored. He doesn't know how twisted that town really is.

He just knows people are dying.
He doesn't know he's in love with their killer.

No one suspects a dead girl.
And Logan doesn't suspect the girl in his bed.

They're looking for a monster.
Not a girl who loves red.
Not a girl in love.

I'm a faceless nightmare.

At least until I tell them the story they've pretended never happened.

But in the end, will Logan choose them? Or will we watch them burn together?

**Adult language
**Some triggers could be too much for the easily disturbed reader
**Sexual content
**Fucked up moral compass; read at your own risk.

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