23 November 2017

Title: Judging Books
Author: Shay Savage
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: November 28th, 2017 

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He lived for the moment, which was refreshing and exciting...

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‘JUDGING BOOKS:’ Is a new Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel by Shay Savage 

We're first introduced to Ashlyn who is on the verge of graduating with her masters in accounting and business administration as she's riddled with nerves due to her dooming interview at Draganov Financial, even though it was pretty much a given that she'd get the job due to the fact that her father owns the business. 

Doning her executive interview clothes and some killer heels she choose to wear off her bestie, which were in fact actually nearly killing her, but all in the name of fashion!! Then due to her car not starting she decides to hoof it on foot, killer heels and all!! 

Thrown for a loop when she's chatted up on a street corner waiting for the all clear to cross when she’s asked by a gorgeous tatted up, pierced, man child sitting astride his BMX bike, if she’d go on a date with him. Who in their right mind would walk up to a suit wearing female and ask for a date? Ethan that's who!!

He was sweet, adorable, intelligent and absolutely the most incredibly gorgeous individual I had ever seen in my life. 

Panicking because she's going to be late arriving for her interview Ethan offers her a ride of her life!! Which she accepted..Dropping her off outside of the building he mentions he'll wait for her to finish if she'd consider going out on that date with him. 

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Which out of character for her she mentions if he's still waiting when she's finished then of course she'd go out on a date with him. 

Things from this point move swiftly. 

So many obstacles were in these two's way, he's a highschool dropout, tattoos and piercings, a man bun make up his appearance, add in the seven year age gap none of her friends in her circle would ever accept him, let alone her father, he'd probably disown her. 

He was so far removed from every guy I had ever dated, he couldn't even be considered in the same species. 

With all that standing in their way is all that a deal breaker for her? 

Ethan isn't your typical book boyfriend we'd all be jumping on claiming him as ours, he has so many layers to him once you scratch under the surface, he crawls within your heart, his hardships make him such a unique, endearing character where you wish his story didn't end, I wanted more, I needed more, I craved more, the only thing I would've changed about this book was how swiftly it was all wrapped up.

This was so different/unique to anything I've read before, a life learning lesson, and we all fall into the category of judging on looks, appearances, status, the list goes on which is why I enjoyed this book as much as I did. 

The debutante path is a fairly straight track: who you are, who you associate with, and whose label you are wearing become priorities. They define you. They are the aspects by which you are judged.

Ashlyn’s world has been one of enlightenment and finesse, and now she is ready to take on the financial world at her father’s company just as he had always planned. Her future had been scripted long ago, but a chance meeting with a beautiful boy on a bicycle gives Ashlyn a new outlook on life.

Ethan is far too young, far too tattooed, far too pierced—just far too everything—to ever fit into her world. He has issues, too—major ones. Ashlyn knows he will never be accepted by her friends, let alone her overbearing father, but there is something about his live-in-the-moment outlook that keeps drawing her back into his arms.

Ashlyn must make a choice. Can she forgo the family dynasty and live life to the fullest with this fascinating but damaged young man?

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