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TITLE: Dear Captor
SERIES: (Letters in Blood#1)
AUTHOR: Liz Lovelock
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: September 20th, 2017
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DEAR CAPTOR: is the first in the (letters in Blood) series, by Liz Lovelock. This flits from 'Past to Present' and is spoken in 3rd POV's (Captor, Ramon and Elenore).

In the Prologue: We’re introduced to Elenore who was tired of being repeatedly told by her parents how unwanted she was because that’s all they ever told her, she never even had a name until the lady next door named her Eleanore.

We’re catapulted from one scene to the next, a false sense of security as we’re privy to one girls death by a man who wears a ski mask and never shows his face. Her last goodbye letter to her parents tucked in his pocket. A game of cat and mouse with only one winner as he yells at her to ‘RUN!’ But how far can one girl truly get when the bottom of her feet have been slashed up and a gun at her back as she attempts to make a run for it. 

It's a fun game trying to break them into a million pieces, shattering their world wide apart, leaving them in a crumpled mess and crushing their spirit while I do so. 

BOOM! Another one DEAD!!

NOW the search is on for another girl!! 

And so the game of cat and mouse commences all over again, he's found his next victim, watches in the background, biding his time he makes his move, one quick hit to the head she's carried away to awaken in a cell like dungeon surrounded by concrete walls covered in blood.

Who has taken her? 

This took me a while to connect with the story until I reached the actual kidnapping I was hooked, invested wholeheartedly to finish it and see what her demise was going to be, all the goodness that us dark lovers enjoy came at me. It's dark, gritty, confrontational, nothing is glossed over it's right up in your face weither you're ready for it or not! Be prepared to be consumed. 

We go into this book blind, all we have to go on is her letter to her captor and yet we come out with so many more questions that I'm hoping get answered in the next book. This did end on a cliffy and what a fucked up cliffy it was, there's no getting over that until the next book, it could be a huge game changer depending how the author plays it, it could go many ways. GAH, need, want, that next book!!

Dear Captor,

You’ve stolen me.
You’ve spilled my blood.
You’ve brought me pain.
But what you’re yet to realize... I’m a fighter.
I’ve been broken before.
I’ve even at one point lost the will to live.
So now you know… this information I gift to you.
I’m ready for you, so do your worst.



**Dear Captor explores themes that may be considered triggers for some**

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