TITLE: Unhinged
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Dark, Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: September 25th, 2017

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It's not vital to read Betrayed before jumping onto Unhinged but personally I think it is, it plays a vital part in the overall story, how these two met, the dramatic events that led up to so many deaths, that set the path towards Zach seeking his revenge against the one female that has to pay for what occurred that fateful night. 

UNHINGED: Is the follow up to Betrayed by Natasha Knight. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we are reunited with Eve and Zach, two years have gone by since these two laid eyes on each other. Eve now has a new identity, working in a restate and living in a new country trying to put the past behind her and carry on.

Eve was fifteen when her parents were taken from her, raised by her three brothers, her world ceased to exist and fell apart around her ears. It was around that time when two of the brothers went missing, like they had vanished into thin air, never to be see again, and her other brother went to work for a dangerous man known as Malik.

Zach is an ex military, special op's and is the person that Eve went to in Betrayed seeking help from his quarters to help save her brother. It all started when Eve was taken in ‘Betrayed’ and placed up for auction for her virginity by her brother, her dignity in shreds as she stands up on a platform, scared, looking over the roomful of dangerous men with scarves covering had their faces, only their eyes are revealed, one mans eyes stand out and she’s drawn to them, Zach can’t believe what he’s seeing, he wants to save her but in doing so a blood bath is to follow.

Only two survived that night, Eve and Zach, both lost so much that night, Zach lost six of his best men, on his back is a tattooed shrine acknowledging his fallen comrades. Now he’s on a suicide mission of vendetta to uncover the truth.

Did Eve know they were walking into a trap that night? Zach has so many questions only she has the answer to. 

She’s a weakness. I have to keep a tight leash on the chaos she wrecks inside my head. 

Now Zach has found Eve, both are using an alias, he’s been breaking and entering her house, moving objects around, watching in wait until the time is right for him to strike. He’s here to finally seek the truth about her involvement that night, the massacre that killed so many. 

But to uncover the truth they have to go back, back to where it all went down, back to the past that nearly killed them. 

He’s on a suicide mission. And this thing-his need for vengeance-it owns him. 

This author is my go to author when recommending good mafia reads, though they may not be classed as dark they are gritty and gripping enough to hook you from the start.
I always go in knowing without an ounce of doubt that she’s going to be waving her magic wand and yet again will bring me everything that ticks my boxes, a dark tortured damaged male alpha, to the woman that stand beside them through the thick of things, these woman are also as equally strong as the men she brings us. And Zach and Eve are no different, she’s the light to his dark, she also has no qualms to survive and shoot if it’s required of her. Both have lost so much in their lives, so many people they loved and cared about but their love for each other always brought them home.


Two years ago, I made a deal with the devil. That night, I lost everything. That night, I thought he died.

But he’s back. Risen, like Lazarus, from the dead. And he’s dark. Darker than he was before. More dangerous. Unhinged. A scarred, tattooed savage. 

The way he looks at me should terrify me, but I’m drawn to him, to his intensity. Consumed by it. By him. Even though I know if I’m not careful, his obsession will destroy me. 


I should have died that night two years ago. My mistake cost my men their lives. It should have cost me mine. But I survived. And the day I learned she did too, I made it my mission to find her. 

I sought her out. Tracked her. Shadowed her every move. I’ve been inside her home. Eaten her food. Drank her liquor. 

I’ve stood beside her bed and watched her sleep. 

She has so many secrets, and I know one of them. It’s the one where our pasts collided. The one that destroyed me. 

And it’s the reason I’ve come for her.

I never intended to touch her, but I did. And now that I’ve had a taste, I want more. I want her. But that won’t change why I’m here. It won’t change why I came for her.

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