22 February 2018

TITLE: if I'd known
AUTHOR: Paige P. Horne
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: March 7th 2018
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IF I’D KNOWN: Is a full length, contemporary romance novel by new to me author Paige P. Horne. In this we meet ‘Charlotte Harris and Travis Cole' and secondary characters Maggie and Cynthia. 

If I'd Known is two stories in one it surrounds the summer of 1972 when Charlotte and Travis met, to the present story which is about three totally different women who become fast friends... Charlotte, Maggie and Cynthia. 

A gut wrenching, unique, beautiful, intoxicating, love story 

The synopsis is pretty vague you only really know that it’s based on ‘true events’ opening up the book and reading ‘The Prologue’ it hints at an emotional read up ahead. 

I always have that feeling of trepidation when it comes to picking up a new authors book, but as soon as I started this I was drawn into the storyline, throw in the words ‘based on factual events’ and I’ll pretty much sign up and all I can say is I am so glad I took a chance on this book!! It is different to anything I would typically read.

This starts off a bit unusual, Charlotte has been asked to give an interview by an aspiring young journalist Cynthia Rose about her great love in the summer of 1972, a summer that changed Charlotte's life forever, living with her grandmother in a trailer her cousin has come to visit and a mate of his has tagged along and this was how she met the boy that would have such a huge astounding impact on her life. 

Young love is like a raging fire that can't be tamed. It's addictive and borderline obsessive. Satisfying in every way, yet never getting enough. I'm the flames, and he's the fuel keeping me burning. We are perfect. 

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Her mama has heard the rumours surrounding this boy but the magnetic pull he has on her is undeniable. She knows he’s a bad boy with his drinking and smoking of weed but she looks beyond all that. 

Secret meetings, a whirlwind love that couldn't be denied. The free spirited bad boy that stole her heart. 

But what happens if you know your mama won't ever accept this boy and tries to keep you apart? 

Everything has an expiration date. Eventually, we all fall. 

So here I am sitting here after finishing this book and the tears are pouring down my face, I didn’t know what to expect going into this book, I also didn’t think I’d be crying like I am too. I can’t even say what I loved the most about this book because I read it in one go, once I started seconds, minutes, hours ceased to exist I couldn’t, didn’t want to put this down, and I think that was the best way to read this, to stay in the moment, to feel everything this story made me feel, I giggled, I cried and I loved.

It was the summer of 1972 and till this day, I can still remember the way my heart felt the first time I laid eyes on him. 
Travis Cole was more than just the bad boy from Ft. Pierce Florida. He was my always. 

Time is a thief, they say and if you’re not careful it’ll slip right past you, taking everything you hold dear in this world with it. 
My name is Charlotte Harris and I hold in my heart a timeless tale about true love, loss and everything in between. 

*Based on actual events, takes place past and present.

Paige P. Horne is an American author who has written and published five novels. Horne has been known for writing truth within fiction. Her debut novel, titled Give Me Love was published in May of 2015 with the second book in the series Give Me Perfect Love following later that year. Other titles she has written and published include: Close to Falling, which hit Amazon’s best sellers rank the first few hours it was published, Chasing Fireflies, and the spin off, Chasing Ellie. She is currently working on her sixth novel, titled It Was Always You, which is based on true events.

Horne was born as Paige Elizabeth Peacock in Hawkinsville, Georgia on September 21st, 1988 to Terry and Angie Peacock. She grew up in Macon, Georgia with her brother Kely Peacock. Horne was married on April 4th, 2014 to her best friend, Billy James who currently works in the film industry. At this time, Paige and Billy have no children. They resign in the small town of Gray Georgia with their two dogs: Dodge their Great Dane and Dottie their Dalmatian, with plans to move to Atlanta to be closer to her husband’s work in the near future.

Paige P. Horne enjoys, reading, spending time with her loved ones and traveling with her husband. 

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