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TITLE: Mason
SERIES: Trinity Academy #2
AUTHOR: Michelle Heard
GENRE: Romance | New Adult
PUBLICATION: September 9th, 2019


"You’re my assistant."

The magic words every girl at Trinity Academy is dying to hear. 
But I’m the one who gets stuck with Mason Chargill, the star of most women’s fantasies but my nightmare. One of the heirs to CRC Holdings, he might be dangerously gorgeous, but his cold and callous demeanor makes him an ice prince.

He expects me to abide by the Academy’s hierarchy, to be at his constant beck and call.
Yeah, right… hell will freeze over before that ever happens.

Unfortunately for him, I’m no pushover.
Unfortunately for me, he’s determined to break me.

If only there were a way to melt the shard of ice he calls a heart.

Please note: 
This is Book 2 in The Trinity Academy Series. 
All 3 books are interconnected, and some plots have been carried over from the 1st book and will be carried over to the final book in this series.

#ColledgeRomance #Billionare #RichKids #NewAdult
My Review
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'MASON' is the second full length New Adult novel in Michelle Heard's 'Trinity Academy' series. This is MASON CHARGILL & KINGSLEY HUNT'S story. Spoken in 'Dual POV's' 

God what can I say that I've not already said about this author before?!? Other than the fact that she just gets better and better!! From book to book!!

This book sent me on such a rollercoaster of FEELS!! I cried, I swooned, I laughed, I loved!! I even wanted to punch a b#tch!!

After the previous book and that cliffy that left me hanging this book right here was on my most anticipated books of September!! Mason was the guy that intrigued me the most, I wanted/needed to know his story!! And god what a story it was!!



Opening that first page into the ‘Prologue’ We jump into Mason’s past at the age of seventeen when his life changed forever, one minute the two siblings are listening to a song play on the radio, the next everything changes within a blink of an eye, and nothing will be the same again.
The 'Prologue' cloaked me in such sadness I never thought I'd claw my way out of it!! But slowly I was cloaked in love, I fell fast for his character and just like this book I didn't want those feels to end!!

Oh my Mason, this guy is one messed up puppy, my heart went out to the guy, there’s no middle ground with him, when he’s nice, his friends think he’s lost his marbles, but us readers have a front row seat when it comes to getting his inner dialogue is priceless, many times a giggle escaped. He's the angry unapproachable scary guy on campus, the one you don't want to cross, he rarely smiles, and seems like he's got a chip on his shoulders. Mason Chargill. Badass. The CRC heir everyone fears. Delve deeper and this guy will steal your heart. his offensive behaviour is only a mask he hides his pain behind. 

Kingsley drives him insane with her zeal for life, like an overexcited puppy, her happy go lucky attitude many a times left him wanting to gouge his eyes out which ended up aggravating him to no end, the girl with the feisty attitude and zero style skills..Like a tennis match we watched garbs thrown out as they each tried to outmatch the other with comebacks. 

She's always smiling and if life is nothing but unicorn farts and butterflies shitting all over the fucking flowers. It irritates the living fuck out of me. 

With this book I thought I'd have my sh#t together and write up a review as I went along, well that clever idea flew right out the window, because once I started this I didn't put it down!! There were so many quotes I loved, so many times I giggled out loud and so many times I sighed..

These two characters were utter perfection, I don't think this author could've chosen a better character other than Kingsley for Mason..

And as this book closed to an end we're thrown into yet another cliffy!! If I wasn't so snowed under with work and life I would've hunted down this author and thrown her in her woman's writing cave to hurry her along for that next instalment because I really really need to know how this arranged marriage all pans out!!