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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Treacherous
SERIES: Carter Kids #1
AUTHOR: Chloe Walsh
GENRE: Romance | Bully
PUBLICATION: March 9th, 2015
One year is all I have to endure. That was the agreement with Uncle Max. One year in a new school, on a new continent, and then I can go home to Ireland.

Totally doable, right?


The boy next door is dangerous. He's a criminal. He's violent. He fills the halls of my school by day and keeps me up at night. 

I know I'm in danger. I need to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Problem is, I'm not good at doing either. 

Noah Messina is treacherous and he's reeling me deeper into his underworld. 

It's sink or swim time, he warns me, but I fear I'm already drowning... 

Warning: due to its explicit content, Treacherous is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.
My Review
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Is the first full length romance novel in (Carter Kids #1) series by new to me author 'Chloe Walsh.' Spoken in 'Dual POV's' In this we meet Noah Messina and Teagan. 

I kind of went out on a limb with this one, it was recommended to me, nothing else was really catching my eye or holding my attention, sooooo I thought why not give this one a go!! And bugger me side ways and back this was sooooo good!! I started it and I for realz couldn't put it down, it was so much more than just your typical bully story, it ticked more than one box..
All the feels, all the angst, all the swooney moments..

New in town on thirteenth street in Colorado, and starting at Jefferson High, her last year of highschool at a brand new school, Teagan's life started and ended as soon as she clapped eyes on the boy next door, she knew deep down that he was bad to the bone, it was written all over him. Noah Messina is all kinds of dark and dangerous, wrapped in the body of a sex god. 

To say they started off on the wrong foot was an understatement. Their encounters went from bad to worse..He was nice to look at. It was such a shame we hated each other's guts, it kind of mean't he was off limits to me - even my imagination.

Add his stepsister in the mix and things escalated to the extreme. For some reason she hated Teagan from the get go and made sure her little minions were all on board with making Teagan's life a living hell. 

The sexual chemistry between Teagan and Noah was electric, it sizzled between them and was felt with each interaction they had. You need to walk away from me, Thorn - before I get addicted. 

There was more to Noah than meets the eye, he struggled to keep his head above water with the predators forever knocking at his door, dragged into illegal fighting against his will, death his only way out. Made for a riveting read that I couldn't put down.

TITLE: Always
SERIES: Carter Kids #1.5
AUTHOR: Chloe Walsh
GENRE: New Adult
PUBLICATION: June 11th, 2015
"If I told you a secret, would you keep it?"
He's damaged.
I'm determined.
I've loved him my whole life, but he's broken, older, full of secrets.
The bruises on his skin, the silent tears, the hidden pain... I know I'm in over my head.
My father warns me against him, but his eyes plead with me to save him.
All I know is that I can't walk away from him. 
I promised I would be there for him.
And I will.

It's Hope Carter's turn to speak in Always, the second instalment of the bestselling Carter Kids series.
My Review
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 is a New Adult Romance novella in (Carter Kids #1.5) series by author 'Chloe Walsh.' Spoken in 'Dual POV's' and is divided into 'Two Parts.' This is a glimpse into Hope & Jordan's story.

I cRaZy LoVeD tHe FiRsT bOok in this series and couldn't wait to jump into this novella..

This was short and sweet and I'm not really sure if it was really needed, though it did give us a wee bit of insight into their undeniable friendship, which started back when they were toddlers, but things slowly started to change when his mother remarried, but he always promised Hope that he would ALWAYS come back for her, which he kept each holidays. We also had a glimpse into his toxic home life, and her FINALLY giving herself to him. 

I fed off Hope Carter's positivity, and I lived her for smiles. Being with Hope took the pain away; numbed the voices in my head; made me feel like I had a life worth living because I had her. 
- Jordan 18 

To him being a douche bag and ending everything they had..Which aided in Hope running away with her tail between her legs licking her wounds with her new bestie Teagan..

I was surprised to learn in this that these two had actually tied the knot? So I'm hoping as this series progresses that, that situation becomes a lot clearer? Because there was Noooo mention of that anywhere!!
About the Author
International bestselling author Chloe Walsh writes heart wrenching, emotionally gripping, young and new adult fiction. Her books will suck you into deeply emotive storylines, where you'll fall in love with the complex, sexy heroes, hilarious sidekicks, and lovable female leads. Every adventure with Chloe is an angsty plot designed to give you the ultimate book hangover. 

Chloe hails from a small town in the beautiful West Cork on the south coast of Ireland, where she resides with her two children and the tall, dark, and handsome man in her life – Garry, her overgrown Newfoundland pup. When Garry isn't dragging her around the farmer's fields and countryside lanes, she can be found glued to her kindle or binging on Netflix, inhaling GOT, devouring all things rugby, drowning in her Spotify playlists, and being a kick-ass autism mommy.

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