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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Evil Love
SERIES: Nightingale #1
AUTHOR: Ella Fields
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: September 3rd, 2020

A standalone enemies to lovers, bully romance.

There was a time Jude Delouxe didn’t hate me, and I’m fairly certain it was when he didn’t know I existed.

Senior year, I finally caught his eye long enough to throw word vomit at him like the obsessed teenage girl I was.

That was then.
You see, the most wanted guy in school blamed me for losing his second chance with his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend? Whatever. Point is, the Adonis loved to hate me.

It wasn’t my fault he’d followed me. It wasn’t my fault he’d stared too long and stood a little too close, just daring me to accomplish my wildest dreams.

And it most certainly wasn’t my fault his ex-girlfriend arrived when he’d decided to kiss me back.

Then the cruelty began. 
I’d thought I could handle it, so long as his lips kept gracing mine and he kept giving me more scorching firsts.
Until he took it too far, and all his carefully kept secrets blew open the doors to a brand new world. A world he was all too familiar with. 
Obsession became loathing and fear replaced naivety as Jude was forced to hold my hand and help me navigate a secret society rife with sin and debauchery—the crème de la crème of Peridot Island.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d do more than lose what remained of my heart. My first love and greatest foe wouldn’t be satisfied until he’d devoured my soul, too. 

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is the first full length enemies to romance book in the series 'Nightingale', by Ella Fields. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

This is going to be a no frills kind of review, because guys you aren't going to be ready for what's coming at you. GO IN BLIND!! Prepare yourself!! Buckle up and enjoy this crazy ride this author is going to take you on!!

Wow the 'Prologue' was like nothing I'd ever read before!! BUGGER me to CHINA and back this book was beyond unique!!

All the FEELS, all the ANGST, all the DRAMA, all the SECRECY Ella Fields nailed it with this one. As soon as I read that ‘Prologue’ I was HOOKED! These characters put me through the wringer, but I loved every minute of it, this book fast became my new ADDICTION!

Have you ever been so immersed in a book where twists and turns start coming at you out of left field and your left floundering wondering wtf just happened and wtf the author was drinking and where has this side to her been hidden? This book had so many wtf moments for me, they were dropping from out of nowhere all over the place!! This book is like nothing I have ever read before!! This is not the Ella Fields I'm used too!! She's taken it up a notch and has left me reeling in her wake!! I am flabbergasted, enthralled, I loved everything about this book!!

This fast became on of my favourites by this author, from the characters, to the vast amount of highlighted quotes left behind from my reading. This book was PHENOMENAL!!


  1. This book sounds AMAZING! Incredible review, as always, hon! xo

  2. Thank you!! This author just delivers exactly what I need each and every time xox


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