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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: The Truths We Told
SERIES: Secrets & Truths #2
AUTHOR: E.K. Blair
GENRE: New Adult
PUBLICATION: March 12th, 2020

When Kate finds her world crumbling around her, she does everything possible not to crumble with it by building castle-strong walls to hide behind.

A person can only hide for so long.

Thrust back into the life she’s been running from, she’s forced to confront the damage she left in her wake. Working to repair fractured relationships, she discovers one that just might save her from all the wreckage.

The only one who can save her is herself.

Realizing she might be on a broken path to healing, Kate must make a choice—a choice that could be her defining moment.
My Review
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is the second full length new adult book in E.K. Blair's 'Secrets and Truths' duet. It picks up where the first book left off.

We were all wanting to know the outcome of that dreadful night, waiting with bated breath to see who was banging on her door. Was it him? Would she open the door to him? Would she go back to him? The anticipation levels were skyrocketing out of control as I not so patiently waited for this one to arrive.

There is no denying what a great writer E.K. Blair truly is, each book of hers I've read has taken me on such a profound journey and this one is no different, what our heroine went through we an all sympathise with, connect with, understand, my heart went out to her, I connected with her on this journey of hers more so than the first book, I saw her grow, I saw her in a different light, with the right kind of people beside her we saw her heal.

Her insecurities and thinking she was never enough or what happened was her fault broke my heart, each and everyone of us can take something away from this book.