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SERIES: (Sinners of Saint #4)
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: May 10th, 2018

I was the guy everyone knew, and she was a ghost desperate to be forgotten. 

‘BANE:’ is book #4 within the Sinners of Saint stand alone novel, New Adult, a spin-off novel by L.J. Shen. Spoken in dual POV’S The Heroine (Jesse) the Hero (Bane).

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The ‘Prologue’ is a bit of a wowza, but only hints at what happened, but sets up a terrific storyline of whats to come.

At twenty-five ‘Bane’ aka Roman Protsenko, has no qualms when it comes to admitting what he is or where he’s come from, and what’s he’s done to get to where he is today. A Russian immigrant living in one of the most affluent towns in the States a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. The naked surfer, habitual pothead, con, lier, a fraud are the many faces Bane wears. I was the outsider. The mortal idiot who mixed with the blue-blooded royals of Todos Santos. 

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‘Jesse Carter’ aka Snow White. Reading nineteen year old Jesse's story in the 'Prologue' will gut you, bring you to your knees, a cloak of sadness enveloped me as I read her words, the darkness, the loneliness that shrouded her, your heart will break into tiny smithereens. She never leaves her bedroom, she's alone in the real sense of the word, no friends, no loving doting mother, a stepfather with secrets, her only trie friend is an elderly lady that has alzheimer's decease. 

But we need to go back, back before Jesse even became a business deal struck between Bane and her stepfather Darren, back when Bane didn’t even know who she was, one glimpse and he wanted her even then. The first time Bane sees Jesse, it was her tattoo on her back that caught his eye.My Whole Life Has Been Pledged to This Meeting with You. - The Pushkin Tattoo She was on the beach with her boyfriend Emery. It was years ago on the beach, but I remember how carnal the need to conquer her had been. Before her life was turned upside down and her fate rewrote itself with her blood. 

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I wanted her before.
Before she became business.
Before the truth caged her in.
Before the secrets gushed out. 

This is like no other book this author has delivered us before, she's gone out all guns blazing to bring us a darker, grittier, heartbreaking book that will slay us to the core. Bane will over ride your senses, he'll obliterate your heart, and our heroine Jesse will steal your breath away. You will bleed alongside her as life throws her curve ball after curveball like a Phoenix rising she'll bring you to your knees with her strength. The princess sword was bloody. But she refused to tuck it back in. She wanted to leave a trail of their misery behind her, so they could always find her. 

"Everyone in town heard a version or two of my story.
I was the town’s slut. Jezebel.
The whore of Babylon.
I’d asked for it, so they’d given it to me.
I don’t date.
I don’t do boys.
I’m The Untouchable."

What a crazy ride this one was, twists and turns of deceit, heartbreak, a slow burn, that crept up on my out of nowhere. I have never swooned so much over a fictional character than I did over Bane, the man just oozed sexual appeal through the written word. And I don't think we could've gotten a better match for him other than Jesse, she was perfect for him. This book plucked so many emotions out of me, sad, love, laughter, swooning, the feels were endless and just kept coming chapter by chapter.

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We're the outliers.
The rejects
We're free.
Naked surfer. Habitual pothead. A con, a liar, a thief and a fraud.
Last I heard, he was extorting the rich and screwing their wives for a living.
Which is why I’m more than a little surprised to find him at my threshold, looking for my friendship, my services, and most puzzling of all—looking humbled.
Thing is, I’m on a boycott. Literally—I cut boys from my life. Permanently.
Problem is, Bane is not a boy, he is all man, and I’m falling, crashing, drowning in his sweet, perfect lies.

Jesse Carter
Hot as hell, cold as ice.
I wasn’t aware of her existence until a fat, juicy deal landed in my lap.
She’s a part of it, a little plaything to kill some time.
She is collateral, a means to an end, and a side-bonus for striking a deal with her oil tycoon stepdad.
More than anything, Jesse Carter is a tough nut to crack.
Little does she know, I have the teeth for it.

L.J. Shen is USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author of contemporary romance books. She lives in California with her husband, son and lazy cat.
When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book with a glass of wine and catching up on her favorite HBO and Netflix shows. 

Yeah, she's a badass like that.

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