6 August 2018

TITLE: The Chase
SERIES: Briar U #1
AUTHOR: Elle Kennedy
GENRE: New Adult
PUBLICATION: August 6th, 2018

Is the first full length New Adult novel in ‘Elle Kennedy’s ‘Briar U #1’ A spin off from the Off Campus Series. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' 

➽ Fitzy is short for Colin Fitzgerald,
and he just happens to be THE UNICORN.
The tall, sexy, tattooed, hockey-playing unicorn of a man who I might have a teeny-weeny-itsy bitsy crush on.
Okay, fine.
A big motherfucking crush on..

Summer Di Laurentis is Dean's little sister (from The Score) and one of Fitzy's former team mates, he's been fascinated by Summer ever since he met her about a year ago when she visited her brother at Briar and she's harboured a crush on him ever since, even though the guy barely glanced at her. 

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Not even a day on campus and Summer is escorted off the premises, it seems an escapade from her previous college has followed her to Briar U where her dad pulled a few strings to get her in, and now she no longer has a dorm room.Dean knows that Fitzy and the boys have a room spare so he asks that they rent their spare room to Summer. 

A catch up at a New Years party reaffirms summer’s feelings for Fitz, but overhearing what he really thinks of her cut off all thoughts of her wanting to share her new years Eve kiss with him which in turn makes her kiss someone else. 

So when she moves in with the gang it makes for an awkward living arrangement where both her and Fitzy try their hardest to ignore each other. 

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This was an enjoyable, a slow moving, slow burn lazy Sunday kind of read, and one of my most anticipated reads of August. Summer and Fitzy are complete opposites, but they were the perfect match, she thrived in the limelight he wanted to be invisible, but together they were flawless. These two did butt heads at times, and took their sweet assed time to connect the build up was entertaining. 

Fitzy isn't your normal out going sports jock, he's a tatted up, gorgeous nerd and a pure introvert to the core with a double major in Fine-arts and computer programming under his belt. 

➽ “In college, I’ve made more of an effort to be social, but deep down I’m still the guy who wants to remain invisible. Summer is the most visible person I’ve ever met.”

Summer is a fashion major who suffers from ADHD and learning disabilities, her parents are successful lawyers who were independently wealthy before they got together, but together they are mega super wealthy. 

Slowly Fitzy see's another side of Summer emerge as they spend more time together he realises his first assumptions about her were wrong. In the end they come together as two friends helping the other out, he wants to draw her into a character based on a video programme he's designing and in turn he helps get her thoughts on paper for her thesis. 

Summer and I...
We're not even on the same piece of paper.
She's drama-llama and full force, all the time. She craves the spotlight. I shy away from it. 

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