22 March 2019

Reagan Reynolds...
Water polo god.
Owner of a face that belongs under Wikipedia’s definition of drop dead gorgeous.
Too charming for his own good.
But most importantly––the worst driver on the planet.

No, really, I’m pretty sure his blind nana taught him how to drive.

I had no idea who he was until he almost ran me over. And frankly, I kind of wish I still didn’t because then I wouldn’t have a sprained ankle to show for it. And my leg wouldn’t resemble a boa constrictor that’s swallowed a feral pig. 

Yeah, it’s that bad.

I’ve spent years saving every penny I’ve ever earned to be able to transfer to Malibu University. And now my entire future––including my scholarship––is in jeopardy. 

So I either accept the help he insists on giving me, or lose everything I’ve sacrificed for. 

In the meantime, I’m going to ignore the fact that we’re becoming friends.

And I’m definitely going to pretend he’s not turning into the object of my…umm, dirty fantasies. 

That’s not happening. 

Not even a little.

Because the minute I clapped eyes on him I knew he was nothing but trouble.

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Newly arrival in town Alice’s day starts to slowly edge towards being one craptastic one. First her tin of crap car that she purchased on the cheap side breaks down, then she’s nearly bowled over by a jeep wrangler. Moving out of the way quickly she dives for safety eating grass and dirt as she lands. Not long afterwards it feels like a knife is carving up her ankle. 

She had no idea who he was..He's a big thing on campus. 

❝ He looks like a Disney prince. Clean cut, close shave. Expression open, stare earnest. He even has the requisite dip in the chin. All he’s missing is a red cloak.❞ 
From this point onwards an up and down friendship is established, which results in them spending time with each other daily, he turns into her chauffeur whilst her ankle heals.
❝ He's a barnacle. A monkey on my back. Toilet paper stuck to my shoe. All metaphors for shit you can't get rid of.❞  
But over time it comes to a point where neither are wanting to give in to their attraction, which puts them both in the friends zone, both knowing deep down though that it would wreck their unusual friendship they have going on. 

She's a scholarship kid needing to focus on her main goal of making independent films where she'd submit them to production companies and the like and he's focused on medical school which has them both branching away in separate directions which wouldn't work anyway. 

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❝ From the moment I clapped eyes on him I knew he was nothing but trouble.❞ 
My first initial thought was these boys and this town are going to eat her alive and spit her out, but she surprised me with her sassy quick wit.

As soon as I started this I was beyond hooked, full of all one would expect of a collage romance to more, from angst, to the banter, to the swoon moments galore. 

Anything with highschool jocks I am all over it!! Add in the hot guys doubly spiked up my anticipation levels. Throw in water polo which I've never read about before and I was a goner. Then the hotty on the cover, I have no shame to say that, that pretty much cinched the deal. I had to get my hands on it. And I'm glad to say that this ticked all my boxes, a slow burn between friends that simmered away in the background weakening them both into becoming more.

P. Dangelico loves romance in all forms, furry creatures, the NY Jets (although she’s reconsidering after this season), and to while away the day at the barn (apparently she does her best thinking shoveling horse poop). What she’s not enamored with is referring to herself in the third person and social media. Although she was born in Milan Italy, she’s been Jersey Strong since she turned six. 

"If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” ― Elmore Leonard
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