20 March 2019

Erin Michaels wants nothing more than to just survive high school. With a life long crush on the boy next door, and his mean girl girlfriend who seems to want to make her life miserable, it’s no wonder those short years feel like a lifetime.
That is, until Mason Knight. 
When Mason Knight rocks up at Rocky Falls High, Erin’s world turns upside down, and her eyes are opened to a world worth living for. 
Exploring love and life for the first time, Erin’s world is set ablaze in ways she never imagined possible.


Previously released under pen name Sloane Murphy - content has been altered and updated before republication.
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by Olivia Rose is the first book in her Rocky Falls series. It has been re-edited and republished, formerly by Sloane Murphy, now under pen name.

This starts off in Erin’s senior year at Rocky Falls High, where she is subjected to harsh bullying with spans over the years by one girl in particular and her cronies Ever since Tegan came to my fifth birthday party, and her aunt died the next day, she's taken it upon herself to make my life hell, as if somehow it was my fault she’s the town's pariah, a poor little orphan girl I'm the poor little orphan you don't want to get too close to, just incase my bad luck rubs off on you. she may not know her history or even when her birthday is but that hasn’t impacted on who she is as a person, she has one of the most beautiful souls one could read about, instead of the daily bullying mean girls exist everywhere bringing her down it only made her stronger than she actually gave herself credit for, she was an outcast with only one close friend at school, but what if that close friend was also getting bullied? 

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Things change in the blink of an eye when a new boy, Mason Knight starts school and he takes a seat right beside her in class which is the only time he really seems to talk to her, he also keeps to himself. But this leads from her becoming his tutor, teaching history, to so much more. 

Some parts of this book were hard to read, a harsh reality to what can happen in our schools today, where other scenes made me swoon and fall in love with these two characters. 
Our heroine was such a strong character, even through all she had to endure a sense of strength shone through. Our hero garnered all the feels, protective, thoughtful, swoon worthy. 
I inhaled this and am glad that there is more to come, I want to see their growth as a couple and separately as they fulfil their dreams.

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