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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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♕ KAT'S REVIEW ♕ (ARC) ♕ DIRTY, A Damaged Romance Duet #1 by Michelle Horst

DIRTY, A Damaged Romance Duet #1 by Michelle Horst
SERIES: A Damaged Romance Duet #1
AUTHOR: Michelle Horst
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: June 28th, 2017

Degraded. Ravaged. Dirty 

I fuck. It’s all I’m good for.
People pay thousands just to have a taste of me.
I have to obey for the sake of my brother. As long as I’m the perfect slave, David remains safe.

A life of depravity and cruelty is all I’ve ever known … until her. 

I might be damaged, but I’m not destroyed. I crave revenge for what was done to me. I have a need to kill, to feel their lifeless blood dripping from my fingers. 

But I also crave her. She makes me feel. She makes me want. I just have to make her see me. The man. The fighter. 

Freedom. No one is ever truly free. She doesn’t want to enslave me, but damn, I’ll willingly be a slave to her heart. 

When my past threatens to take her from me, revenge and wrath burn hot through me. 

She’s not just worth living for. She’s worth killing for. 

** A Stand Alone Romance. Not recommended if you don't enjoy dark romance with sensitive scenes. +18 Only ** 

Saved By Her has been unpublished, rewritten with additional scenes, rebranded and re-edited - Republished as Dirty.
Michelle Horst is a Bestselling Romance Author who likes her books hot, dirty, and with a touch of darkness. She loves an alpha hero who is not scared to fight for his woman. Want to be up to date with what’s happening in Michelle’s world? 
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‘DIRTY:’ is the first book in Michelle Horst’s (Damaged Romance) series and is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ This is Jack and Rivers story.

In the ‘Prologue’ we’re introduced to an eight year old Jack, nearing death his mother makes him promise to look after David his brother before she’s thrown into the flames of death that he bears witness to. 

➼ My eyes burn from the fire
My hand burns from the fire
My heart burns because I know that I won’t see Momma’s smile again. 

This day onwards his life will never be the same again, thrown into slavery by his father.

Twenty-Seven Years Old: If Jack cooperates he's allowed a wee bit more freedom than the other slaves which allows him to enjoy the gardens and the greenhouse where his green thumbs and passion can seek the solitary he craves surrounded by nature. But his constant thought is his brother David and the promise he made to his mother. 

Beaten. Raped. Degraded 

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One woman’s mission on a righteous path to correct the sins of her father a man who kept slaves and sold River’s mother when she was aged thirteen. When River's father was alive she was surrounded by slaves being raped, beaten and killed, a life very much lived similar to the slaves she saves. When her father passed she sold up everything of value and created a safe haven for saved slaves called 'The Sanctuary' it's up to the slaves weither they stay there or find their own way in life but many stay. 

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On one of these missions her and her business partner come across Sophia and Jack. She spends millions setting them free and buying their freedom. The day arrives to seal the deal of taking Sophia and Jack home to 'The Sanctuary' both are beaten and bloody, barely alive, both in and out of consciousness. 

Both slowly heal but it's Jack that River finds the hardest getting through to, his nightmares, his demeanor, his lack of showing compassion to other saved slaves.

Slowly River breaks down all his walls and something beautiful unfolds. Both maybe broken but together they are whole. 

➼ The second we came together, our pasts vanished and there was only us. 

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This isn’t about puppy dogs and unicorns farting glitter over the world, this book isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s disturbingly good. This author goes that extra mile when it comes to giving us a unique, dark, gritty believable read. She knows how far to push her readers and pulls back when it's needed so it's not too dark or too gritty just the right amount of all the goodness to keep us eating out of the palm of her hand.