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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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⊱✿⊰ KAT'S REVIEW ⊱✿⊰ ARC ⊱✿⊰ Absolution by Missy Johnson

 Absolution by Missy Johnson
TITLE: Absolution 
AUTHOR: Missy Johnson
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 25th, 2017
Declan James was the perfect guy.
He was sweet. Charming. Caring. Until he wasn’t.

Fourteen years ago, his actions tore apart my family. He ruined my sister’s life and nothing was ever the same again. But now, a decade later, he’s back.

When he walks into my office, asking for my help, I’m shocked, but nothing prepares me for what I’m about to learn. I see how far he’s gone to redeem himself and I know that he’s changed. I also know that, as a priest, he’s more off limits than ever.

If I help him, my family will never forgive me.
If I fall in love with him, I will never forgive myself.
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ABSOLUTION: is a standalone ‘Contemporary Romance’ by Missy Johnson. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ (Declan - Priest & Hannah - Child Services Case Worker) 

This was so easy to get into, as soon as you start reading the ‘Prologue’ you're so immersed in the story seconds, minutes, hours just fly by and before you know it you've reached the end of the story. 

We meet a struggling family suffering from the death of a sister, a daughter, a loved one getting caught up in the wrong crowd had dire consequences that ended her life, which in an effect had a domino effect on Hannah’s family from the age of ten which all lead back to one name ‘Declan James’ who is connected to her sisters death. A family holding on by a thread just barely coping, another persons life destroyed within the family, which all lands on Hannah's shoulders who at the age of ten has had to be the pillar of strength for the family members left to face life without their loved ones. 

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Then the story jumps years 

FOURTEEN YEARS LATER: Hannah Masters landed her dream job straight out of University at ‘Child Protection’ a job she loves, lives and breathes, but also breaks her heart. 
After a case lands in her lap where she couldn’t offer more help lands a child orphaned she’s led to the church doors to a priest named ‘Declan James’ 

When Hannah uncovers who Declan is her world comes tumbling down. How can this man now a priest be responsible for the death of her sister all those years ago? 

What happens when the one man that should be forbidden is the one man that you end up falling in love with?

I've fallen in love with the one person I never should've even given the time of day. 

Brought together through circumstance and having to work together as a unit brings Hannah and Declan closer to each other than either of them we're prepared for. 

What if what you knew was all lies? Two families destroyed.

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How this ended I was left gasping for more, I didn't want it to end, I got so caught up in the story I never wanted their journey to finish. 

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