25 October 2017

TITLE: A Little Too Late
AUTHOR: Staci Hart
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: October 24th, 2017
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A LITTLE TOO LATE: is a is a full-length standalone contemporary romance novel by Staci Hart and is spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’

In this we meet Charlie Parker a thirty something man, a handsome successful attorney, working over eighty hours a week, a single father left to raise two small children alone after his wife walked out months ago had left Charlie barely hanging on by a thread. So to say he needs help is an understatement. Charlie hasn't had an easy path.

To find out your life is a lie, your marriage a sham...the rug was pulled, and it sent me tumbling down the stairs in slow motion. I didn't know how to deal with it. So, I worked. I worked and worked and left the kids with the nanny and pretended like everything was ok. 

Twenty-two year old Hannah has recently moved from Holland to the USA to follow her best friend, her first job as an au pair didn’t go so well, she'd left in a hurry with no other job prospects lined up, and was in trouble of losing her visa so when the opening came up at the Parker's residence she breathed a sigh of relief. But due to what she'd encountered at her last nanny job to say she had feelings of trepidation when it came to her new position as a nanny to Charlie's children Sammy & Maven, was an understatement. But meeting Charlie all her fears were put to rest. 

She brings light and laughter he brings stolen glances and timid touches. 

Slowly like a bear that's been hibernating half it's life Hannah slowly awakens something in Charlie, he's got a spring in his step, he cuts hours off his workload, slowly he becomes a true father to his kids with Hannah right beside him all the way.

Hannah was everything I'd ever been looking for, someone kind, someone who put others above themselves. Someone who smiled, in found joy and beauty in the world. 

She was everything his ex wife wasn't. 

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They were day and night, the angel and the devil. And I knew I would find salvation in Hannah's arms just as I'd found hell in Mary's. 

Throw in some drama, some fevered nights between the sheets and you've got yourself one sexy, sweet read. 

I was transported to another land where I could almost taste the sweet treats Hannah made, I loved the Dutch language incorporated into the story, I've not read many by this author but ones I have read I've thoroughly enjoyed, she always throws a little bit of herself into the stories she brings us. Can't wait to see what she brings us next.

* Teaser used is off the Authors facebook page *

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I wasn't supposed to fall in love with the nanny.

When my wife left, she took the illusion of happiness with her, and I've been caught in a free fall ever since. For nine long months, I've been fighting to figure out how to be a single dad, how to be alone.

For nine long months, I've been failing.

When Hannah walked through the door, I took my first breath since I'd found myself on my own. She slipped into our lives effortlessly, showing me what I've been missing all these years. Because Hannah made me smile when I thought I'd packed the notion of happiness away with my wedding album.

She was only supposed to be the nanny, but she's so much more.

The day my wife left should have been the worst day of my life, but it wasn't. It was when Hannah walked away, taking my heart with her.

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