20 October 2017

AUTHOR: Nicole Hart
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: October 25th, 2017
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The reason why I signed up for this and it being one of my anticipated books for October was the cover, the synopsis doesn't give much away so you kind of don't have much to go on.

HUSH:  Is a standalone contemporary romance novel by new to me author Nicole Hart.

Rachael and her younger sister Sara live in a life of constant fear, always fearing that they will anger their step father, no matter what they try and do to keep out of his way he always finds ways to unleash his incredible temper on them. Their mother takes the brunt of his anger but Rachael wishes with all her might that he’d just die or never come back from wherever he disappears to for weeks on end. 

The dynamics within the family is hard to understand, the mother either turns a blind eye to the goings on within the household or she just doesn't know. They all live on tenterhooks when he's around, but once he's doing god knows what their mother becomes depressed, crying, pacing the floors until he arrives back home, for what? to face more abuse. Hard to understand or even comprehend. 

Rachael's only constant in her life is her best friend Jackson who she'd known since elementary school who suffered a similar upbringing to her so they share a bond that gives them strength to battle through their daily lives. 

But still you don't really feel their love or bond. 

Then the story takes a huge jump (and you wonder what happened the years in between, twelve years later - Aged 26) 

The twist in the story seemed unthought out, it didn't really in the large scheme of things make a hell of a lot of sense, undeveloped plot twist that didn't really go any where. 

This starts off with the heroine being relatively young, not even in her teens but too swiftly jumped up through the ages as the story progressed. 
There were also too many gaps within the story and you kind of wished the author had elaborated more on certain scenes before jumping onto the next. 
I loved the backbone of this story but in some places it just felt too rushed, with these gaps in the story it threw up so many questions that were never answered. But all in all there were some parts of this book that I really really enjoyed, the love between the two sisters, how Sara was such a nervous child to a complete flip of a switch to being a tough sailer talking character which we never saw when she was younger. I loved this new side to her.
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Sometimes, we're taught to hide our truth. We're led to believe it's our own fault. As if somehow, we should protect the evil that was unleashed upon us. We're convinced that the punishment will swallow us whole. But maybe, the only way to let go of the fear, is to expose the devil. Look him in the eyes and give him the Fuck You that he's always deserved.

Darkness surrounds me.
Flames engulf me.
Born from the ashes.
Like the phoenix,
I will rise.

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