24 October 2017

TITLE: falling Fast
AUTHOR: Aurora Rose Reynolds
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: October 24th, 2017
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FALLING FAST: Is a stand alone contemporary romance novel by Aurora Rose Reynolds and is spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' In this we meet Gia and Colton

Imagine Gia Caro's surprise when she gets an urgent phone call at Day Dreamers Daycare where she teachers requesting that she come and see her Grandmother who is suffering from vascular dementia and is deteriorating fast. Gia was under the impression her Grandmother had passed away ten years ago. Uprooting from her teachers job in Chicago and leaving her best friend Natasha behind she makes her way to Tennessee, to take care of her Grandmother and make up for all those years lost to them. 

Not long living in a new town and paying for odd jobs to be done around her Grandmother's house her funds are dwindling so she heads to an interview at the 'Rusty Rose' expecting to be interviewed by Rose the owner but is instead interviewed then hired by her son, her hot son Colton. 

Colton is an ex marine who was shot up pretty bad and looked like he may never have the use of his legs again, hard work and determination he was back to the man he was. 

One look at Gia and Colton was on a quest to make her his, she's the one, the one he's been waiting for. 

True to the statement of the title, these two fall fast, first encounter you can feel the pages sizzling with their attraction, that first look, that first touch, everything is done at top speed. 

This book was gorgeous as soon as I started reading it I was hooked, I loved both characters, Colton with his alpha male bossiness had me lapping up all his scenes and Gia who could hold her own when he became too much, I enjoyed the secondary characters and am hoping that's who the next book is about. I've not read many of this authors books but that really has to change because I really really enjoyed this one..

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Colton Allyster is relieved to be back home. After a year of rehabilitation, losing his career as a Marine along with his fiancé, he’s had to learn quickly what’s really important. Colton grew up wanting to serve his country. Managing his parents’ biker bar was never part of his plan, but after meeting Gia Caro, he’s beginning to think that’s exactly where he’s meant to be.

Ever since Gia Caro arrived in the small, sleepy town of Ruby Falls, Tennessee, her life has spiraled out of control. Between losing her grandmother a little more each day to dementia, and her hot boss’s constant attention, her once quiet existence isn’t so quiet anymore.

After weeks of sidestepping Colton, things get out of hand, and before Gia knows what’s happening, she’s spending her nights in his bed and her mornings in his kitchen. And as he cleans out drawers and makes room in his closet, she starts to wonder if she’s falling too fast.

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