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TITLE: Ruthless
SERIES: Enemies to Lovers #4
AUTHOR: Michelle Horst
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: March 28th, 2018

is the fourth novel within the ‘Enemies to Lovers’ series by Michelle Horst. 

In the PROLOGUE: We see a father become unhinged through the struggles of losing his job do the unthinkable that makes ten year old Marcus the soul survivor, 
because fortunately the bullet missed Marcus’s heart by mere centimetres, any closer and he would be six feet under with the rest of his family. 

Jason and Marcus have been best friends back to when they both were in diapers and they have been best friends ever since. 

During one of their famous parties Marcus didn’t expect to feel an instant attraction towards Willow Evie's friend. Saving her twice from other guys advances has him reeling and confused because like the rest of the screw crew he’s also is sworn off relationships. But for Marcus it runs deeper, he’s afraid he’s got the same dark demon running in his veins like his father, he doesn’t allow attachments, he doesn’t allow girls to get close to him. Everyone thinks he’s a ruthless bastard but that’s just all a front. 

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The day I started the #screwcrew list, we were all drunk and picking around. Now I look at the list, and I see the names of woman I can’t hurt. Woman I won’t fall in love with, get married to and have children with. Women I won’t kill. 

Being labeled the son of a killer keeps everyone at a safe distance, a heartbreaker, handsome, attractive and a bad boy are all personas he hides behind. 

Until Willow
She’s the type of girl men got to war for, the kind of girl you would fall in love with, marry, have children to, the forever kind of girl. 

She gets under his skin like no other, the push and pull tango they play pulls at your heartstrings like no other characters before them. 

This author has such an uncanny knack with pulling us readers into the palm of her hands as we soak up her written words, I loved the banter between these two characters, the too and fro these two went through broke my heart even though their love shone through in the background it just wasn't their time, their timing was always off, until the universe lined up and they got their second chance to prove to the other that true love conquers all. Can not wait to read the next book within this series.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *


I’m good at deceiving people. Too good. 
I let people think I’m a bastard. 
Then Willow walks into my life, and no matter how hard I try to scare her off, she keeps coming back.
But, everyone has their limit, and I’m afraid Willow has reached hers. 
Why is it when you think you don't want someone they become the most important person in your life.... but am I too late to show her how much I love her?


I tried so hard to fight for us. But some things can’t be saved.
They say if you really love someone you have to set them free. If the person comes back, they’re meant to be yours. 
The only problem with that theory is even though he came back, he always left again.
How much heartache can one heart take?
How much rejection can one person take?
The man I love more than life itself has broken me. 

Marcus Reed & Willow Brooks ~ Ruthless is Book 4 in the Enemies to Lovers series.

This is book #4 in the Enemies To Lovers Series. Each book in the series is about a different couple. To get the full experience of their friendship I'd recommend that you start with Heartless.

Michelle Heard (Horst) is a Bestselling Romance Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She loves an alpha hero who is not afraid to fight for his woman.

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Reading Order on AMAZON 

Men of Honor Series:
Predator #1 (Alex & Nina)
Redemption #2 (Eli & Quinn)
Legacy #3 (Ethan & Finlay) – Coming 2018

The Tainted Series - A Second Chance Romance: This series will be rebranded & renamed.
Wake Me Up
Zac – Coming 2018
Cole - Coming 2018 – (previously Twisted Boundaries)
Alec - Coming 2018 – (previously Broken Boundaries
Aiden – Coming 2018

Enemies To Lovers Series:
Heartless - Carter and Della
Reckless - Logan and Mia - coming Jan 25th 2018
Careless - Jaxson and Leigh - coming Feb 28th 2018
Ruthless - Marcus and Willow - coming 2018
Shameless - Rhett and Evie - coming 2018

A Damaged Romance Duet 
Dirty #1 (Jack & River)
Filthy #2 (Adam & Sophia)
(Previously published as Saved By Her & Saved By Him)

Stand Alone Novels:


False Perception - Coming 2018
This will be my first Military Romance!

*** To my Fantasy and Dystopian fans - I will be publishing the complete Vaalbara and Dissolute box sets before the end of 2019 ***

*** At this point in time I will NOT be publishing the Force of Nature Series or The Boundaries Series. ***