12 June 2018

TITLE: Liberty
AUTHOR: Kirsty Dallas
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: June 20th, 2018

Is a full-length novel, by Kristy Dallas and is a spin-off novel from the award winning dystopian romance, ‘When Nothing Is All You’ve Got.’ Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives.’ 

Over one hundred years ago saw the collapse of America, ever source of food ran low, where the rich were rich were now faced with poverty, and the underground prisons were created, now the government had a strict no crime policy in place. 

Gracie was sent to the Underworld at the age of twelve which cost her, her freedom, and every day was a fight for survival. 


Rebels went in and stole the innocents away leaving behind the undesirables. Settling down into a safe environment rightly named ‘Liberty’ But now they were considered escaped felons, who would never truly be free.

The high fences and the enormous double steel door which separated us from the rest of the world to me me we might have exchanged one prison for another.

Her one true escape from the world is a swing which Ink erected just outside her cabin.

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Suddenly their compound has been infiltrated and they were under rapid fire, by a ruthless man and his devious sister, not only that but it appeared that hey had a traitor within their midst. 

Now it’s Kill or be Killed 
Face your enemy, show no fear, and fight to survive. 

Even in the most darkest of times true love prevailed, even though Ink had been fighting his feelings for Gracie it’s not until the attack that he revealed his feelings for her. She wasn’t the twelve year old girl that he’d taken under his wing, he’d noticed the blooming change in her nineteen year old body, he just had to mend what he’d caused when he’d pushed her away on numerous occasions. 

“I was just waiting for you to grow up, Gracie. You’ve always been mine, and I’ve always been yours.”


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This ticked all my boxes!! Every single one!! As soon as I started I was hooked, I soaked up every single word like a sponge, I didn't want it to end. It was dark, gritty, but for good measure there was romance too and what a romance it was..It threw out all the feels, the angst, the heartbreak, the suspense, the thrill of survival. 

My words alone can not convey how good this was!! Such a crazy ride!! Now I'm sitting here and wishing there was more. I've got everything crossed that she thinks about giving us 'Triggers' story because I for one would definitely read it..

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

“Face your enemy, show no fear, fight to survive.”

I was a child delivered to hell,
imprisoned in endless darkness,
until I found the light again.
I was gifted freedom
while still trapped inside a cage.
He helped me forget my confinement
He made me feel safe
And once I was old enough to know what love was,
He made me feel unwanted.
My name is Grace,
And this is life in Liberty.
Kirsty Dallas grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. There, she traded the ocean and her bathers for pajama's and a computer when she embarked on writing professionally in 2012. Since then she has developed a wicked computer tan that would put Casper the Ghost to shame, and has highly toned her skills in describing the outside world…

WITHOUT EVER GOING THERE! She writes comedy, contemporary and dystopian romance, and has a closet horror fetish, Leatherface...*shivers*, which has seen her embark on joint projects in the literary and film world with Australian Director and screenwriter, Chris Sun. Kirsty is now a best-selling and award winning author who loves to hear from other literary enthusiasts, so feel free to stalk any of her social media pages.

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