15 June 2018

TITLE: One Week
AUTHOR: Roya Carmen
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: June 21st, 2018

ONE WEEK: is a full-length standalone, forbidden romance novel, by new to me author ‘Roya Carmen.’ 

Gabriella Moore aka Gabbie has been happily married to her husband who is a thriving bestseller author, or so it seems, she has two beautiful children she adores wholeheartedly, and a life some could only dream about, it seems like she has it all. She dabbles in mostly still life portraits..

BUT sometimes she feels trapped behind her white picket fence

It started out innocently enough, a connection made on instagram both like minded artists, liking each others work, and an innocent comment on a painting opened up those waves of communication between the two. Then it became daily conversations, facetime, talking on mobiles, to flirting, to wanting to meet, lines were crossed into taboo territory. 

Not sure how to write this review up, but here goes a lot of rambling, some parts gave me all the fuzzy fluffies, others gave me hives, sadly I didn't really connect with Gabbie, I couldn't get my head behind her reasoning of wanting to sleep with Eli, stepping out of her marriage for a week, with a hall pass from her husband, to sleep with another guy whilst her husband and two children were a continent away would make most of us fight for what could be salvaged of the marriage, but that isn't how the story goes. 

It just didn't come across as believable, I didn't connect with the story emotionally, I didn't connect with Gabbie, a poor bored little housewife, who had everything from the white picket fence, to stability, to 2 gorgeous children. Her reasoning why she wanted to step out of her marriage for one week and given a hall pass to do so from her husband didn't ring true. Her reasoning was it would fix her marriage, came across tic for tac and the author lost me at that stage. 

I love, love triangles, cheating books, but they have to be believable, they have to pull on my heartstrings, they have to get my heart and head at war with each other, sadly this lost the mark with me. So many readers, and bloggers before me LOVED this, but that wee conversation she had with her husband could've been removed from the whole story, and we just see her connecting with Eli then this for me would've been a 5 star read for me. But yet again that's not how this story went.

Most really loved this but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. Maybe I'm overthinking this book and not going with the fact that it's just a fictional story, but that right from wrong screamed at me from the get go. 

Give this a chance as I said many have rated this highly, it just didn't work for me, and sadly this type of genre is one of my all time favourites.

Obviously the angst is there, the emotional heart strings were tugged at by Eli, I loved his character, the man in the middle, the man who was free and single to sleep with whomever he wanted to, sadly he wanted to sleep with Gabbie just as much as she wanted to with him, but for him it was so much more than f*cking, and it just took Gabbi a wee bit longer to realise that what they had was more. 
A new forbidden arrangement standalone novel from Roya Carmen, author of The Ground Rules Trilogy. 

A troubled marriage. A one week hall pass. 

Gabriella Moore has it all; a beautiful husband, two adorable children, and a dream home. Yet, when, by chance, she befriends Eli online, she falls fast. And hard. 

She knows she must let him go, and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but she resolves to move on and forget about her beautiful stranger. 

But then… she makes an unexpected discovery, and it shakes her perfect world to its core. Rules don’t apply anymore. An arrangement is made, and her husband gives her just one week with Eli. 

The rules are clear: One week. Sex only. No contact thereafter. Seems simple enough, but it’s never simple when it comes to love. 

Author's note: contains sexual scenes and some coarse language. 
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