2 May 2019

I was trying to get my life together, and Logan Woodland was going to help.
TITLE: Inspired
AUTHOR: Jessica Florence
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: May 9th, 2019
Call it pure desperation, or maybe we’d agree it was the lack of sleep that had me signing six weeks of my life away to be bossed around by a life coach. Either way, I was trying to get my life together, and Logan Woodland was going to help.
I thought he’d make me eat healthier, drink more water, and do yoga. What I wasn’t expecting, was to be forced to see myself as I was and how far I’d fallen.
But then his program worked.
He’d shown me a life filled with passion and desire. A life where I was stronger and could be the woman I’d never known existed inside me.
I did have a six-week life-changing experience, but now, I wanted more than I’d signed on for.
Kat's Review
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Is a full length standalone romance novel by Jessica Florence. Spoken in Dual POVs. 

This delves into the sensitive topic of depression, that overwhelming feeling of burnout, of taking on too much, the thought processes turn all negative and you feel that heaviness settle deep down in your belly making you lose that motivational ability to function and this book deals with it sensitively.

This is exactly what Mia was feeling. She's a high achiever, owner of Moretti Hotels with eight hotels under her belt, burning the candle at both ends but never really taking the time out for herself. She didn't understand why she was feeling so overwhelmed and lifeless until she saw a commercial on the tv broadcasting a motivational 6 week course called Inspired with an added benefit of a life coach to see her on the right path of reconnecting with herself again. 

❝ Perfectionism was something that was ingrained in Mia's being. It was a one-character trait that had led Mia down the path she'd been trying to control everything, but it also led her to hiring me.

Meeting her life coach Logan Woodland very much took her by surprise. He was nothing like what she expected. Instead of wearing business attire he rocked the surfer boy to a T. But strangely enough she found him overly attractive, and nothing like the usual type she'd normally go for. 
 I used to think my type was all suits and cufflinks with their hair gelled back. Now, I believed I had a thing for the surfer look, sun kissed tan skin, and sandals instead of oxfords. 

I am so glad that this is my first read for May, because it’s set the bar high for all the rest to follow. Admittedly I’ve not read many by this author as her toes normally dip into a genre I’ve not gravitated towards, so I was glad when I saw this doing the rounds.

This was so life like, a storyline which I could see unfolding in the outside world without implementing unneeded drama. An inspirational, unique storyline which I inhaled from the very first page until that last page read. I liked how the author set the pace, it wasn't rushed, their connection wasn't insta love it just flowed perfectly. It was so easy to get into. And I absolutely loved how this author also shared a little piece of herself with us the readers. 

Getting down to the nitty gritty of my rating being 4 stars and not 5 was because I didn't feel that all consuming connection that I was hoping for between the hero and heroine, something just felt off. I felt more towards her assistant and herself and I was hoping once she'd regrounded herself that she'd gravitate towards him. But that's not how this story goes which I was bummed about but it still made for an enjoyable read.
About the Author
Jessica Florence writes the stories that her fellow nerds yearn for. 
From Superheroes to Sexy Truckers, Jessica is known to give readers unique tales of hope where love conquers all. Stories that melt away reality and take you on a journey with the characters. If escapism is what you are looking for, then look no further. Jessica is the Queen of weaving the tales you may not normally pick up but find yourself not being able to put down. 
Jessica’s always had a love of reading, and her love of books lead her to start writing in the 9th grade. She quickly learned that storytelling was her passion. Inspired by movies, music, and her personal life she writes like it’s the very air she breathes. Through her writing it’s evident that she lives for the stories she creates. 
Jessica grew up in North Carolina, and currently resides in Southwest Florida with her daughter, husband, and German Shepherd. She loves to be outside, write in her hammock, and collect tea mugs. 
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