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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Can you hear it
AUTHOR: Casey Diam
GENRE: New Adult | Sports 
PUBLICATION: August 1st, 2019


Those were the root of all evil. One of those became the root of mine the day I lost the love of my life. My best friend. My lover.
Everyone disregarded it, saying, “Let’s face it, Averie, you have the rest of your life ahead of you.” They were wrong. James Lawrence was my ever after . . . until Ashton. 
If only he didn’t come bearing his own brand of evil. 
A secret. 
The reason he wanted me to stay away. 
I should have listened, and he should have tried harder, but both of us failed. And if we hadn’t, if he had told me when we first met, would it have altered the moment I realized that I was falling for him?
The slight variation in the air. The hitch in my breath. The lightness in my chest.
Impossible to know; I’d already fallen.
I was already ruined.

***A standalone sports romance that takes place in senior year high school. Due to explicit content, this book is suitable for 17+

My Review
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is a full length New Adult | Sports Romance novel by Casey Diam. Spoken in 'Dual POV's'

it's a new year for Averie, new life, new school, new crowd, allowing her to leave her heartbreak in her old town where she tragically lost her boyfriend in a blink of an eye, starting fresh as a senior in high school. She's spiralling down a self destructive path numbing the pain as much as she can on a daily basis. Everyone knows her story. 

Ashton the Star QuarterBack has always had a slight crush on Averie but she was always attached to James, now that she's attending his school he fights everything within himself to keep her at arms length. He has his own reasons for doing so. But he could see how she was spiralling out of control and something within him called to him to help her. 

The girl I'd had more wet dreams about than I could count was here. In my part of the city. In my school. In my world. 

But when they meet their attraction is instant!!

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Going into this I had no clue what was going to come at me. I never expected to feel so many emotions, to connect to the storyline like I did, to connect to these characters in the way that I did.
The feels just came out of nowhere hitting me full force. 

This ticked more than one box. The angst, the drama, the giggles, the sexy times all made for an unputdownable unique unforgettable read. 
I loved our heroine and hero, they were just utterly perfect for each other. A slow burn friendship that progressed into so much more. I loved the pace of their story. I loved getting so wrapped up in their romance that the outside world ceased to exist.

From the cover to the synopsis to the author to the storyline this cemented even more why I am so glad I gave this book a chance.
So glad we're getting more of the characters we were introduced to in this!! 
About the Author
Some years ago, Casey rediscovered her passion for writing and hasn’t stopped writing since. She writes sexy, funny, sweet, and emotional stories that are a bit more in depth, but so much fun to read.

Questions, comments, or updates on her books . . . Reach out to her, she loves to hear from her readers.

Email: diamcasey@gmail.com 

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