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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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REVIEW ➤ Broken by Ellie Messe
TITLE: Broken
SERIES: Broken #1
AUTHOR: Ellie Messe
GENRE: Romance 
PUBLICATION: December 22nd 2017

Mama didn’t come home. 
Daddy liked to hit. 
Brothers followed suit. 

So I ran. 

I ran from that life. 
I ran from myself. 
I ran into him. 

I have no experience with the game board we’re playing on, and that makes this a lethal game. One wrong move and my heart could land in the fire he’s created inside me. Worse, it could lead my past to his doorstep and it won’t just be my blood that taints this floor. 

I should run. I need to run. 

My father is the devil in a flesh suit, he won’t be happy until he paints this town red for my betrayal. 

I should run. I need to run. 

Because despite my feelings for Parker Hayes, the devil is coming and he wants what’s his.
My Review
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is the first book in Ellie Messe's 'Broken' series. In this we meet Haley and the Hayes boys (Parker & Drew).

I'd been struggling for a while lately, picking up books (and arcs) and they just haven't been pulling me in and I've put them down after a few chapters. If this was a reading funk I wanted out of it! And thank god this was the book that pulled me out!! 

A while back this one was recommended to me, so without further ado I jumped into it and never looked back!! As soon as I started this I was pulled into the storyline, I even managed to get another reader hooked into it. Both of us loving the two boys. 

New to me author
Non arc
Get me out of this funk!!

This pretty much ticked all my boxes, slightly dark, the storyline pulls you in straight away, the heroine is feisty with a mouth on her like a sailor. But the boys wrung out all the feels! These two brothers will hit you right in the heart, one becomes our heroines best friend, the other becomes her everything. But their journey is rocky, nothing runs smoothly when you’re on the run. 

There were layers upon layers to this story. Haley is beyond broken, on the run from the devil and her siblings who would prefer it if she was six feet under, she doesn't think she is worthy of being loved, until she meets the Haye's boys who take her under their wings and protect her and show her that she is worthy of love, of being a best friend. A from rags to riches kind of story that pulled on my heart strings. 

Parker will have you swooning
Drew will have you in stitches. 
About the Author
I'm a fun loving book dragon who has the ability to make sailors blush with colorful language and obscene gestures. I love reading, mostly romance, young adult and new age. I'm a part of a BANGerangin' book club that is guaranteed to be better than yours. I like to spend my days wondering around department stores while reading erotica out loud, scaring the piss out of people, and playing "The floor is lava". (Adulting is lame.)

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