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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Arrogant Heir
SERIES: The Heirs
AUTHOR: Michelle Heard
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: December 7th, 2020

Mila West.
The feisty girl with ironclad determination.

Beneath all the quick comebacks lies a broken heart. Nothing sucks like unrequited love. Especially when it’s for one of your best friends.

Jase Reyes.
Hot. Arrogant. Untouchable.

He’s the playboy every girl hopes to catch. The future CEO of a billion-dollar empire. People worship the ground he walks on.

Jase and Mila fell in love,
but they fought each other at every turn.
Jase fell down,
and broke his crown;
And Mila?
Mila’s life shattered to pieces.



is the second full length romance book in 'Author Michelle Heard's 'The Heirs' series. Spoken in 'Dual perspectives.'

After reading the previous book and getting sucked into this group's dynamics I was highly anticipating Jace and Mila's book. I crazy love the troupe childhood friends to lovers, throw in unrequited love and I'm all in feet and all.

As I was lulled into a false sense of security reading of Jase and Mila's backwards and forwards angsty dance as they struggled to try not to overstep the boundaries of their unique friendship a debilitating twist had my heart in tatters, my emotions went haywire as I tried to reel them in. It was such a raw moment, but within the darkness a real Clark Kent stepped up and became her knight in shining armour.


Just before it was to late for him to make a stand he realised how much his feelings for Mila actually were. Even though Mila has been in love with him since she was fifteen it took him a wee while to catch the feels, though going by his flirty ways I think it was already there just simmering away in the background ready to ignite when the right timing struck.

In the blink of an eye he put his playboy ways behind him.These two were perfect for each other. I couldn't get enough of them, I never wanted this to end.

This is where this author truly shows her talent, you never know where she's going to lead you until it's too late, it's those twists and turns which I thrive for, it's what makes my reading experience so enjoyable because with this author you can never predict which way she's going to go.

Everything this author threw at me I felt, raw, realistic, riveting. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I inhaled it..

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *