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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Gravity
SERIES: (Wilde Boys #1)
AUTHOR: Sara Cate
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: December 8th, 2020


Three months on a private island.
Two men.
One million dollars.
All I have to do is tame Nash Wilde.

It’s been two years since my sister and her boyfriend were killed in a plane crash. The last person I expected to show up on my doorstep was his father, Alistair Wilde. Yet, he came with an offer I’d be an idiot to pass up: be his son’s girlfriend for three months, live with the two of them in a remote house, and the one million dollars is mine.

The challenge turns out to be harder than I expected. Nash is not just wild, he’s dangerous. And Alistair is far more broken than he lets the world believe. The three of us are bound by grief. It’s up to me to feed Nash’s hunger and heal Alistair’s pain.

Lines are crossed.
Rules are broken.
On the island, there’s no one to tell us this is wrong.

I know I have to choose before I tear this family apart.
But I belong to both of them—
One of them has my body.
The other has my heart.


is the first full length romance book in new to me author Sara Cate's 'Wilde Boys' series.

Wow, this was a 🔥🔥little number!! As these two tagged teamed I waited with bated breath to see which one she'd fall for, the experienced silver fox or the handsome younger version, my ovaries and ipad combusting with the steamy sexy scenes I devoured. I didn't want this to end. Like Zara I fell in love with two men. One had my heart, the other I would give my soul to.

I loved how effortlessly this author made me hand over my heart to these two men, easy to get into, hard to put down.

Zara, Alistair (father) & Nash (son) are all tethered together through an emotional loss. Zara lost her much loved twin sister, Alistair lost his son and Nash his big brother. Each struggling in their own way and barely keeping their heads above the emotional darkness which pulls them under.

Zara feels powerful and wanted whilst dancing, Alistair buries himself in work and Nash parties too hard with fast woman and booze, anger is his constant companion. He's harbouring so much animosity towards his father and blames him for the death of his brother whilst guarding a secret which is destroying him from the inside out.

Zara was the glue that was going to put them back together. With Nash spiralling out of control Alistair comes up with a plan to hire Zara for 3 months at their private island 'Del Rey' for a million dollars in exchange of becoming Nash's girlfriend to help with his healing process. She's the sacrificial lamb I'm hoping will please the angry god.

But lines become blurred drastically when both men fall in love with Zara and she falls right along beside them. One of them has my body. The other has my heart.

* Teaser used off the authors facebook page *


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