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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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༺ 𝐀𝐑𝐂 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐖 ༺ All The Little Things by Rachel Leigh

TITLE: All The Little Things
AUTHOR: Rachel Leigh
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: May 12th, 2022


Four years ago my life was forever changed.
One kiss.
One moment.
Five words.
“Enjoy all the little things.”
That’s what Ryker said the night before he vanished from our lives.

So that’s what I did. I lived each day like it was the last—embracing all life had to offer.
Now he’s back in town and staying with me as a favor to my brother.
Being alone with Ryker is dangerous.
His eyes intoxicate me.
His touch tempts me.
He doesn’t look at me like I’m a little girl anymore.
And I’m ignoring the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend.
He dared me to live.
I dared him to love.
The first kiss almost killed me.
But the second one brought me back to life.

My Review

Is a full length stand-alone romance book by author 'Rachel Leigh' Spoken in 'Dual perspectives.'

Get ready to meet our main characters, Ryker, Kit & Carter. Carter is Kit's older brother. Ryker is Carter's best friend since childhood.

This genre when done right is my kryptonite, and this one was done perfectly, I don't think this author could've made this any better than what it is. As soon as I started it, I was hooked, carried on a wave of feelings that grabbed me from the get go and didn't let go even when closing out of that last page. A slow burn, a little twist, a whole lot of feels, a wee bit of angst, I was in my happy place..

These two had such a unique strong connection from as far back as she could remember, he was always there, like a second brother but better, one she could always depend on, lean on, not only was he her brother's best friend but he was also hers. When she hit her teens and one small flirty kiss on her cheek he became a crush she had to keep hidden.

And as they grew older their feelings developed into a line that was too risky to cross. Drawn together like moths to a flame.


One night changed his life forever and he had to move away, leaving his best friend and the girl he couldn't stop thinking about behind. Not even a good bye passed his lips.

It's when Ryker is asked to come and house sit/ slash baby sit Kit for a week whilst her father and brother go away on a business trip, even though she's of age she has a heart condition which has to be monitored, is when things between them start heating up.

She was the good girl and he was the boy with a troubled past, getting himself into trouble without really thinking about the consequences.