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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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🌺 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐖 🌺 '𝐓h𝐞 𝐖i𝐥d M𝐚n 𝐁y A𝐥e𝐱 𝐆r𝐚y𝐬o𝐧' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


From USA Today Bestselling author, Alex Grayson, comes a dark, spicey Tarzan retelling...
I went into the wilderness in search of the person the town calls Wild Man.
Living on his own since he was a small boy, he raised himself.
When I found him, it wasn't the experience I expected. He wasn’t what I expected.
A savage, more animal than man. Pure instinct was how he survived.
With his hand wrapped around my throat, he said only one word.
Then he took me to his tree hut and wouldn't let me go. He kept me naked and tied me to him with a rope. He was an anchor around me while I slept. He fed me by hand and forced me to bathe him.
Those are the tamer things he did. The others were much more… explicit.
I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want his touch, although my body called me a liar.
He’s a primitive uncaged animal who claims I’m his, and he’s hellbent on getting me pregnant.
No matter how much I fight him, he’ll never let me leave. I was his and he'd do anything to keep me.
Maybe in the end, he'll make me just as wild as him.

And it’ll be me who won’t let him go.

Disclaimer: May contain sensitive subjects for some. Please check the author's website for a list of content warnings.

My Review

 Is a full length Tarzan retelling romance book by author Alex Grayson. Spoken in 'dual POV's.

When the teasers started dropping for this, I knew I wanted to read it, I’ve not read anything by this author for a while (no reason why) I knew once time permitted I’d jump into this. I am soooooo glad I took that plunge, this pulled me in straight away.

Twenty-seven year old Everlee is determined to get to the bottom of the truth surrounding the ‘Wild Man' who resides in the forest since he was a child (5 years old) raising himself, and to find out if he actually exists, or if he’s just a myth, she knows within her heart of hearts that its not just mere gossip as two people have laid eyes on him. She's been obsessing over him for years. So she goes in search of him within the 'Blackridge national Forest' to document the story for the magazine she works for.

It doesn't take her long to find him, or to put it bluntly for him to track her down.

📚 '𝐇a𝐧d𝐬o𝐦e i𝐬 𝐭o𝐨 𝐭a𝐦e a w𝐨r𝐝. A𝐭t𝐫a𝐜t𝐢v𝐞 𝐩a𝐥e𝐬 𝐢n c𝐨m𝐩a𝐫i𝐬o𝐧. S𝐞x𝐲 𝐜o𝐦e𝐬 𝐜l𝐨s𝐞, b𝐮t i𝐭s s𝐭i𝐥l n𝐨t s𝐭r𝐨n𝐠 𝐞n𝐨u𝐠h. 𝐎u𝐭r𝐚g𝐞o𝐮s𝐥y, 𝐝e𝐯a𝐬t𝐚t𝐢n𝐠l𝐲 𝐠o𝐫g𝐞o𝐮s i𝐬 𝐭h𝐞 𝐨n𝐥y w𝐚y t𝐨 𝐝e𝐬c𝐫i𝐛e '𝐖i𝐥d M𝐚n'

This untamed, uncivilised, wild man takes her back to his structure further in the forest and claims her right away just as an animal would claim its mate 'MINE' It's rough, it's animalistic, it's not consensual.


Everlee is still determined to jornal her findings to take back home with her, but being tethered by rope with an intricate knot she struggles to break free from her binds. But escaping him is in the forefront of her mind.

But slowly things start to change and she worries that she may be suffering from stockholm syndrome as she's starting to take rather a liking to her captor and as he slowly adapts to speaking to her she has a broader understanding of the man.

This was beyond 🔥 with a lot of wild sex, and I mean a lot.

'𝐓R𝐈G𝐆E𝐑S' (in the beginning of their journey) like a wild animal with urges he’d rut into her any given opportunity arose, taking her by force (not consensual)

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

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