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28 April 2017

Sound of Silence  by Elizabeth Miller 
TITLE: Sound of Silence
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Miller 
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2017
War isn’t a testament to a man’s strength; finding peace with it is.

Navy SEAL Caden Lawless is coming home. Holding his best friend as he bled out in the Afghanistan desert, Caden became bound by Justin’s desperate plea to care for his fiancée, and to love the son he’d never know. Battling a barrage of memories and with a head full of noise, Caden travels cross country in his beat up Chevy to make good on his promise.

One knock on Piper Stevens’ door and he knows she isn’t broken. Pregnant and mourning the only man she’d ever loved, Piper wields her anger as a sword, slashing into Caden’s grief and his heart. 

As Caden works to silence his demons, he finds a new mission, one far away from the heat and depravity that clawed its way into his soul. He demands into Piper’s life, intent on helping her pick up the pieces. 

But even as the tentative fingers of a burgeoning friendship spread into something far deeper than either believed possible, duty calls for Caden to return to the battlefield. Fate brought them together, will war tear them apart? Or, will Caden reclaim the sounds of silence and remain with the woman who taught him love didn’t die in the desert?
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For twelve years Justin and Caden Lawless are brothers in arms, each had the others back, now death with Justin’s name on the bullet has claimed his life and his dying wish was to his best friend to take care of his girlfriend and unborn child he never got to meet.

Fuck you for getting shot, fuck you for getting me shot, and goddam Justin, fuck you for dying. 

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“War isn’t a testament to a man’s strength; finding peace with it is.”

Caden known Justin for as far back as his memories would take him but had only met his girlfriend Piper the once but that didn’t stop his mind from wanting to claim her as his. 

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Piper had never encountered a man like Justin Weber before, the epitome of a bad boy with his tattoos and muscles who was too good of a temptation for the good girl that she was. There’s was a fairytale whirlwind of just four weeks of wild abandon they fell in love. 

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Arriving in his beat beat up Chevy to make good on his promise sees Piper living in a dilapidated cabin on the edge of town

Maybe this is my redemption. Maybe taking care of them will silence the voices, the noise, the memories that won’t let me sleep at night. 

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Together we heal 

Their attraction towards each other was lit as soon as they met, but it burned slowly in the background and it's not until the story progresses further that their passion ignites. This was just so perfectly written, she softened the hardness of him, slowly he went from a non talker to opening up more and more, she brought out the best of him, together they were just perfect. 

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My initial thought going into this was that the author was setting me up for an emotional journey going by the synopsis that’s what my expectations were. 
That’s not what I got though, but it didn’t leave me at all disappointed because this was way better than I could’ve hoped it would be, I not only fell in love with the characters but the whole storyline had me eating up the pages as though I was starved. The story of Caden and Piper pulled on my heart strings, as soon as I read that very first page the author had me sitting in the palm of her hand until I’d inhaled that very last page. This book was so beautiful in it’s entirety, I breathed it, inhaled it, loved it, highly recommend it.

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