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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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♕ KAT'S REVIEW ♕ ARC ♕ Savage Locke (Locke Brothers #2) by Victoria Ashley

 Savage Locke (Locke Brothers #2) by Victoria Ashley  
TITLE; Savage Locke 
SERIES: (Locke Brothers #2) 
AUTHORS: Victoria Ashley &  
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: July 18th, 2017

They say us Locke brothers are savage and that we’ll take care of any motherfucker who steps out of line without even batting an eye. 
They’re right as shit.
The last thing you want to do is get on the bad side of a Locke.
There’s no fucks given when it comes to protecting the people we care about. We’ll fight to the motherfucking death if it comes down to it.
So when Wynter shows up on our property with a busted up face, looking for protection, you better believe that’s what she’ll get.
It may have been three years since I’ve seen her, but I instantly feel the need to protect her. It consumes me, turning me into a monster that even the devil himself doesn’t want to fuck with.
I know she’s here because she’s certain I’ll go to great lengths to protect her, but I’m going to show her that she’s gonna want me for a hell of a lot more than just that.
I can take care of her, not just making sure she’s protected, but by showing her with my body how good I can make her feel.
I’m going to show her that sometimes savage… can be good.


I don’t know what I was thinking when I showed up at Sterling’s house. I guess knowing that only he could protect me made me do this pretty stupid thing.
The Locke brothers are dangerous, and have been since long before I really knew them.
Coming here beaten won’t just humiliate me and make me feel weak, but I know it will get the Locke’s worked up. And hurting the person who did this to me runs strong in my veins.
But maybe that’s the reason I came here… because I knew they’d help me no matter what.
All it takes is one look at Sterling for me to realize my feelings for him are still there… and strong as hell. I want to hold onto these emotions because after what I’ve gone through they make me feel safe, protected, and like nothing can touch me.
Sterling makes me feel like all of that and more. I want to be his and this time, the dark rumors around town, won’t keep me from letting that happen.
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‘SAVAGE LOCKE’: is the second book in Victoria Ashley’s & Jenika Snow’s ‘Locke Brothers #2’ series. It picks up where the first book left off. 

Partying late at night around their bonfire they are alerted to the lights of a vehicle coming down the long drive away, Locke recognises the small car straight away, he hasn’t seen the occupant Wynter for a few years but what has his blood boiling over is the bruising and cut that runs down her face..

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➽ I want to hurt whoever the fuck did this to her. I’ll take sure to work them over so much that not even a dental record can identify them. 

Someone is going to pay for what he’s done to her. And it’s not going to be pretty..

Winter and Savage have a connection that goes right back to their college days but they never acted on it, once graduation came around Winter took off away from her over bearing control freak of a father but she always thought about that one boy she’d left in a town she’d vowed never to return to.

But escaping out of her abusive ex boyfriend's clutches she goes back to the one boy now a man that will help and protect her, and that is Savage Locke the man all fear. 

These Locke brothers may have a lot of faults but when it comes to protecting one of their own and they lay down their lives for a loved one makes you embrace their savage darkness. 

By the time we graduated, Sterling had moved onto bigger, more dangerous things, causing the whole town to fear not only him, but all the Locke brother's. 

You’ve got to love these Locke brothers, when it comes to protecting ones they love they don’t mind getting down and dirty, out comes the back alley fighting, out come their fighting tools, in Savages case you’ll get very acquainted with his knuckle busters, those things barely leave their victims standing. 

I reach in my pocket for my brass knuckles , and get ready to beat some motherfucker’s ass. 

Like the greedy bitch I am when it comes to tatted up bad boys I devoured this in a matter of an hour, once I started I couldn’t put it down, it’s a super, hot fast, read. Even though it’s a short novella you still connect with the story and characters, there’s nothing I would change about this book, from the beginning right up till the end I was enjoying my crazy ride with Savage.

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