21 October 2018

TITLE: Taken
SERIES: Dark Legacy Duet #1
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Dark | Romance
PUBLICATION: October 29th, 2018
I’m one of four Willow daughters.
He’s the first-born son of the Scafoni family. And we have history.

For generations, the Scafoni family have demanded a sacrifice of us. A virgin daughter to atone for sins so old, we don’t even remember what they are anymore.

But when you have as much money as they do, you don’t play by the rules. You make them.

And Sebastian Scafoni makes all the rules.

The moment I saw him, I knew he would choose me. Even though the mark on my sheath declared me unclean. Even though my beautiful sisters stood beside me, offered to him, he still chose me.

He made me his.
And then he set out to break me.

Note: Taken is book one of the Dark Legacy Duet.

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Is the first full length novel in the (Dark Legacy Duet) by Natasha Knight. In this we meet Sebastian and Helena.

Being born as a Willow daughter isn’t a privilege it’s a sacrifice. like sacrificial lambs to the slaughter, for many generations the Scafoni family have had the rights to come in and choose a Willow daughter of their liking. One that will be handed down to each of the other brothers once her year is up with the eldest. 

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On one such event on the quadruplets twenty-first birthdays Helena and her three sisters are paraded on a podium awaiting their demise, Helena didn't think she would be chosen, standing up on the podium amongst her three flawless beautiful sisters, unsullied, and then there's her, the ugly duckling amongst them and a non virgin should've mean't she wouldn't be chosen.

But that's not the case. Sebastian the eldest Scafoni heir wasn't taken in by the beauty radiating off the other three sisters, with Helena he could see a darkness and rebellion burning within her depth which piqued his interest. She's the one he decides on, she's flawed, she's perfectly imperfect, and he knows she will fight him tooth and nail. And that is the kind of challenge he's looking for. 

I couldn’t wrap my head around Sebastian, friend or foe? An enigma, born into a family that did despicable things generation after generation. Hot and cold, loving one minute, hard the next.

Helena the ugly Willow duckling with a backbone, she fought tooth and nail not to succumb to her situation she was forced into. Unyielding, a lioness that fought for the rights and wrong doings inflicted on the Willow girls of generations past that were all kidnaped, and raped before her.

I will find some way to end this. I won't condemn my daughters to this fate. My nieces. My granddaughters. 

This was so undeniably good!! Dark, but not too dark, gritty enough to keep you racing through the pages, the feels came no matter what. Hooked from the get go, I couldn’t put it down. I'll even forgive the author for throwing me over the cliffy because I know that the second book isn't too far away. 

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page * 
USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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