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Hi my names KAT, I am a simple kiwi girl from New Zealand and I am a bookaholic!!! Wow, that felt good..........

Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Counts of Eight
SERIES: The Four Families #1
AUTHOR: Brynn Ford
GENRE: Dark 
PUBLICATION: May 31st, 2020

All of my choices had been stripped from me except for one.

Dance or die.

Three years ago, I was taken, stolen away, far from the world I knew, far from civilization. I became a slave, forced to serve one of the four families with my talent.

I'd been abused, battered, tortured in isolation. My Master brought me men, partners for performance, but they failed to live up to the high standard of dance my Master required.

Until one day, he brought me a new man. A blonde-haired, green-eyed, dreamy new man who had no idea what was coming.

The men before him had disappeared. I presumed they were dead. I couldn't afford myself the luxury of hoping they'd made it out alive because that would give me hope that I might someday do the same.

Hope was a dangerous thing and this new man's spirit still thrummed with that electric spark of lightness. I would be the woman to strip that hope from him piece by tiny piece until he had none left. Only then could I control him, use him. Only then could I even consider the possibility of a predictable, complacent survival in this nightmare life.

And until that time came, I would make the only choice I was given the liberty of making.

Dance or die.
My Review
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is the first full length book in the series 'The Four Families', by new to me author in Brynn Ford.

Mention DARK and I'm on it!! My heart needs a little darkness in it to survive!! And even though this wasn't as dark a book as I've read it was dark enough to satisfy me. I read this in record time, inhaled it, devoured all the words and fell in love with our captives.

Meet our two captives, Anya and Ezra, stolen for their dancing talents, and both now owned by Nikolai. Thrown together in a world neither of them asked for, no escape in sight.

There are wolves in the forest. He feeds them, draws them closer to the manor. Even if that wasn't a concern, the forest stretches for god knows how far, and it's dense. Overwhelming and disorientating.

Anya has been with Nikolai Mikhailov for three years just after her twenty-first birthday, she was stolen, raped and beaten into submission. I've endured untold pain and punishment at his hands for years. No light in her darkness, cold and beaten down with all she has endured until Ezra breaks down her walls. And slowly love seeps in. They are walking a dangerous path as there is no guarantee of a tomorrow for either of them.

Ezra came into my life with warmth and light and truth, even when I didn't know I was living in lies.

This was so cleverly executed, refreshing, unique in so many ways, the fact that it was unputdownable makes this an easy 5 star read. It does end on a cliffy which definitely has me craving for the next book.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *